Forging a Stronger Higher Self Connection

In our always-on, ever-connected world, we often overlook the most important type of connection: our connection to our Higher Selves – that wise, compassionate part of ourselves (feel free to name this as you please, we use HS because we feel this is most neutral term).

grace meditatingWhen properly maintained, this connection can bring clarity and divine guidance BACK into your life. You see, you actually started out in life with a deep, strong connection to your Higher Self.

As a child, you were sure of what you liked and didn’t like. You had a clear picture of your desires. You were unapologetically YOU.

Somewhere along the way, you lost this connection. Most of us do.

You CAN Reconnect to Your Higher Self

Your environment and the people around you can work together to block your extra sensory perception. They drive a wedge between you and your higher self. And our collective addiction to technology certainly isn’t helping either.

Every mindless scroll through Instagram, every late night Netflix binge, and every meal eaten in front of a screen is building a barricade between yourself and this highest universal wisdom.

Don’t panic.  Just reconnect.

  • If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed by your potential… This is your call to RECONNECT to your HIGHER SELF.
  • If you know your limitless potential is swirling and dancing around inside you even when you feel otherwise pretty numb… This is your call to RECONNECT to your HIGHER SELF.
  • If you yearn to see beyond what seems a sometimes mundane existence and sneak a peek on what is really going on under the surface… This is your call to RECONNECT to your HIGHER SELF.

How will you know which direction to focus your unbounded potential and get clarity on what you’re here to do? Through your connection to your Higher Self of course!

Your Higher Self is UNLIMITED and ETERNAL. This is your soul connection to the universe. Communicating with your Higher Self brings your life’s true purpose into focus.

The importance of a strong Higher Self connection simply can’t be overstated. I think I’ve made my point 😉

Forging a Strong Higher Self Connection

In order to connect with your Higher Self, you need to:

  • Know how to ground yourself quickly and efficiently
  • Cut your toxic Karmic links and burn the Karma you’re carrying with you – we call it: Karma purification
  • Keep your chakras balanced to access the quantum field
  • Learn how to transform the negative energies that affect your vibrational state

event attendee connecting to higher selfThis Higher Self connection is a vital part of our Christallin Oracle Training. The four modules work together to teach you how to ground yourself, connect to your Higher Self, and tap into the Quantum Field of the Christallin Channel for pure, divine guidance.

We kicked off our Oracle Training in Lake Garda, Italy in October 2017. The first module is all about connecting to your higher self – and clearing any blocks that may stand in the way of this connection. Our second module built on this grounding foundation to forge a connection to Universal Wisdom and strengthen intuition. The third module, Oracle Outer Space, will give you the tools to calibrate your internal GPS and become a remote healing channel.

You can download the first two module modules, the Quantum Leap and the Oracle Masterclass, in preparation for our Oracle Outer Space training this October HERE.

In our Oracle Outer Space training, you will take the next steps to:

  • Develop Remote Viewing & Astral Traveling Skills
  • Learn Personality Numerology 2.0 – A Uniquely Simple Way of Creating an Accurate Personality Profile
  • Become a Remote Healing Channel & Discover How to Connect with the Higher Selves of Others – Anytime, Anywhere
  • Learn How to Communicate with Beings from Other Dimensions & Download the Wisdom of the Universe

To get the most out of the Oracle Outer Space training, it is strongly recommended to watch The Quantum Leap and The Oracle Masterclass, and practice the connection meditation plus the Christallin Command. This is essential in learning how to connect to the Higher Self.

What are you waiting for? Commit to yourself and your Higher Self and watch magic unfold in your life… I have seen it happen again and again! And I’d love for you to experience the same level of transformation in your life.

Everybody needs to learn how to connect to their Highest Self, the source of their highest guidance. It’s like having a GPS in life. If we don’t feel connected or have not honed this connection well, we can often feel confused, empty, and insecure in our decision making and lack direction and purpose in life.

joy and roy high five on stage

All of this will bring you one step closer to becoming a certified Christallin Oracle.

What Is a Christallin Oracle?

A Christallin Oracle is someone who is connected to the highest levels of Universal Wisdom and assists in helping the transformational process of the world and individuals to a new level of Consciousness of peace, love, healing and wellbeing for all.

And it all begins with you.

Christallin stands for crystal clarity channeling of higher wisdom and compassionate intelligence.

Roy and I have helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide find the support needed to achieve their goals & live in a way that is in-line and authentic to the life they not only desire but that is their birthright.

After a four year hiatus, our Christallin Oracle Training is BACK. Don’t miss your chance to join us in Lake Garda, Italy! We don’t have any plans to teach these trainings again – this is your chance.

In order to graduate as a certified Christallin Oracle, you must attend TWO of the FOUR trainings in person. This means that you can LIVE STREAM the other TWO! If you were unable to join us in Italy this past October or March, you can STILL start your certification and make progress towards becoming a full-fledged Christallin Oracle. How cool is that?

Reserve your spot HEREchristallin oracle outer space training before it sells out.





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