Dear Dr. Roy and Dr. Joy Martina,

Ever since I received an invitation for the “Coronavirus Panic or Prevention” webinar in the middle of March, I have been touched deeply by the help you are offering and the messages you are sharing. For the last 29 years I have been working with the Lazaris Material (Lazaris is an entity that is being channeled by Jach Pursel). I can say with absolute certainty that you both have touched my heart, soul and spirit in a way only Lazaris has been able to do. I feel that I was meant to find you! Nothing in life is an ‘accident’, and I am filled with gratitude!

Dr. Joy, my friend Kiki in Canada just interviewed you for her blog. Thank you for having taken your time to speak with her. Your gentle voice and kindness have us all spellbound. Since I started to run the ‘Sleep Your Fat Away’ program, a friend of mine has started as well. I have lost some pounds and my habits have gotten much better as well. My partner of 20 years and I went through a major business change last year and although the success was incredibly positive, it increased our stress level significantly. Our eating habits were deeply affected which ended up putting on the pounds ☺️. He also just started to run the night programs in the background.

Dr. Roy, I am sure you didn’t create the Anti-Viral homeopathic remedies to help my dermatitis on my lower legs heal yet just in two days after I started to take them, they began to get better! Granted, I also started to listen to the Omega meditations the same day so it might well be a combination of it all. Although I am a midwife by trade, I stopped practicing when I left Germany so many decades ago. Since then I have extensively researched every non- allopathic approach I could discover. However, I feel there is a missing link in healing the dermatitis. Then came the Antiviral Support Package and the Omega meditation #1 and things started to change on my legs although I still have some remnants on my hands.

We are at a pinnacle and with all the criminal deceit that is coming to the surface, it is clear to me that we all have to work consciously to change ourselves individually and collectively. Lazaris has been speaking about this ‘pinnacle’ for years and that the world (humankind) is going through a birthing process. Some will choose the nightmare, some the mediocrity yet I am envisioning that most will choose the dream.

Lazaris has taught me a lot about ‘how the future creates the present against the backdrop of the past’ and not the other way around. Healing that which is locked up in our subconscious and unconscious will create a different world.

I am humbled by your vulnerability and determination to speak the truth and to ask us all to take the ‘red pill’. Even though I had heard about (most of) what you talked about, nobody else has ever offered a solution or a plan. You offer a plan to raise ones own consciousness with energy medicine like homeopathy and the Healy. The meditations you (both) are offering are freeing and healing. You are a guardian of hope for all of us! This is truly powerful, liberating and life changing!

You mentioned that you are working on new remedies and I would be honored if I could participate as a volunteer.

Thank you for having read my email. I am very much looking forward to your reply.

With heartfelt gratitude!



I have experienced Joy & Roy Martina in a session. I am very impressed with their methods. I really encourage you to work with them. I’ve done work with them and it’s really quite phenomenal!

Jack Canfield

(Originator of the 100 million-copies-sold of Chicken Soup for the Souls® series)

On behalf of the Vienna International Centre’s Body, Mind & Spirit Club, I would like to thank you both again for the lecture you presented. We have had an overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback. The style of your presentation – so informative, deeply relevant, spiritual, yet down-to-earth and highly practical for daily life… we were all enthralled. I also want to reiterate our gratitude for your incredible generosity. You both are people who live, inspire and lead by example.



So much has changed for me. And the changes are deep. I feel freer, lighter and happier. I have stopped beating myself up about things and have stopped worrying if I am doing things right the whole time. I have more trust in myself, in life and am much more relaxed. I have more fun at work and at my college. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for getting this sense of trust back. At last I have the feeling that I can do those things in life that make me happy and satisfy me. Instead of worrying I am now looking forward to what life has to offer!

United Nations

Over the past 30 years I’ve tried everything to quit smoking: nicotine gum, patches, Wellbutrin, electric cigarettes and hypnosis several times. Each time I would have some level of success for a period of time but eventually would start smoking again. I spent just 30 minutes working with Roy and Joy Martina, as they led me through a completely soothing, nurturing and cleansing process that completely eliminated all desire to smoke instantly. After my session with them it was as if I had never smoked. I didn’t miss or crave cigarettes at all and the thought of having one didn’t even make sense. I know now that I will finally be smoke free forever. Thank you Joy and Roy for giving me my life back and freeing me from this vicious killer once and for all!

Teddy Garcia

The channeling with Joy was really great and packed of useful information. I am very impressed. Also the past life regression was really interesting, this will certainly help me in future. I really want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your work, letting me feel your soul and who you are. I really thank you, thank you, thank you!



After 6 months of coaching with Joy, I have two MASSIVE results. First, my Yin Energy started to bloom. I now have more femininity than ever before.

Secondly, before coaching, I felt a lack of self-confident in my career & a drain of energy from my day to day work. After being guided step-by-step, I discovered my many limiting beliefs & sabotage mechanisms. I am now thriving in my career and enjoy every aspect of it.



MICHAELA: About four years my ago, my son who was twelve at the time, suddenly developed hayfever. At first, we tried homeopathy to cure the symptoms. But as it progressed, it became so bad that only the strongest pharmaceuticals helped. He couldn’t even go to school anymore. So I contacted Joy and arranged a Skype session with me and my son.

VINCENZ: I was feeling very sick and constantly had to sneeze AND I could barely breath.

VINCENZ: Joy tested me with my mom’s help and found the issue very fast. The most important thing for me is to understand that there is more than just western medicine and that you can help the body heal itself. Joy is the perfect middle man between me and my body.

MICHAELA: I am so happy Joy helped my son. As a mother, There is nothing worse than helplessly watching your child suffer. I was angry at myself That I didn’t call Joy earlier than I did. I could have spared my son from many sleepless nights. Joy is the first person I call, when I need professional help, not JUST the last resort.

Michaela & Vincenz

I have been coached by Joy for half a year. I have been benefitting hugely from the coaching.

At that time(when I signed up for coaching), I just resigned from my job, because I wanted to find my true self. However, the process was not easy. I felt lost and fretful, no goal ahead.

After Joy coached me, I feel Joy helped me to become more clear and smooth out many areas of my life, including my intimate relationship, family, career, parenting, with a lot of inspirations on key issues and new perspectives that I never thought before.

I feel I am like being reborn, with a lot of changes in my heart, my spirit, on every level! My friends have also said I have been changed to a completely new person!

Here I want to express my deep thankfulness to Joy. Thank you for giving me so much help!




After 6-month private coaching, I have two biggest results. The first one is my Yin energy started to bloom; I now have more femininity than 6 months ago. The second important result was in my NuSkin career. Before coaching, I always felt a lack of self-confidence in this career. I felt the business drained my energy, and I was stuck.

After being guided step-by-step in the 6 months, I discovered many limiting beliefs that I had in this business, as well as the sabotage mechanism in my subconciousness mind. I  also discovered what had been stopping me was the great fear of being rejected! 

The most impressive moment was in a hypnotherapy session. I saw I had one past life when I was such an important figure. I saw I had that strength, so I decided to bring that strength into this life!  I also found it was not an accident that I ran into NuSkin business.

After 6 months, my inner power is so strong and I am full of confidence. I pour my passion and love into my business! What’s more important, I learn OMEGA tools and methods through the coaching.  It will help my business patterns and all team members to face challenges, gain win-wins and achieve bigger successes. 

Thank you, Joy! You are the beautiful Angel that the Universe sent to me in my life! I am so lucky to have you as my coach. Love you!

Penny Guan


Thank you very much for the Remote Viewing of my personal sanctuary. Since I didn’t know when I will receive the result and due to the fact that my husband and I really need to make a big rest from our daily life I had already booked a trip to Portugal for the end of November just a couple of days before you sent me your email! Once we already were there and travelled along the coast from Lissabon to Lagos and I liked it so much that I decided to go there again to have a more specific look at places I liked most. You can’t imagine how surprised and how glad I was when I red your findings for my first choice to be Portugal. There is no coincidence! 



I found a meditation of yours on YouTube today. I did the meditation and felt absolute bliss, peace, and love unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s was absolutely magical. AND, I got the vision for the message I really want to share at the Genius Network Annual Event I’m speaking at in Nov ( an event for 450 of the top entrepreneurs in the world). So so grateful for you and your superpowers.

Dear Joy and Roy, I wanted to send you news of life over here. We are doing very well. Marion has moved in with me. This season, I worked with Johannes Ludwig and made a considerable contribution to his winning gold and bronze in luge for the Olympics. Omega Healing is still my pet hobby and I am very grateful to Roy for teaching us this method!



Thank you so much. i am so enjoying reading your book. All the important things for me right now are described in your book.


How to Use Intuition to Change Your Life Reader

Joy is an extraordinary businesswoman with the ability to bring love, generosity and intuitive direction into complex deals and strategies. Her ability to run Christallin from a purely business standpoint is unparalleled. She is able to integrate direction from experts while following her own voice. On a different and equally as strong note, I was able to work with Joy in a private session to resolve a childhood phobia of sharks. I live at the beach in Southern California, so you might be able to imagine how beneficial this has been in my life! Working with Joy during the sessions was surprisingly easy and powerfully potent. If you’re considering connecting with Joy for business, you can count on the strength of her work and conviction. If you’re considering sessions, I recommend you just go for it – it will be different than anything you’ve ever experienced, and garner results that are potently transformative.

Meredith Sasseen

Business Transformation Consultant

Thank you for all the work you do for other people! So they and, of course I, can feel joyful, trusted and filled with lots of love and strength! Thank you so much!
My reason that I chose to do SYFA is because of my health (of course:)) I am not fat, but I do not feel fit. So, my wish for this year is to I eat more attentively and take smaller bites per meal, take time for meals, and ask myself: “will I be happy with this food?” and to feel fit and strong in my body. This year I started, and put it on my vision board. Your invitation came at the right moment…The past year that I’ve participated in your coaching community has been a beautiful contribution to my life. To reflect who I am, in a group, and where I stand in my life.
I also participated in the Oracle course this year. I loved this for more trust, joy and being relaxed. These are some highlights. There is more coming, transformation, strength in my body and mind and your SYFA will be the best contribution for now to help me and bring me to my dreams I have in my life.
Thank you Joy! Lots of respect! I give you a big bow !

Lida Min

SYFA Buyer, Coaching Community Member & Oracle Training Participant

Dear Joy,
I Hope everything is fine with you and your family! I just wanted to tell you that I have been tapping every day on my drinking problem and I can now celebrate two months without alcohol! The best part is, I don’t miss it.
I am confident that this works now and will work for the rest of my life. Thank you SO MUCH for helping me realize this. I realize I have to be conscious all the time and with all the tools you’ve given us, I believe in it. I thought I would never be completely free, but I now am.
Thank you!
Three Months Later
Just wanted to let you know that i am still living alcohol free !!!!
I am still tapping on a daily basis but not always on drinking. Also on all kinds of things to release and transform …
Hopefully we meet again one day.

Freya V

Dear Joy, I thought I would send you a message to say, “thanks”! Things are happening so fast since the retreat in Asheville. I’m so grateful. Thank you for being you!!

Marina de Haan

I’ve listened to the SYFA audio for 90 days and counting, and I’ve achieved a lot. I’ve practiced yoga for 8 years but lost limited weight. Now I’m satisfied with my body and bad eating habits. No dessert, no carbonated drinks, and I now drink a lot of water every day. I am more energetic and happier. Thanks so much Joy.


Dear Joy, I have been listening daily to your Power meditation about food and it really works. I no longer crave food that does not serve me or fuels me and I have become really aware of my food habits. Love, Josie

Josie M.

Dear Joy, I want to thank you sincerely for your beautiful book, “How to Use Your Intuition to Change Your Life”. I read it very slowly. I made notes of it and I even painted the receipts to let them enter my body and life. Especially page 444 is so strong to me.  

Christel Willams, Belgium

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for encouraging me 3 years ago to believe in my vision and mission. The work with Moms and their kids is just wonderful and it is my mission to do so. Yesterday a 12 year old boy hugged me to thank me because he doesn’t cry anymore when he has exams at school. A 2 year old is no longer stuttering… and I am gifted with so many beautiful experiences and touching stories in my work. It is wonderful to be able to give children a tool box or rather a “magic box” on their way to become adults….


First of all, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful and generous gift, which for me is SYFA. 💖

Since Sunday, I am in the 2nd week and am discovering more new audios, tips, exercises and to-dos every day. There is so much incredibly valuable help that you make available to us. THANKS 💖 THANKS 💖 THANKS 💖

Samj, Germany

The result after 4 months of Sleep Your Fat Away is that Robbert lost 12 kilos, is happier, sleeps better than ever, and has a lot of energy.

Robbert And Yolanda

Dear Roy and Joy,

I want to let you know how much of a fantastic change you both have had on me and on my family! I went to Rotterdam to the power of your heart workshop and I felt like a different person ever since. My heart has been opened and it stayed wide open ever since. My mom, my 2 sisters and me are very close and they could not stop listening to all of my stories from the weekend. Since they saw what it did to me and how loving and energetic I was, we decided to do the Quantum ESP and Astral traveling course. It has been a fantastic journey ever since! We are in the midst of a busy renovation and we run our own company, but we would wake up at 6 to be able to do your lessons. We would not want to skip a day, it feels so important and empowering! We are in week 5 now and all of us feel that so much happened to us, in a positive sense. We have all started eating different, lighter, had very special encounters in our Quantum communication center and above all, we feel love and light. We have been able to practice vocal channeling and we got fantastic and loving encounters. Isn’t this amazing!?

Now I wanted to let you know that we booked tickets for Rotterdam this weekend with the four of us! We are very very excited for this. Our lives have been changed and we feel like this is only the beginning of our journey to become the best channelers and make positive impact!

We are very grateful for all that you do. You are both fantastic, loving and light people. Making this world truly a better place. Thank you and see you this weekend in Rotterdam!


Hello everyone! I want to share with you all my last days: I had septum surgery on Monday and everybody told me about long time recovery or big pain to suffer. I meditated a lot before and after surgery, I grounded, I did my pong youp, I asked in my Christallin commands to have the quickest healing ever! 

Result: I was the only one in the group who was fine after the operation, I was able to talk, walk around, drink water. I never needed painkiller and I started reading one hour after the surgery. 

Thank you Roy Michael Martina and Joy Martina for the meditations, thank you Patricia Martina and Elisa Beniero for getting me closer to my Goddess self. We have so much power of healing inside of us! 💙

Many blessings to all of you! 🙏

Alice Vanzetto


I don’t think I’ll ever truly be able to fully express (with words anyway 😉) how much love and gratitude I hold in my heart for YOU. I’ll never forgot how much I “woke up” that time that we all spent together way back in like what 2011/12?

And actually, on the topic of anger, I remember getting off a conference call one day and being blown away by the way that you so lovingly and firmly and with such power and beauty and grace, expressed your own anger over a delay on some portion of the project.

I was in awe, as I had never seen or felt or experience energy from a female in that way before. You’ve been such a beautiful example to me, just in how you choose to express and who you are as a being and I am forever grateful for the fact that our paths have crossed again in this lifetime 💖🦄💝


What transpired in your session with Mad is obviously between you both but I want to share with you that the difference in Mad is profound, even after only just one session… truly grateful for your presence and our paths crossing… 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

– Message from a husband of one of Joy’s client, sent after their breakthrough session at The Sanctuary

Thank you everyone for this wonderful experience. Thank you Joy and Roy for the transparency with which you share your growth…no matter what! This is the greatest learning for me. I can feel all the Love behind!!! Love you so much ❤️

Deborah Nave

“Everyone needs a coach. Mine are Drs. Joy & Roy!”
– Diana, Omega Healing Coach

“I got to know myself & love myself for who I am.”
– Susan, Asheville, NC

“Coaching and working with Joy is a truly profound experience.”
– Heather, Marketing & Sales Coach, Author

“If you’re thinking about doing the workshop, I’m sure you’ll change your life.”
-Giulia, Oracle Training Participant, Lake Garda, Italy

“I lost 7 kilos just by letting past baggage go.”
– Anna, Germany

Joy e Roy Martina: guarda cosa ne dicono…

The Legendary Circles Retreat 2014

“I highly recommend this work to everybody.”

“Every went far beyond expectations…”
– Eduardo, Italy

“Instant manifestation happened.”
– Patrizia, Italy

“I am excited to start this work.”
– Reinhard, Germany

from A Chinese Nun