Fire – Leader (Debunking the 7 Myths of the Law of Attraction)

Greetings, Fellow Creator,Chinese Elements

Thank you for all the positive feedback and for your emails and questions. By going through the process of the 5 elements and the 7 levels where you get stuck, the end result is that you get more connected with your authentic self and unveil the fire in you to lead the life that you were born for.

It is like honing in on your soul purpose, the burning fire in your heart that often has been put on a wake-flame because of our beliefs and upbringing. That is why we believe this is an incredible new Master class that will benefit beginners and those who have been investing a lot in their personal development. So if you want some final tips on how to be more aligned with the greatest grandest self, than this email is a treat!

Your true destiny awaits you, let’s start with debunking some of the nonsense that has been repackaged as the law of attraction for quite some time now.

The 7 Law of Attraction Myths

There are seven critical things you need to know about how you can create your ideal reality and connect with the greatest possible future ahead.

1) Your thoughts do NOT create your reality. Your beliefs create your reality. Most of your beliefs are false beliefs and inherited from your upbringing, we will help you to stretch your mind to the point where what seemed impossible becomes: I’m possible.

2) Most of your beliefs are subconscious.  We will teach you how to shift the disempowering beliefs into empowering convictions that will bring you on the path to your destiny.

3) Your self worth determines what you can manifest and hold on to. If you study the persons who win a big lump sum in the lottery you will see that most lose everything in a short five years or less. Famous athletes who made millions a few years after retirement lost everything and have to take jobs with minimum pay and sell off their belongings. We will teach you that you are worthy and deserving of a happy, great, abundant life.

4) You can accelerate or slow down how you create your reality based on your state of happiness. We will delve deep into how to raise your vibrational level and accelerate the creation process.

5) You must know what reality you want to create. We are focused on aligning you with the greatest grandest version of yourself, which is the most brilliant, happy, healthy future where you are completely aligned with your Soul purpose.

6) Unconscious Collective Creation: people around you — partners, family, friends, neighbors — their minds create your reality for you as well.  We will teach you how to cut the karmic links that keep you in a collective you no longer belong to. By rising up to the occasion you change things around and you become the leader of the collective and you pull them up with you.

7) Everything is already created: according to the laws of quantum physics we are part of a Multiverse, multiple parallel dimensions where we play different roles and lead different lives, some very successful, some exactly the opposite. Some movies have tapped into this Multiverse. We will teach you how to find the greatest grandest version of Your Future You and how to align with that until it becomes your only default future.

So How Do You Work With All of These Elements to Live Life Like a Master Manifester?

By simply aligning yourself with the Fire Element, the passion, happiness, love, and Joy that is deep inside of your soul and bring that to the surface. The goal is to create a life where you are the happiest and enjoy the most grace and vitality. That does not mean there will be no challenges but you overcome them with grace, ease, and joy. That is why we call the Fire Element the Leading element, it gives you the drive and enthusiasm to become unstoppable!

You can understand that we are super excited about our upcoming retreat in Asheville NC! Our vision is that it is the start of something much bigger than us and bigger than we can imagine. So the big question is: are you going to be an ambassador or not?

Become a Master Manifester – a Leader of Your Collective Creation

In the coming times, we will face huge calamities caused by the turbulence of global warming, we will face economic crises, more power to the elite and secret government cover-ups denying us from vital technology and progress, the ongoing wars and terrorism.

This world is in danger of collapsing, now more than ever we need leaders who will stand up and be the beacons of light and love to pull us through coming times towards a future where we all can coexist peacefully and enjoying a good life.

With what we will teach you, you can plug right into the incredible infinite creative power of the universe, that is what a leader does, to tap into a source that is much more advanced than the human mind and become a channel for light, love, and peace.

This is where we are going and we want to bring as many of you as possible with us to a better quality of life and better world.

Wouldn’t you love to be a Fire Leader and to become the greatest grandest version of yourself? In order to do so you have to master the Wood-Teacher as well and learn how to see the greatness in all. We will cover two elements briefly in this session.

Wood-Teacher Element

The fourth Element of the retreat we will cover is Wood and that stands for the Teacher.

The Teacher brings out the talents of the students, that is what edu-care means the Latin root for education. We are all born geniuses but lose that incredible potential by the way we are taught and programmed. The shadow side is to criticize and judge others, blaming, bragging, arrogance, ignorance, aggressiveness, lack of respect for boundaries, the need to be acknowledged and respected! There is a danger to become bitter, angry, resentful, jealous, greedy, too serious, unforgiving and feeling guilty. When we transform this by getting unstuck we become the teacher who always sees the greatness in others, the positive intent in every challenge, playful, forgiving and wise. Once we mastered the wood element we can become a true leader, the integration of the warrior, healer, visionary and teacher!

Fire-Leader Element

The fifth Element of the retreat we will cover is the Fire Leader. Earth was the peaceful loving Warrior of light and this element is important to develop a sense of confidence in a progressive hostile world; it is literal growing roots deep into the earth. The Metal was the sword to cut the karmic links with the past and heal your traumatic memories of all lifetimes. These two are the most important steps in healing your self and undo the burden that holds you back to live your full potential. Then the next step is to have a clear vision of what is possible (The Water Visionary). To learn how to connect and align with the greatest grandest version of you. A dear friend became a billionaire just by applying these principles.

Then the next one is the Wood Teacher element as we explained here, to see the greatness in everyone and connect to that. And once we transformed the shadow sides of these elements we can tackle the shadow side of the leader.

The Shadow Side of the Wounded Leader

A wounded leader is forceful, manipulates, can be rude or powerless, sneaky, pushy, revenge-seeking, not how to inspire or feels better than the people he/she leads and talks down or abuse their position. They can be afraid to take painful decisions and can stay stuck in their patterns.

Authentic Leader

Authenticity is to be direct in your conversation and to be responsible for your decisions and not blame others or circumstances. It also encompasses to be a team player, to be inspirational, to be a visionary and lead by example. It is to be generous, to acknowledge the greatness in others and to reward ideas and to be vulnerable and deserve the trust of the team.

An example: when I decided to stop my successful business with 30 full-time employees, I spoke with each team member personally explaining my reasons why I had to stop and help them find new jobs. Not everyone was happy with my decision but all of them respected it. How do you become authentic though?

The Leader Has to Master the Difference Between Power and Force

Force requires willpower and being relentless in pushing forward. Power is where you have Unshakable Faith and follow the path towards the greatest grandest you. The leading question is: ”What would I do if I was already the greatest grandest version of myself?” By repeating that question over and over you align yourself with the Power and you do not force things. You have the wisdom to know when to allow things to flow and when to stop something that is not working. You have no fear of failure because that is part of being human and you learn and move forward.

The Elephant in the Room

So let’s go inside for a moment, we’ve now discussed the fourth and fifth element, the concept of finding greatness in others and yourself!

What do you recognize for yourself? Are you a wounded teacher or leader, do you see your greatness and the greatness in others? Do you inspire?  Do you see the positive intent behind every challenge? Are you aligned with the greatest grandest version of You? Are you truly living a life with grace, ease, and joy and making a contribution to help create a better planet? Are you manifesting your desired outcomes with grace, ease, and joy?

If there is a strong desire to become a leader, you may want to consider the following options:

  1. Learn some rituals to connect to the best possible future
  1. Become more authentic and learn the art of connecting to the greatest grandest version of you allow that future self to become your guide to that future.
  1. Invest in your wellbeing

Of course, there are many paths leading to the greatest grandest version of you, we believe what we have to offer is among the best that is available out there. We have a whole range of products that will benefit you on your path.

Check our shop for what resonates with your heart. I recommend to start with the Inner Circle meditations, those are homemade guided sessions we did for our family of 6 when we were going through difficult times and is focused on connecting with this greater grandest version of ourselves. Thousands of people have benefitted from the unplugged versions of how we handle challenges in our own inner Circle.

Come join us in our sanctuary.

We call our home the Sanctuary and have created a perfect healing place and a sanctuary for accelerated growth and consciousness.

The most exclusive and fastest way to make the next couple of quantum jumps is attending our upcoming retreat on November 3rd – 10th in Asheville NC. It is not the cheapest way but it is for sure an enormous leap in the right direction, it will take you through the natural progression discovered over 6000 years ago by the Chinese empaths who created the whole science of acupuncture by interpreting the subtle signs of our energy systems influenced by our emotions, mind, and lifestyle.

We will introduce to you our research and discoveries that catapulted us in our new lifestyle that is way beyond what we believed was possible.

When you leave you will leave with a toolbox that has proven itself over and over again and that is why we get over 100 positive emails every month from people worldwide who have benefitted from our work.

So if you are a newbie this may be over your head but if you are a die-hard and know that it is time to take the next jump we ask you to consider applying for a conversation with us to see if this would be a good fit for you. We guarantee that it will be the best investment you have ever done in yourself

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