Are You Ready to Feel Better With the Help of This Month’s Full Moon?

Are you ready to feel better with the help of this month’s full moon & create the life you truly desire with channeling?

As many of you know, I have trained for many years to become “the channel” so I can bring helpful messages from the higher realms to serve those who are open to them.

Many of you might be aware of certain channelers such as Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Seth Speaks etc.. and maybe you’ve even seen some of the Reality TV Shows that featured the Psychics and Channelers of Hollywood. I want to share this precious gift today because I can feel that the power of this vibration and connection is what’s needed for healing this world at this time. I know people are struggling, and I can offer a remedy with this gift. It’s my mission to leave a positive legacy for this and all future generations.

 the Christallin Oracles: Everyone Can Learn to Channel

Roy (my husband) and I discovered that anybody with a healthy mind and the dedication to learn can be taught how to channel! We’ve personally trained over 150 lovely people from all over Europe (and even China!) to become certified “Christallin Oracles.” And THIS FALL, we will be able to honor all of your requests for a new Oracle Training! We will be teaching the upgraded 2.0 version of the Original Christallin Oracle Channeling Training LIVE in Italy, and you can even follow it from all over the world via live streaming. I’m so excited!

A Christallin Oracle can tune into any given Higher Intelligence and also connect to the consciousness of trees, animals, nature, magical beings, angels, aliens, mother earth, the higher self of children, and more!

Over the years we have channeled over 500 different entities and have learned more about the Multidimensional Universe than in any given book!

Feminine Energy Rising

One of the callings I have been receiving very strongly lately is from the feminine collectives in other realms, and I have been asked to help spread their message to the women of this world. I am more than happy to comply and feel a strong resonance with the concept of empowering women by helping them reconnect to their innate power and JOY in life. Recently, I was connecting to a group called The Sisterhood of Light. They explained their essence as follows:

“We can be seen as a network of white witches and magical light beings but we prefer to call ourselves: The Sisters of Light. We have had many incarnations as elders, wise women, medicine women, and healers. We have reconnected to reinforce the channel of feminine energy within the planet. Joy is one of us and we are using her as a channel to bring our message of healing and empowerment to many.”

They asked me to speak about this upcoming Full Moon and explain the message they sent me  to create a special Full Moon Package that is different from anything else on our planet:

The new Full Moon Spell Package of the Sisterhood

We have created a simple way for anyone who chooses to take our advice to be able to manifest 3 to 10 times faster than usual. It is unique because it combines the ancient schools of science with the new forms of science. The ancient science is calling upon the blessing of the moon and nature; it incorporates utilizing the open portals of the full moon. You can imagine this being like a turbo for your intentions. They seem to travel faster to many dimensions than when these portals are not open.

The old science of spells is also making use of ancient incantations combined with earthly anchors. In this case, we teach you how to empower a crystal in such a way that a secret portal is created with the dimension of your dreams. This combined with a special essential oil also triggers certain areas in the brain, especially the frontal cortex where the higher consciousness resides. Additionally, we combined this with the new science of Neuro-Programming, which trains the brain to stay focused on the desired outcome. This way you accelerate your effects even more. This package is now available for anyone who wants to join our circle of light!

The Next Full Moon Is Near

Every Full Moon is a powerful time for instant manifestation, and this can also happen on the unconscious level. Watch out what you focus on most of the time in the coming days, as you could easily find this anchoring into your reality. It is crucial to watch your thoughts (keep them positive!), and pay special attention to the frequencies you surround yourself with – keep them as high and as pure as possible! Focus on love, gratitude, servitude and kindness. Remember, whatever you send out will be multiplied and sent right back to you. So what would you like more of in life?

Notice the frequencies of your environment, how they influence your moods and watch out for the foods that you eat! They influence your energies more than you think – eat clean, eat healthy – especially in the coming 3 days. Keep everything as clean as possible – yourself, your surroundings and make sure the people, you spend most of the time with, are those, who support and love you. You don’t want to be hanging out with the Energy Vampires in the coming days if you can possibly avoid it.

Keep your intentions pure and clear, take the time to meditate (even if it’s just for a few minutes!) and allow yourself to daydream…go on a journey through time and space to visit the reality you wish upon yourselves! Connect with that reality of your dreams more often and if you want to take your powers of manifestation to the next level, we cordially invite you to check out our Full Moon Spell & Ritual Package here.

Special Message to our Sisterhood of Light

For all of you who feel the calling: It is time to reconnect to the force of nature, the environment, your home planet! The more frequently you spend time in nature, the more nurtured you will feel in the coming days. Consciously reconnect to the electromagnetic field of the earth, take walks outside (if possible with bare feet) or just be outside… being mindful of what you want to create. Share your dreams with the trees, the water, the clouds, the sun, the wind and the moon. You are part of this nature, and nature is connected with everything in all the different dimensions through eons of time – past, present and future.

Find strength in that field, and nourish yourself, use nature as a space to regenerate. In nature, you will connect to energy at its purest.

Contemplate where you are in life and where you wish to go, what is still holding you back from the successes you are dreaming about.

Take an inner survey and check where you are still limiting yourself. Check which of the old paradigms you have to let go to create your new reality.

Shift into a new consciousness that allows you to spread your wings and see the full potential of who you are.

Check out our new Full Moon Ritual Spell Package

With the help of Roy, I channeled a new package that will teach you how to:

  • Connect to the Powerful Energy of the Moon
  • Create a Powerful Full Moon Spell
  • Charge a Crystal to maintain this spell until the next full moon
  • Use special essential oils to strengthen that connection in your frontal cortex

I would love many of my sisters to join, which is why we have kept this powerful  Package at a low price at only $29.

  •  You learn how to charge a crystal with manifesting magical power
  •  You learn how to use the full moon cycle
  •  You learn how to use essential oils to magnetize your intention
  •  You learn how to keep you intention alive, and train your brains to hold the space for manifesting
  •  You learn how to empower yourself on a daily basis


  •  18-page Full Moon Ritual Spell Book: Discover what a Full Moon Spell & Ritual actually is and how to perform one from A to Z.
  •  Crystal Charging Ceremony Audio where I guide you through a ceremonial meditation and exactly how to charge your crystal to manifest what it is you desire

Full Moon Ritual Brain Training Audio that will sink deep into your Subconscious Mind as you listen ensuring you’re activated to the highest degree to channel your purest intentions through your heart in a much more effortless way

  • BONUS: Live The Secret Brain Training Audio by my husband Dr. Roy Martina: Become 100% convinced that you do deserve your greatest desires and become 100% congruent with them. The ‘Live the Secret’ guided meditation ups the game a notch.

Join us for a special Facebook live preparing for the Full Moon!

Roy and I will be conducting a FB live on the 9th Feb at 1.00 PM ET, in mainland Europe 19.00, about the upcoming Full moon, including a card reading and a full moon connection meditation on our Drs. Joy & Roy Facebook Page , I hope to see you there.

In the meantime, you can already start getting ready and prep for your Full Moon Ritual Spell Package to make sure you’ve got all the ingredients you need!

> doTerra Essential Oils & a Diffuser – These oils are an essential in our hours! They help treat various health issues as well as give you an overall body, mind and soul boost. The oils I’m using for this month are doTerra Purify and Frankincense. Visit our online oil store to pick up your oils & see which blends of oils might be useful for the loved ones in your life as well: >>Our Online Essential Oil Store<<

> Vitajuwel Water Bottle – These bottles are a simple and gorgeous reminder to stay hydrated and healthy!
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> POWER Strips™ – These are another one of our favorite all natural product to use! These strips are so effective in relieving aches and pains, and are a great intro into holistic healing for anyone. (I actually bought these as a gift for my father. I knew that he probably wouldn’t use our Brain Training audios or any other holistic practices, but with these strips, all he had to do was place them where he needed them. Voila! He loves them, aaaannnnd, he uses them!)
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