Manifesting Your Greater, Grander Future With Visualization (Phase Three: Healer Water)

The third element in our system is Water, which stands for the Visionary Phase.

Earth was the warrior and is important to develop a sense of confidence in a hostile world; it is like growing roots into the earth. Metal was the sword to cut the karmic links with the past and heal your traumatic memories. These two elements are the most important steps in healing yourself and undoing the burden that holds you back from living your full potential.

5 PhasesThe next step is to have a clear vision of what is possible.

Envisioning what is possible for your life and for your future is more than just imagining what’s possible and it’s way beyond being realistic.

The future is far from being realistic.”

Barack Obama stepped into a future that most people considered impossible by becoming president of America.

Elon Musk stepped into a future that was considered unrealistic when he sold his company and invested in an unprecedented car company and he’s stepping even further into what sounds like an impossible future in his goal to bring over 1 million people to the planet Mars.

J. K Rowling stepping into a future where a homeless mother without much income could write a book that would later be filmed and become a worldwide phenomenon making her the billionaire she is today.

Crazy? Impossible? Realistic?

The future defies everything we know and is not determined yet. There are many unforeseen factors, but if you want to be part of a revolution where together we create a better planet and at the same time are happy, having fun and becoming healthier and vital, it takes vision! This is exactly what we are doing with the Heart Healing Revolution. Will you join us?

Flexible and Adaptable as Water

The metaphor for water is that it is like a river following the natural events. It is prepared and adaptable to every circumstance but with one destiny: to go to the sea, or a lake, or underground, or to become clouds and rain upon the world, or become part of a hurricane of destruction. If there is one guarantee, it is that the world is changing fast, species are disappearing at a rate not seen in thousands of years, technology is driving our world, we have become visible to the world through internet, and people who would have never succeeded but grasped the powers of the Internet became world stars and some super-rich.

It is a world where a family like the Kardashians can become supper rich by flaunting their emotional conflicts and drama on TV. Where a real estate billionaire and TV celebrity can beat career politicians at their game and make them run for their money while insulting many people and being totally ignorant of world matters. This is the time of the element of water by having a different vision and creates a world with it that serves you to achieve your desired outcome. Water can be soft and life-saving and can be terrifying and destructive.

Becoming A Visionary

Many people get into the practice of meditation or mindfulness to create positive change in their lives. These are great techniques to help heal your body and create peace of mind, but there is so much more!

With what we will teach you about in this third phase, Visionary Water, you can plug right into the incredible infinite resources of the Universe. This is what a visionary does! They are able to tap into a source that is much more advanced than the human mind and become a conduit for this source.

This is a very important part of what we do and how we keep growing at speeds that are not normal for us (or anyone) because we are not trying to control the flow of the Universe, we just have to check what we can do and how we can enjoy doing what we decide to do.

Wouldn’t you love to be a Visionary and to make contact with the greatest grandest version of yourself?

Let’s talk about the future!

The Many Possible Futures

There are infinite outcomes for your life. Every decision you make can have an impact on your future.

“One simple decision can have big-time effects.”

For example, going to a retreat will make a big difference on your future, because after the retreat you cannot go back to the old way of doing things, your thinking will change, your rituals and habits will change, your vision will change, and you’ll get a better understanding of how to influence your destiny with your intention by connecting to your Higher Consciousness or the greater grander version of yourself in the future. So, one simple decision can have big-time effects.

Also, there are effects you will never know because they are not possible when you change course.

For example, let’s say that your current lifestyle puts you on a path of high risk to have a heart attack or cancer. By changing your lifestyle and the way you handle stress and challenges you can prevent many chronic diseases.

I can compare myself with friends and colleagues of the same age who I know from years back and see around me how my choices put my health, vitality and thinking on completely different paths than them. I can see who I would have become if I had not made certain decisions.

It’s important to develop a compass (or GPS) to go to the most fulfilling future possible – this is what we call the Greatest, Grandest Version of YOU! It is also the happiest, healthiest and most joyous future you can imagine, where you are playful and stay young and know how to escape the effects of time on your body and mind.

This is way more advanced than Think and Grow Rich or the law of attraction – popularized by The Secret – or even creating vision boards in the hope that things will just happen, etc. What we want to teach you is how to quantum jump to that desired future, to experience and live that future and to lock it in your mind the same way an intelligent missile locks onto a target and does not let it go.

Wouldn’t you love to have the ability to create the future you desire? And on top of that, do it with grace, ease, and joy? Then you have to become a visionary! Let us show you how.

The Shadow Side of the Wounded Visionary:

5 phasesBecoming the false prophet and believing you own the truth.

Self-rejection and not aware of your true power.

Many rational logic people disown their natural instincts by blocking their intuition, by not believing in meditation or spirituality and disinherit themselves of their full potential. Actually more than half the population is afraid of their powers and will do anything to ignore their spiritual essence and become fanatic in opposing different views of theirs. Many are too much focused on acceptance and because of that will suppress their true beliefs.  When you do not trust your instincts you lose your connection to the higher wisdom and you become lost in the world and get stuck on a path that is not your path or you live a life that is a lie.

“More than half the population is afraid of their powers and will do anything to ignore their spiritual essence.”

Authentic Visionary

Authenticity is to accept your fears as part of being human and not let it stop you from expressing your truth. It is about making time to reflect, to not know
the answers but do an inner search about what is the best path that makes your heart sing and trust that path and follow it no matter what others say.

For example, when I decided to become an acupuncturist, all my peers were horrified. They told me that I was crazy, that acupuncture was not scientific and that I would become a charlatan. I was ridiculed big time! But you know what? I becam5 Phasese extremely successful to the point that the insurance companies started to pay for my treatments because they were so cost-effective! And when i decided to close my practice and start to teach and do research again I was told that it was not a wise thing to do because I had such a thriving and successful practice.

“I can give you so many more examples when the environment just resisted my choices, but I always followed my visions and today I cannot be happier with where I am in my life and the path that Joy and I are headed down.”

How to Become Authentic

The Visionary has to learn to not be attached to the vision and always strive to become a better person. Self-evaluation, seeking coaching and advice from others and learn how to connect with the authentic truth of the Future Self you want to become. You have to learn how to observe yourself and correct the old ways of thinking that lures in the darkness of your subconscious mind.

The first step is to be open to the best possible future out there without holding yourself back.

Let’s go inside…

We discussed how the third element, the foundation for finding and manifesting the best possible future for yourself:

What do you recognize for yourself? Are you a wounded visionary, do you have clarity on where you want to go?  Do you have unshakeable faith and trust your guidance or intuition? Are you aligned with the Divine plan? Are you truly living a life with grace, ease, and joy and making a contribution to help create a better planet?

5 Phases

If there is a strong desire to become a visionary, you may want to consider the following options:

  1. Learn some rituals to connect to the best possible future (we have something for you: the Inner Circle Meditations)
  1. Become more authentic and learn the art of connecting to the Greatest, Grandest Version of You and allow that future Self to become your guide to that future.
  1. Invest in your well being.

Join Me, Won’t You?

I’ve got to share something very exciting with you. In just a couple of short weeks I’m going to be with my wife Joy part of a history-making event here in Asheville, North Carolina. There are still a few places left and I would like to give you a different angle why you should consider joining and do whatever you can to be there

A friend who is a billionaire and humanitarian has mentored me this year. He became a billionaire by using quantum physics. I am working with him to make an online training called The Laws of Creation, so he can share his concept with the world.

80% of his money he puts into projects in Africa to create jobs and raise people out of the property. He has big projects in Nigeria, South Sudan, and Senegal and is also starting in Argentina. I have been asked to help set up a system for healthcare and Joy will be involved in a foundation for helping poor children have greater opportunities through education and other forms of training.

In our retreat, we will be sharing what we’ve learned from him and explain how he easily and effortlessly became a billionaire by just doing one kind of visualization and how he got the Universe to synchronize his wishes with the intent of a better world.

If you are interested in manifesting a greater, grander future where you are happy and your life is flowing with grace, ease, and joy, then I request you to stop everything and take a few minutes to connect with your heart and step into a future where you are playing a role to make this planet a better place.

Do you want to help save this planet together with many more who are joining the Heart Healing Revolution movement? Then, join us at the retreat this November!

More than 33 countries are part of the heart healing revolution already!

I truly want you to be our guest. Take a minute and go to the retreat page and get the full scoop on what we’ll be doing and how to get signed up so you don’t miss a minute of the action of becoming part of a world movement.

We can’t wait to share it all with you!

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