Pregnant Mother Finds Her Path to Work-From-Home & Follow Her Dreams


We are so excited to announce our very first Member of the Month!

Name: Diana Neumann

Country: Belgium

> Mother with her second child on the way.

> Transitioning from Full-Time Employment to working from home as a Health Coach.

Programs Taken:
Ultimate Habits Member, Omega Health Coach CertificationSleep Your Fat Away Member, Angels Club Member

Diana Shares…

“After one year of going through the Ultimate Habits with Joy, Roy & Joey and all of you, I can only say that I am tremendously grateful for these great coaches making this program available to us, and I never ever regretted this decision. It’s one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far!

Today, after one year, I more confident, more in my power, clearer in my visions and taking more actions than I’ve ever done before. I have a deep trust in the Universe.

Not only have things shifted financially but finally I can go through challenged with lot of more grace and ease. I can see the good within everything, get the lesson and take that energy to move forward to be even more motivated!

Last December one of my Health Coaching clients told me that she loved my sessions so much that she wants to engage in Omega Healing for a whole year with me!!!

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When it comes to building my business & still working full-time, I’m not giving up and know it’s just up to me to show the universe that I am decisive to reach my goal, ‘break the chains’, and fight for my freedom.

Recent situations have shown me that I am more and more growing finding my path to be self-employed & follow my dreams.

Even when contacting several accountants, leaving messages, nobody called back (how crazy is that? You want to pay them for their services and they don’t call back!?); but I insisted and suddenly the right person showed up two weeks ago.

I am also happily pregnant with my second child.

Despite some tough moments with my Employer, luckily I can take it more easy, understanding that my new life conditions show me the true face of where I am working and where my path is going to. I’m so grateful that I can understand the message behind it all & move forward calmly. Moreover, I’m sure that there are still more challenges in front of me, it’s not the end, but ‘hey! I’m coming! I am ready!’.

Today these circumstances motivate me more and more; letting me tap deeper into my inner wisdom, using all the wonderful tools we get here with Drs. Joy & Roy, with the Ultimate Habits program, and with Omega Healing.

So, today, I felt it was just my turn to share, to say deeply from my heart ‘THANK YOU’, Joy Martina, Roy Martina & Joey Martina!

And recommend to all of you: “Never give up! We are born to be winners. You can win at whatever it is you desire.”

Diana’s Path to Success With Us

How is Diana becoming so motivated, more confident, more in her power, clearer in her vision and taking more actions than she has ever done before?

The answer is really quite simple…

She started working with her Subconscious Mind, DAILY.

This is ONLY where REAL CHANGE happens & is imprinted, for good. It’s an ingredient that sadly 97% of the population is NOT using.

Knowledge is power. It’s becoming more and more known & more and more studied… this ultimate power of the Subconscious Mind.

But then what do you do with this awareness? How do you start making changes at the Subconscious Level?

We provide the application tools for this knowledge so you can easily & enjoyable working with your Subconscious on a daily basis. No matter what your dreams or goals are. We have a program for THAT!

Diana has used specifically the Ultimate Habits Brain Training Program to achieve the results she desires by Mastering 12 Areas of Life over a 12 month period using Brain Training.

She has taken her commitment to the next level by helping others achieve the results they desire by becoming one of our Certified Omega Health Coaches through the Online Study Program.

She has also applied the Sleep Your Fat Away program especially to lose pregnancy weight from her first child & take actions towards creating a healthy body.

The Ultimate Habits Program: 12 Months to An Unstoppable You

The 12 Ultimate Habits To Become Permanently Unstoppable is a 1 year Brain Training Program where you discover how to pinpoint all the habits that are not moving you towards your goals or moving you away from them, and transform those habits into Ultimate Habits that consistently move you to exactly where you want to be and it’s much, MUCH easier than you think.
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Omega Healing / Omega Health Coaching Certification

Dr. Roy Martina has put all his 35 years of experience & practice as a Medical Doctor & Holistic Therapist into a system that will:
– Prevent disease
– Increase longevity
– Give you back your power on all levels (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual)

Personal Use: The 12-part Brain Training Audio Program presented here for you is the first step in the Omega Healing System:

Health Coach Certification: We also now have a much larger & broader Training Program & System, teach workshops around the world, and Certify Omega Health Coaches who go on to share the system with thousands globally: >> Online Self-Study: <<

In-Person Certification Training in Italy:

Sleep Your Fat Away: Sleep Your Fat Away is based on the revolutionary science of changing lifestyle habits, eating preferences, and addictions by training your subconscious mind to help you lose weight. By listening to specific audio programs designed to address these issues, the brain learns to act like the brain of a naturally slim person. The book is unique and appealing to all those who have failed at dieting and want to finally lose weight for good. It reveals the most effortless way to eat less, stimulate your metabolism, and increase your desire to exercise from the inside out without having to rely on willpower, diets, pills, or strenuous exercise regimes. >><<

Free Online Training to Learn More: >><<

Diana is also an Angels Club Member. With the Angels Club, you receive two brand new Angel Meditations each month that support you to bring healing energy & positive light into your life where you need it most. Plus, you become part of a Global Network of Angels giving back. We’ve partnered with the amazing folks at We.Org & are contributing to domestic & international projects that most need our charitable donations. We’re setting some big contribution goals in 2017 that you want to be a part of!

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