The TRUE Power of Personal Development: A Recap of Our Time in China

Roy and I Have Traveled the World, but There Is No Place Like China.

Every time we visit, we are reminded about what keeps us coming back and how powerful it is to invest in personal growth and to help others thrive.

In China, they areĀ stuck with a view that women are less than men. It’s evident in the high number of baby girls put up for adoption, the selective abortion practices, and the huge population difference between men and women.Social Media Ban in China

Not only that, but there’s also a huge lack of personal or creative expression, no legal use of Ā Western internet sites and social media platforms, absolutely NO mention of SEX allowed, and the ever-prevalent fear of the government’s power to imprison without access to fair legal support.

From the moment I stepped off the plane for our trip in China, the female in me was triggered.

As a Western woman in China, I was either invisibleĀ or just a pretty accessory. Roy was welcomed and shown great respect, whereas, I was often ignored. One of my most frustrating moments being when I discovered I was not even mentioned in the brochure for the workshop I was teaching! Now that was quite a challenge for my female ego to chew on.

Every single time I go to China, I say it’s the LAST time! Until…

…we teach a workshop and afterwards, have groups of women and girls rushing up to thank me.

TPower of Personal Developmenthey’re so inspired and deeply appreciative (nowhere else am I thanked with so many amazing gifts).

And they are all asking for help. They want to know: how toĀ be a woman, they’re curious about sex and pleasure, and they want to know what a healthy relationship looks like and if one is possible for them.

They’re ready.

The teachings and practices we passed along in our workshops were important, but being there as our TRUEĀ selves, that was the REAL MESSAGE.

While it hurt my ego (over and over) to be there, it was so valuableĀ to be an inspiration to them. Showing them what’s possible and being a role model for what they can aspire to have in their own lives. And what’s more: I got to work on some of my own issues at the same time. In a way, China was, once again, a healing journey for me.

They’ve likely never seen a couple like Roy and I before – working together, teaching together, in love and holding hands and have probably never seen a woman as free and self-expressed (as expressed as I could be with all the rules and regulations) before, either.

Our trips to ChinaĀ have reminded me of the FREEDOM we have in the Western world to explore personal development and growth, to express ourselves, to find who we truly are and what we really want and to chase after it!

What We Do With Our Freedom and Our Choices Is What the Women in China Are Building On

They are looking to us Western women to show the way. They are building upon what we do.

Our personal development journey matters – not just forĀ ourselves or our families, but for the WORLD.

The more we step into the Greatest, Grandest versions of ourselves and start living our Ultimate Lives,Ā the more we inspire others to do the same. Never underestimate what your words of encouragement can mean to another. You might just be that spark that ignites the fire of positive change in another person’s life.

ThisĀ is what it is to awaken to the power of your heart.Ā THISĀ is the Heart Healing Revolution. (Join the Revolution HERE.)

This is what keeps me going back to China.

ā€œThe World Will Be Saved By the Western Womanā€ – The Dalai Lama

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