Why Science Is Calling the Heart Your Second Brain

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘think with your heart, not your head’?

This statement holds more meaning and scientific evidence now than ever before!

The ability to study the heart has advanced tremendously in recent years and this means that we now have a much better understanding of the greater role the heart plays, both within the operation of the body and our overall energetic well-being.

Traditionally, western science has described the brain as the epicenter, or sole location, where the body processes sensory input, comprehends the external world and understands emotion.

But more and more, research is showing us that the heart processes information through sensory neurons just like the brain does.

The heart, like the brain, contains clusters of neurons that store short and long-term memory.

These so-called “heart memories” are then sent to the brain to help steer our emotional experiences and guide our decision making.

We once thought that the brain sent neural signals to inform the heart of its functions, but now we know…..

•The heart actually sends more signals to the brain then it receives.

•The heart and brain are constantly having a two-way conversation.

This knowledge provides a much more holistic model to help us understand and create clarity out of an ever-changing and overstimulating world.

We also know that this is just the beginning of what modern science is revealing on matters of the heart.

Isn’t it interesting that quite often you can feel someone has entered the room before you actually see them?

Or when, you meet someone whom you feel wonderful around, and you just know their energy is good?

FACT: The heart not only affects our own internal functioning, but it also has the ability to influence the energy of those around us.

How is this possible?

The heart has been measured to have an electromagnetic field that radiates up to 5-8 feet (2-3 meters) around us in all directions.

It is 100x electrically stronger, and up to 5,000x magnetically stronger, than the brain. This makes it the strongest electromagnetic force in the body.

This electromagnetic field fluctuates and changes to match the rhythm of the heart.

When we focus and become loving, our heart vibrates to match the sensation of love, and so does the electromagnetic field which supports it. When there is someone nearby, our energetic bodies overlap and exchange vibrational information.

So next time you are near a loved one, imagine they can feel your love.

Because the truth is, whether they are conscious of it or not…. they actually can!

How much impact does our electromagnetic field of activity hold?

As an example: We now know that satellites measuring the Earth’s magnetic field registered changes during the 9/11 attacks, meaning that, as a global community, we felt the pain of this tragedy and it seemed to have clearly manifested itself in the overall energetic field measurements of the earth.

On the other end of the spectrum, over 50 studies have been done to explore the effects that mass meditation can have on the people and communities that surround them. Time after time, results have concluded a decrease in automobile accidents, crime, and suicide rates.

Take a moment now… think back to a time when you experienced something positive.

The first time you fell in love?

When you received glowing feedback for a job well done?

When you helped someone in a difficult situation?

When you connected with nature or became joyfully lost in a beautiful landscape?

The heart produces different rhythms for each and every emotion.

These rhythms radiate within us and all around us. They distinguish how we feel and how we present ourselves in the world.  Our heart rhythms are considered to be our most powerful form of nonverbal communication.

The heart is the center of our intuition and is always looking out for us and helping to guide our decisions.

Looking at the bigger picture, it is important to remember that your feelings and emotions are not yours alone. The vibration you carry is part of an interconnected whole and has an important role to play.

Your vibration is the key to transformation and change, not just for yourself, but for the world!

During meditation our heart patterns smooth and balance. Our physical, mental, and emotional systems become more synchronized and start working in tandem. It is in this state that the body is able to rejuvenate, cleanse, and heal. It’s here that we can begin to experience true health and vitality.

Learning to calm the heart through brain training and meditation creates prolonged periods of internal balance and shifts you away from negative emotions. You can’t help but get closer to becoming the greatest, grandest version of yourself!

When you practice becoming more loving, you will absolutely have a positive effect on yourself and everyone around you!

Just imagine the impact we could have on the entire world if we all practiced heart-based living!

That is exactly what we plan to do!

Get ready to spend a transformative 5 days developing your personal inner peace to support and create a planetary shift in vibration and consciousness.

Enjoy getting connected to your heart and the hearts of thousands of others as we join together for the….

heart healing revolution 5 day journey

Learn more about how to raise your vibrations in tandem to help create Inner Peace & Planetary Shift in the next part of our Heart Healing blog series.

Part 2: What Level Is Your Heart Vibrating At?

Part 3: Do Your Part And Together We Can Change The World


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