The Joy Manifesto: 10 Rules for a Blissful Life

Living a JOYful life begins with letting go of everything that no longer serves your Higher Purpose. When you free yourself from negativity, anger, and sadness, you open yourself up to gratitude, happiness, and grace. My Joy Manifesto is your blueprint for living a blissful life that lights your soul on fire! Follow these 10 steps and join the conversation in the Joy Tribe to bring lasting transformation into your life.

1. Let Go of Past Trauma
If you want to live a blissful life. You have to leave trauma and anger in the past. This negativity will drain your energy, interfere with your intuition, and distract you from your Higher Purpose. Breaking old patterns is difficult – I get it. But, it can and must be done. I recommend spending time burning your karma links and training your brain to adopt new, healthier thought patterns.If you need assistance, I recommend watching my video on using magnets to heal on our YouTube Channel. If you want to really commit yourself to letting go of past trauma, our Letting Go Bundle can help. Plus, the meditations and guide are yours to keep forever – so you can revisit it if any of your past traumas try to take hold on your life again. Trauma is sneaky like that.

2. Forgive Yourself & Others
A big part of letting go of past trauma is learning how to forgive. When you carry around a grudge, you are literally weighing yourself down with heavy negativity. This load will crush you if you don’t let some of it go – or at the very least, it will slow you down on your road to greatness.If you want to live a blissful life, you need to shower yourself and others with grace and forgiveness. Don’t dwell on past events and actions. They are behind you and you are only moving forward, my friend. If you are looking for help with forgiveness, learn about my forgiveness quickie.

3. Practice Gratitude Daily
Gratitude improves your mental strength, physical health, and overall wellbeing. Gratitude strengthens relationships, enhances empathy, reduces aggression, and improves self-esteem. Gratitude is a miracle worker. Do you need more reasons to practice gratitude? Use my daily gratitude ritual or create your own – just make sure that you are incorporating giving thanks into your everyday life. It creates space in your life for being present, appreciating what you have, and being mindful of your emotions.

4. Nourish Your Body
You only receive one glorious body in this lifetime. The first step to nourishing your body is to shower it with LOVE. Appreciate every angle, curve, and wrinkle. Dismiss any negative thoughts that may enter your head – if you think negative things about your body, you will harm your health! The second step to nourishing your body is to consume the most vibrant and nutritious food possible. Aim for a diet rich in plants, preferably in-season produce from your own garden, the farmer’s market, or the organic section of the grocery store. This grounding recipe is one of my favorite ways to reconnect with my body and shower it with some juicy appreciation.

5. Visualize Your Heart’s Desires
Nourishing your mind is just as important as nourishing your body! If you want to become the greatest, grandest version of yourself with grace, ease, and joy, you need to harness the power of visualization. Close your eyes and envision yourself living your best life. Where are you? What are you doing? Who is standing beside you? How do you feel? Flesh out this picture with details and emotions.I find that creating a vision board (or multiple!) is a wonderful way to visualize your heart’s desires. Clip words and images out of magazines and pin them to a giant board. Create a mini vision board using a recycled piece of cardboard and some glue. Put your vision board someplace where you will see it often throughout the day.

6. Align Yourself with Your Higher Purpose
Once you’ve identified your Higher Purpose and visualized your heart’s desires, it’s time to fully align yourself with this Greatest, Grandest version of YOU. This includes letting go of everything and everyone that no longer serves your Higher Purpose. When you become wholly aligned with your Higher Purpose, your life will come into focus. You will be able to make decisions with grace, ease, and joy. You will move effortlessly towards the best version of yourself. You will tap into your unlimited potential to make your wildest dreams a reality.

7. Train Your Brain
So many people view sleep as a passive activity – one where their brain “shuts off.” Yes, sleeping gives your brain time to recharge, but when your brain is in this state of relaxation it’s still open to receiving messages. In fact, the messages it receives during this time have the opportunity to “sink deeper” into your consciousness than the messages you receive during waking hours.Brain training can help you stay in alignment your Higher Purpose. When you train your brain, you will rewire outdated patterns and you will let go of the old habits that are holding you back. In their place, you will create new patterns that are in total alignment with your Higher Purpose. If you want to learn more about training your brain to unlock your limitless potential, check out our Ultimate Habits program.

8. Say No
Once you’re aligned with your Higher Purpose, saying no will become second nature. I want you to say no to everything and everyone who doesn’t serve your Higher Purpose. You are on a mission now to become the Greatest, Grandest version of yourself. Don’t let other people derail you.

Saying no allows you to bring more YES into your life. How? When you say no to distractions, your life opens up to accept more wonderful opportunities. Think of yourself as a gardener and your life as a plant. Trimming dead leaves is a part of the pruning process. When these leaves are gone, the plant can divert more energy towards its healthiest parts, and most importantly, towards NEW GROWTH.

9. Strengthen Your Intuition

Your intuition is always working, regardless of whether or not you consciously tap into it. When you get a “bad gut feeling,” that’s your intuition saying, “Hey, this might not be the best idea.” The “buzz” of our everyday lives and ever-present technology are drowning out this natural guide and we are stuck feeling anxious and overwhelmed. In order to strengthen your intuition, you need to get back in touch with your body’s natural rhythms and warning signs. Carve out time to be alone in nature, meditate, do yoga, and nourish your body with grounding, healing foods. In order to use your intuition, you need to slow down and tune in.

Be conscious of the moments in your day when you are disconnected from your body’s signals or when you are purposefully ignoring or going against your intuition. When you strengthen your intuition, you will also strengthen your ability to tap into Universal wisdom. The Universe is already sending you signs every single day… You just may not be open to receiving and interpreting them. Tapping into Universal Wisdom goes hand in hand with strengthening your intuition. Both require that you slow down, remove distractions, and learn how to listen to yourself and your surroundings.

10. Set Your Internal GPS

The final rule for living a blissful life is to calibrate your internal GPS. What do I mean by “internal GPS”? Think about how you use GPS systems in your car or on your phone. Your device connects you seamlessly to satellites orbiting our world in outer space. Your satellite connection pinpoints your exact position and delivers step-by-step directions to your desired destination. When you use a GPS system, you arrive at your final destination with grace, ease, and J O Y. You eliminate the possibility of taking a wrong turn or missing a sign (assuming your GPS is up to date 😜).

You stay on track. You steadily make your way to your destination without wasting energy on detours along the way. What you may not know is that this technology actually mimics the way that your mind already works. Yes, you are reading this correctly. You already have a GPS system inside you! Imagine having access to this GPS system to guide your life. Instead of connecting to some satellite in outer space, your GPS will connect to Universal Wisdom. You will be able to attract your heart’s desires. You will be able to reach the life of your dreams.

Everything you want in life has its own set of GPS coordinates. And while you know exactly where you want to go in life, you may not know how to get there – or even how to take the first step. That’s where your personal GPS comes in handy. Your personal GPS will help you even if the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you.

When you register for our Quantum Extra Sensory Perception Masterclass, you will be a part of a growing body of students to learn how to use their personal GPS and master their channeling skills. If you are ready to go for the life of your dreams, let me show you how to develop your personal GPS. Register before the price goes up on January 1st 👉

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