The 5 Phases of Becoming the Greatest, Grandest Version of YOU!

Over the past 3 years, my wife (Joy) and I have experienced faster and greater growth than ever before.

We’ve been tuned into a system that makes becoming the highest version of yourself simple and manageable. Before I get into the system – which I’ll introduce below & be breaking down in the rest of this blog series –  let me start with how we moved to the USA, to a place we’ve never even heard of, because we were tapped into our Highest Truth and trusted it, and how it’s made all the difference in every area of our lives!

STEP 1: Finding Guidance & Trusting Your GPS

In this chaotic ever-changing fast-moving 3-Dimensional time-space continuum it is imperative to have a GPS and follow the guidance.

GPS (God’s Personal Support) is available to all of us.

So, when we moved to the USA, we had to decide where to move to. In January 2013 we were in a workshop led by an ex-CIA agent, who was trained in psychic spying, a system developed by Stanford University to counterbalance the Russian psychic spies who can discover from a distance what the Americans were doing. The US system is called Remote Viewing. This ex-CIA agent was trained also to find what he calls your Personal Sanctuary, the best place for your soul to thrive and to be safe for any calamity that may come your way. He did his thing and came up with Asheville to be the best place for us to live. Up until that moment (January 2013), we had never heard of Asheville. In July of that same year, we moved there.

To find guidance is one thing, to trust guidance is a totally different aspect.

We trusted a stranger who was sent by our GPS and we are totally happy being in Asheville. We have found over 100 reasons why this is the best place for us! And we now also provide this Remote Viewing service for our clients.

STEP 2: Clean Your Channel & Surrender

Chinese Elements

In the last 3 years, we have trained ourselves to be able to communicate with our GPS (higher Consciousness) and to get clear information about what is the best path to follow.

We are talking about all levels of our existence: business, relationship, personal growth, health and much more. In order to do that the first prerequisite is to take care of yourself, to exercise, eat healthy, meditate and once you know what is best for you, to use your power of intention to attract the right people and situations to move to the next phase of your journey. We are going to teach how to connect to your Higher Wisdom and how to trust and surrender to your Wiser Self and the guidance that is available to all of us. We call this our GPS.

Step 3: The Greatest, Grandest Version of You!

For the person reading that are not so familiar with our brand of spirituality, let me say this: “It is about constantly becoming aware where you are stuck and what to do to improve how you react to your challenges!” We call it aligning yourself with the greatest grandest version of yourself. You have to become one with the Future Self that is living the life of your dreams. When you do that that life comes to you automatically. We call this method the Christallin Source Connection!

Christallin stands for the purity of the source, purity, and love. Through that source, you can connect easier with the Greatest, Grandest Version of Yourself who lives within you.

We experience that on a daily basis and now we have proven that this system works beyond our own imagination. We were given the instruction to pass this knowledge on, first to a small group and then step-by-step to larger groups worldwide.

Chinese Elements

The 5 phases of Becoming the Greatest, Grandest Version of You!

After 3 years of being guided, it was revealed to us what we were experiencing and the guidance was explained in 5 phases that we now call the 5 Elements of the Power of Love.

In the following blog series (read the next post in the series below), I will share with you each phase so you can follow along.

The 5 phases are:

Warrior –> Healer –>Visionary –> Teacher –> Leader.

This corresponds with the Chinese concept of the elements

Earth –> Metal –> Water –> Wood –> Fire.

Each element has a shadow side and a light side. The shadow-side is where you get stuck in that specific element. The light side is when you are no longer controlled by the ego part of you, but you surrender to the Higher Self or Guidance by the Wiser You.

By breaking it down into 5 elements, everything becomes easier to manage because each element has a different way of being balanced. There are many ways to strengthen each element until it is fully light, and what we are offering is what we found to work the best and the fastest.

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