Powerful Daily Gratitude Ritual

Gratitude is an everyday practice. To truly reap the benefits of practicing gratitude, you need to make it a core part of your daily routine. You should practice it until it becomes second nature. If you are new to flexing your gratitude “muscle,” hang in there. As with any new habit, it will take practice!

Write a reminder on a piece of paper and post it on your mirror, door, or desk. Remind yourself to practice gratitude and catch yourself when your thoughts slip into comparison or focusing on your “have nots.” Gently redirect your thoughts back to gratitude. Take note as this becomes instinct and watch how this improves your daily mindset.

Gratitude will transform your life.

How is gratitude so powerful? Think about it: it’s impossible to feel angry and grateful at the same time. You have an important choice to make.

When we hold onto anger, fear, and sadness, we are harming our bodies. These emotions create stress and toxic reactions within our physical bodies.

Gratitude, on the other hand, allows us to tune into our heart, calms the nervous system, and produces endorphins. Those little endorphins have a mighty impact, affecting our body and mind in many positive ways.

Gratitude is also a vital step in the process of forgiveness. We must be able to feel real thankfulness for the lessons we learnt through even the most painful experiences before we can transform traumas into blessings

Ready to make gratitude a part of your daily life?

The Martina household has a simple ritual we use to bring gratitude into our everyday routine. We call it our “gratitude jar ritual.” Follow along below for a complete breakdown of our ritual with visuals…

Gratitude Jar Ritual

Each evening, as we gather around the table for dinner, we write down what we are grateful for on a slip of paper. We take turns proclaiming our gratitude to one another and dropping the paper into a big glass jar.


This goes on for a few weeks and finally, the jar is filled to the brim! When the jar is bursting with gratitude, we empty out our papers and burn them in our large fire pit.


After our bonfire, we start fresh with an empty jar. The jar is just begging us to fill it up with gratitude! And so the cycle continues.

We also use a “Penny Gratitude Jar” to show gratitude for money. We collect found pennies and pop them in the jar while we say “God loves sending me money.” This is another simple ritual and affirmation to bring gratitude and abundance into your life.

If you are ready to make gratitude a bigger part of your everyday life, explore our Gratitude Ritual Package below. To truly become unstoppable, we invite you to join our Ultimate Habits Program. You will learn how to clear self sabotage and use braining training techniques to claim the health, wealth, and happiness you deserve.

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