What is Quantum and Why Is It So Powerful

Boiled down, Quantum is a marriage of spirituality and science. It is an extended hand, a bridge between the two. It’s everything our intuition has already known to be true backed up by science. Each of us contains a sleeping genius, just waiting to be woken. Quantum is a means of tapping into that genius and the tools we all possess.  

Law of Attraction

We are all born with a reptilian brain. This is our brain’s setting that prioritizes survival as our #1 goal. When we vibrate at this frequency, it’s a low one. It resonates to the tune of fear and shadows, full of the selfishness of the Ego. As we progress, we have the option to tap into high-frequency emotions such as love, bliss, and joy. Between these two frequencies is a range of other frequencies. Have you ever been to a place or been around people, and it just felt right? You felt like you belonged there? It’s likely because you matched the frequency of your surroundings. This is the Law of Attraction and means that when we change our vibrations, we change what we attract. At what frequency are you vibrating? With Quantum, we can tune into those vibrations and choose where we want to be.


With different frequencies, comes different dimensions and different timelines as well. We’ve been taught that there are four dimensions when in fact there are actually five. The Fifth Dimension is the dimension of spirit and is no longer contained by a 3-D constraint. It’s not something you can see. Whatever choices we make in life can take us to a different timeline. As an example, when we made the decision to uproot our family and move to Asheville, NC, we changed timelines. Since moving, our vibrations have changed, so many doors doors have opened, doors that would never have been opened to us on our past timeline. 

We are all the creators of our own lives. We all have the power to choose a timeline that will bring us closer to our goals. The problem is, most people don’t have a clear picture of what those goals are. This results in them being thrown about in life like ping pong balls by all the influencing vibrations around them instead of specific vibrations they’re tuning in to.

Ask yourself, “Why am I here?” The purpose of the soul is ultimately enlightenment. Meaning, you’ve moved through all the vibrations or chakras and become one with yourself. How we get there is our choice. Our reptilian brain unconsciously chooses a path of hard work and suffering. When we consciously tune in, we can alternatively choose the path of love and Quantum flow. 

Self-love is a contributor to our health. When we take care of ourselves, in terms of body, mind, and soul, we take our future into our own hands. When we connect to Quantum energy, we allow the Universe to work through us instead of willing ourselves through life. By going with the Quantum flow, we’re choosing love, and the more we tune into the Quantum field, the more healing starts to happen in our lives. 

When we tune into the logical side of the brain, that’s when we’re most linked to the reptilian brain. When we start relaxing and giving space to more opportunities; however, we can connect to Alpha brain. This is where transformation starts to happen and where we can start distancing ourselves from reptilian instincts. When we connect to our Alpha brain waves, we open ourselves to the multiverse and are able to choose different versions of ourselves. When we moved to Asheville, we first scanned the multiverse to choose the place where our family would thrive the most. With Quantum scanning, you have the possibility of other timelines and can pick which is best for you. 

It’s important when meditating to stay conscious and have an intention. After the Alpha brain state, we move to the Theta brain state where we’re relaxed but still conscious. This is the most healing brain wave state and where you’re most connected to your Quantum self. Here, we’re fully connected to our whole brain. 


Intention is a magical word. When we meditate, we must have a clear goal and must consciously know why we’re doing something. We cannot create something that is not already in the Quantum field. If you’re dreaming about something, that timeline is already there or you wouldn’t be dreaming about it. 

When we desire these goals and dreams, we desire in three levels. The Ego, The Heart, The Soul. Each vibrates at a different frequency. Ask yourself, “What would you love?”, this is the starting point for your script. 

A voice somewhere in the back of our minds often asks, “are we worth it?” There’s no law in the Universe that makes this decision. The only person who can deny you, is you. Repeat after me: “I am worthy.” 

While we’re worthy of all of our dreams, this doesn’t mean we can ignore Karma. The goal is to create a Karma positive future. Are our dreams harmful to others in some way? Perhaps that is a dream of the ego rather than your true self? Let go of the attachment of the ego and allow the universe to give you the best option or something even better. Repeat after me: “So it is, so it shall be, or something even better.” For help letting go, grab our Letting Go Guided Meditation here -> http://bit.ly/2Cr0fxo

Quantum Jump

When we move from one timeline to another, that’s called a Quantum Jump. When scanning for your ideal timeline, you ultimately want to choose the place where you’re happiest and healthiest. 

You don’t need to know the how, where, why details. Focus on connecting to that timeline, and creating a portal through which you’ll take your Quantum Voyage. When we start peering at our ideal timelines, we can start creating synchronicities to that timeline in our lives now. 

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