How To Experience Lasting Positive Change

Knowing the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind.

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Have you ever had a desire to make a change in your life, but have found yourself unable to follow through?

If you answered yes, you are not alone.

Whether you have wanted to stop smoking, lose weight, become a more patient person or just be more productive overall.  It should be easy, right?

Surely, if it were as simple as making a decision and following through by taking action, we would all be successful 100% of the time. So why do we struggle with change?

If you imagine your mind as if it were a computer, the reality is, it consists of much more then just what we see on the screen. At any one moment, there is actually more going on then we can possibly comprehend.

For starters, the brain is one of the body’s biggest organs, consisting of over 100 billion nerve cells that put together thoughts and highly coordinated physical actions. It also regulates unconscious body processes, such as digestion and breathing. It is a storehouse of memories, it is where our imagination and emotions come from, it is also so much more.

We are often asked…

What is the difference between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind?

The concept of these three levels of mind is not new, though the theory has been widely disputed given the fact it is very difficult to scientifically prove. A famous Austrian psychologist named Sigmund Freud was the first person to popularize the theory of a layered mind.  His model has now become a widely accepted viewpoint which many people use.

By knowing more about the layers of the mind, what each of their functions are and how they work together to create our reality, we are able to use that knowledge to change habits and create a happier, peaceful, and more confident life.

To illustrate how the three levels of mind work, imagine an iceberg. Only the tip, which is above the surface of the water, is the conscious mind. Interestingly, it has been said to represent less than 10% of your brain capacity.

Your conscious mind pertains to your awareness in any present moment. You may be aware of something going on outside of yourself, like your current surroundings, the temperature of the air or any sounds you hear.

You may also be aware of what is going on inside of you, like any thoughts, feelings or emotions.

The conscious mind is distinguished from the subconscious and unconscious mind, by having the ability to direct focus and to imagine that which is not real. This is an important tool.

For example, we all have the ability to focus our thoughts by consciously choosing to think more positively throughout the day.

If we tend towards negativity, by practicing positive thought, we begin to create new brain patterns. With enough practice and time, a state of positivity will become ingrained into our personality and affect our natural state.

The conscious mind is also where we create hopes and desires for the future.

It is here that we can imagine and foresee the successful outcomes we aim for.

The ability to consciously direct your attention and awareness is one of the most important powers you have. To create change in your life, you must learn to control what you focus on. For some people, this is easier than others. The difficulty has to do with what lies beneath the surface and within the subconscious and unconscious layers of the mind.

Beneath the surface of the water, lies the subconscious mind. It plays a role in our day to day functioning by helping us recall memories and remember our daily routine. It controls our habits and moods by filtering incoming information against our belief systems and values.

Basically, taking in information via your five senses and converting it into meaning for you.

The subconscious is constantly at work, dealing with and filtering an unbelievable amount of information that your conscious mind would quickly become overwhelmed with.

It works behind the scenes so that you can live your day un-prohibited, based on the access it has to your unconscious. It’s important to note that the subconscious mind communicates its results via emotions, sensations, reflexes, images, and dreams.

The subconscious does not communicate in words.

Below the tip of the iceberg lies the unconscious mind. It consists of the most primitive and instinctual part of ourselves, as well as all body functions which we are not aware. It is similar to the subconscious in that is also deals with memories. The difference is that this layer of the mind is a huge storehouse of countless memories which cannot be consciously tapped into. These are deeply seeded impressions collected since birth and even before this lifetime.

During childhood, we all acquire countless memories and experiences that play a huge part in conditioning who we are as adults. The reason that we cannot recall most of these memories is because they lie in the unconscious mind. They include the beliefs, patterns, and impressions that drive our behaviors and are often the most difficult to face.

If you want to experience significant change, the unconscious mind is where it happens.

To change your habits and your life, start by using the conscious mind and imagine what your desired outcome will look and feel like. Then, acquire all the tools and support you will need on your journey. Brain training techniques and meditations, like the ones we offer, are fantastic! They work with your subconscious to help create new thought patterns and instill clarity.

Train often enough and eventually your unconscious mind will start to reprogram.

This is where a lasting change at the deepest level will occur.

It is a top-down approach, and it all starts with an open mind and a willingness to begin!

No matter how busy you may be, our tools are easy to incorporate into your daily schedule and will get the ball rolling towards the life you have always dreamed of living!

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