7 Levels of Being Stuck: How to Use Your Chakras as a Guide

Learn to Use Your Chakras as a Healing Tool

The 5 elements – Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire – come from the Chinese concept of acupuncture. The purpose of acupuncture was to prevent disease, live longer and increase vitality. It was first created to reverse the effects of ageing. The Emperor of China had research done because of his interest to stay young and vital and to be able to procreate with his harem until old age.

The Indian approach to life was totally different. In yoga and Ayurvedic medicine it was about overcoming the fallacies of being human and aligning totally with the essence of who we are – our Divine flame or spirit. This is where many of the spiritual models come from. The chakras were discovered to be energy centers that connect the biology (body) with our soul history.

The main chakras are divided in seven areas of the body.

Each chakra has a different theme. Today, I will discuss the seven areas where we can get stuck. But first, we will explore the topic of karma…

Karma is not good or bad it is just what needs to be balanced.

Good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior is ignored until you learn how to stay on the path to make decisions from your frontal cortex and heart.

But we humans like to dramatize concepts and because we react from our survival instincts we believe there is good and bad. That does not exist, polarity is only possible in the 3 Dimensional time space continuum where we are locked into a human body and our decisions can cost our lives or create damage so we start believing that there are good and bad decisions.

In reality, earth is a kindergarten where we come to play and learn step by step how to step out of the 3 Dimensional reality and start seeing beyond the veil of illusion created by our senses. If we are truly immortals we come to earth to test ourselves to see if we can get out of the body-mind confinement and connect with our true nature.

For most of us that takes quite some lifetimes because the earthly plane is governed by the principles of pain and pleasure and we are not accustomed to that. So karma is nothing else than a choice coming from survival and programming of the part of the brain that will be referred to as your ego instead of a decision coming from your heart or frontal cortex; where we look at all consequences.

One is an ego choice, the other is an eco choice. Eco stands for ecological, it means we look beyond our own self-interest and strive for the best choice possible in that circumstance taking all sides into consideration.

If we make an ego choice it only means we are not mature enough and we will have to do it over again, so we recreate situations to make choices over and over until we get it right. My definition of God is infinite patience and unconditional love. We will get new chances over and over as long as there is the willingness to learn.

The chakras give us an indication where we get stuck. Let’s take a look at what each chakra is and how we can use them to see what areas in our lives we are stuck…

The Seven Levels of Being Stuck:

Level 1 of Being Stuck: Fear of Change

The root chakra (color red) is the survival chakra. It is the chakra that needs to help us overcome our ego-survival mode. We discussed this extensively in the previous email, where we spoke about the warrior, this is the warrior chakra.

The theme of this chakra is related to feeling safe in the struggle and challenges that life will present to you, a big part of it has to do with being able to be vulnerable and create a positive attitude of becoming unstoppable in life no matter what the circumstances and to overcome the conflicts and beliefs of our parents and ancestors.

One of the most important virtues to unblock at this level of feeling stuck is to develop the ability to be comfortable with change and accept that life is about change and letting go. Once we can surrender to the fact that we have no control over life and we have to accept our vulnerability we get unstuck.

Level 2 of Being Stuck: Pleasure Freeze

The second chakra (color orange) known as the sexual chakra is about playfulness, to become creative in enjoying the path you are on without getting addicted to temporary pleasures that cloud your brain’s awareness.

Pleasure freeze is what happens when we cannot enjoy ourselves or that we feel guilty when we are doing well and others are not happy. It is when we cannot be happy if our partner is not happy or we feel guilty for being happy. It is the need to suffer with others and trying to carry their karmic baggage. It is the guilt put upon us by parents who blame us for their unhappiness or that we are not doing what we should be doing as loving children.

Chakra 2 is part of the Warrior, when you stand up for what you need when you say no to what takes you away from enjoying life. It is when you no longer seek the company of people who try to bring you down. It is also the chakra of making the exploration of life more pleasurable and to strive for a life with grace, ease and joy.

Exploring your sexuality and enjoying the pleasures of your body are also areas where we can get stuck and feel shame.

Level 3 of Being Stuck: Fear of Losing Control

The 3rd chakra (color yellow) is also called the solar plexus and is the chakra of the power of our ego. Our ego wants to control everything and is dead scared of losing control. It is the chakra to teach us to become authentic and vulnerable. When we are over sensitive to the environment we try to take it under control.

When we’re trying to keep control, we come from force instead of power. When we force things instead of allowing the flow of things to happen naturally, sooner or later we will pay the price.

The underlying belief is that we have to be a certain way to be loved or liked, so by controlling as much as we can, we can make a better presentation of who we are, we want to be perfect and our biggest problem is our self-esteem and self worth. This is a big one for most of us and here is where we need to develop unshakeable faith that all will be just as it needs to be and that all is perfect just the way it is. It is the unshakeable faith that all that happens to us happens for us, that will change the event of things not the will power to try to control the outcome of events.

“Our ego wants to control everything and is dead scared of losing control.”

Level 4 of Being Stuck: Not Loving Oneself Enough

The 4th chakra (color green) is the heart chakra, the chakra of loving oneself first and then share that love with others. It is about believing that you are enough, that all the resources are in you and that you have all the abilities, intelligence, strength and creativity that you need to create the life that you desire.

When we do not love ourselves enough we will seek outside of us respect, attention, approval, appreciation, respect, care, acknowledgment and other needs. We also will start to protect our shadows on the outside world and start judging others for not being perfect enough, the same we judge ourselves for not being good enough. It is a vicious cycle to be stuck in and to be needing others to find you lovable enough.

When our happiness is mainly derived from outside sources instead of coming from inside, we are dependent on others to be fulfilled. This is a set up for disappointment, rejection and most of all to feel unworthy of love. 

“You are enough!”

Level 5 of Being Stuck: Fear of Speaking Your Truth

Chakra 5 is the throat chakra (color blue). The world is silent on the authentic level. There are many topics that we do not have the courage to be vulnerable on. It used to be that politics, religion and sex were topics you avoid so that some persons would not be uncomfortable, but the reality is that we hide much more.

Most of all, we hide our real feelings, our real thoughts and our challenges. We try to pretend to be happy, successful and fulfilled unless we are in a depression, than we complain. What we miss here is to learn how to communicate authentically, how to speak our truth so we create space for parallel truths. It is about impeccable speech but with passion and love, instead of using words to insult and hurt others or make others feel less or small.

How someone speaks reveals a lot about them. Many people talk but don’t listen; others listen but do not hear what is really going on. You can be married to someone 20 years and still not talk to each other from heart to heart.

To learn the basic of this skill will change your life and of all those around you.

“How someone speaks reveals a lot about them.”

Level of Being Stuck: Not Trusting Your Intuition

This famous chakra is the 3rd eye (color purple), the eye that sees what is behind the veil of the 3 dimensional realities we think we live in. It is sensing the true nature of things, it is connecting to your guidance, and it is about seeing the invisible signs that come from the Universe to show the path to our destiny. It is listening to your gut, trusting your instincts, to take time to reflect and to connect with the invisible world of quantum physics or spirit if you want to call it that.

“We all have intuition, but most of us are so immersed in our rational way of thinking and logic that we do not trust what we are all born with.”

We keep suppressing that inner voice and make choices that lead us away from our paths and get stuck because we cannot read the signs or don’t trust them. Trusting your intuition is about taking risks because an inner voice tell you so, by the way that is no guarantee that when you do so that all will be alright but at least we are being guided to find the most gracious way to our destiny and dreams.

“Trusting your intuition is about taking risks.”

At our upcoming retreat we will help you remove the blocks of trusting your intuition so you don’t miss out on your internal GPS!

Level 7 of Being Stuck: Not Acknowledging Your Divine Essence

The 7th chakra (color gold or white) is on top of the head and connects us with the almighty Universe.

The highest level of being stuck is to completely lose a5 Phaseswareness that you are a divine immortal being that comes to this planet just to have a learning experience.

We have chosen to experience this polarity realm where there is pain and pleasure, being young and old, sick and healthy, rich and poor. Contrast upon contrast, unfairness, abuse, deceit, hypocrisy, religions that pretend to be the only way and much more things that confuses us, distract us from who we are. Because of that we can live in a world where we are dominated by our ego, by self-preservation, by greed, by false beliefs and false love. Religions tell us that we are no-good sinners and that is the biggest control system ever created.

We are divine beings experiencing the labyrinth of human consciousness.

We cannot go wrong. We get as many chances as we need to do it right even if that takes hundreds of lifetimes. It seems like we are extremely slow students but in the timelessness of eternity, who cares? You don’t get it this time, you get it next time.

Once you wake up and realize who you are, you stop fooling around and make your path towards your true self the most important issue of your life. That is when you realize that love can only be love, nothing else. And each time you disconnect from your true essence you experience the polarity of the human self.

There is only one goal and that is to keep raising your vibrations by keep rejecting all that is not part of your true divine essence. All thoughts, beliefs, feelings, expressions etc. that are not in alignment with your true essence have to go.

“Make your path towards your true self the most important
issue of your life.”

Where are You stuck?

If you are honest, you will see that one can be stuck on many levels (even all seven levels at the same time) and that is OK.

But what’s more important than asking yourself IF you’re stuck is asking yourself: What do I want to do about it? And How important is this for me?

If you realize that this is the most important aspect about being human, than you have only one choice and that is to wake up and take yourself seriously and start looking for ways to unlock all the resources of your potential. That is why we have created a global community where we can show you the techniques that have helped us to wake up and stay relentlessly on the path towards the greatest grandest version of ourselves and how this totally changed our life. Our biggest breakthrough was when we decided to let go of control and trust for the full 100% that all will turn out OK, that is when we made quantum leaps after another.

Opportunities for deep healing…

Of course there are many paths leading to the greatest grandest version of you, but if you’re feeling called to go deeper down this path with us, join our Christallin Coaching Community or consider a private retreat at our Sanctuary. If you are eager to “burn karma,” let go of what’s not serving you, and find balance, check out our Letting Go & Karma Burning Meditation Package.

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