Your Personal Soul Sanctuary

The place you live determines the timeline you are on: there are places on this planet, where your soul thrives more than in others.
Our Soul Sanctuary
In 2013, Roy and I attended a workshop of the ex-CIA agent Ed Dames, a former Master Remote Viewer of the CIA, author, teacher and supervisor of a large platform of Remote Viewers. He predicted years before the tsunami hit Japan that it would happen and appeared on Japanese TV, where he also predicted the nuclear fallout of the damaged nuclear reactors.

Ed Dames remote viewed the best and safest place for us to live: Asheville. We had never even heard of this place before!

Now we've lived in Asheville for 5 years and never want to move. For us and our children, it has been transformational. Because of our move we've made contacts in the US that never would've been possible, and we know we would never have been as successful as we are now if we hadn’t moved. We call our house “The Sanctuary." It's a place where people come to heal or make quantum jumps in their personal development!
Find Your Personal Sanctuary
Why is a Sanctuary now more important than ever?
Ed Dames and many others are predicting the worst solar flares in the history of mankind that will damage our electrical and digital grid worldwide and stop our transportation, electrical and communication systems in a few shocking days. 

If this happens, there will be worldwide panic, rioting and looting as communication with police and authorities will not function without phones and electricity. Hospitals will run out of backup power and food within 1 to 2 weeks. Traffic will be impossible with many cars stuck on the road.

​​​​​​​Can you imagine not being able to go to the supermarket? Your car unable to drive, and you have no electricity? 
We pray this will never come to pass, but we know we have to prepare because we've received so many messages that it WILL happen within the next 10 years.

​​​​​​​We want to warn our friends, who trust that we are not crazy.
Find Your Personal Sanctuary
There will be safe zones all over our world: places, where it will be easier to survive than in others. 
And then there are sanctuaries...
A sanctuary is a place, which supports you to not only survive, but actually help you thrive, even whilst living through a calamity. Every person has his/her own specific sanctuary location. So even in a family, the adult members can have different sanctuary locations. In this case, the family members will have to decide between sanctuaries.
Sanctuary Regions
You can find your sanctuary by participating in module 3 of our Christallin Oracle Training and learning the skills yourself to train your intuition and guide you to a good place.

Or you can assign us the task of finding your personal sanctuary with the means of Remote Viewing, Channeling and Dowsing.

You will receive the location of your optimal sanctuary based on your soul profile and your preferences and spiritual growth trajectory. And no matter what happens (the really big catastrophe or the light version of it), this is the ideal place for you to be. It’s your personal hot spot, where you have most potential to be successful and experience maximum growth and most importantly, safety. 

We can only take a few clients each year, as this is a time consuming and delicate process.

Once we've received your payment, please expect an average wait time of 3 weeks before you receive your coordinates via email. We will also send you a short audio report of the channeling as to why this is the best place for you.

"I wish you all to find your sanctuary. It feels so amazing. We feel so blessed at this place. Look at this magnificent morning sky."

- Diana Neumann, Romania​​​​​​​