The Christallin Coaching Community

We have loved this group work we've done for the past several years and will be focusing on our live events and Dr. Joy Martina will be turning her attention to emotional balance work with children. Thank you for your interest in this work! Please visit our events page to see how you can join us next.. Much love.
Get ready to say a final "Good-Bye!" To what's not serving you... and a big
"Hello World! Here I am!"
The Wheel of Life is coaching tool used to identify deficits and guide you to visualize your perfect scenarios for the 6 main areas of your life.
Change comes from shifting your perception of the world. You will experience a rapid change in thoughts, patterns, & beliefs so that you can start living your desired life instantly. 
You are a gold mine of potential & possibility. Drs. Joy & Roy will help you remove what is weighing you down so that your illuminated life can shine to it's fullest brilliance.
This program is based on the expressed needs of our community. Whatever you struggle with, you are not alone. There are others waiting to support your shift.
What You Will Receive in the Christallin Coaching Community:

2 monthly 90 minute group / Q&A  calls  PLUS access to all past call recordings
LIVE channeled meditations from Dr. Joy Martina
An invitation to our private Facebook group for active support, accountability and coaching including exclusive postings found only in the private Facebook group with Joy's insights & action items based on the seasons & current events 
Our AM/PM Program: brain training for stress management and self-esteem ($147 value)
Bonus resources & trainings including the Martina eBook library and the 24 part video training of our Heart Manifestation Experience Weekend in Oy-Mittelberg, Germany. (We are continually updating these resources for our community members!)
Commit to yourself and gain instant access to all of these resources.
Join monthly or save when you sign up for 3 months or an annual subscription.
$147 /  month
billed monthly
3 Months
$140.25 / month
$360 billed quarterly
$110.25 / month
$1323 billed annually
Are you Ready to Soar to New Heights? 
We invite you to become who you are destined to BE and watch the magic happen by joining the  Christallin Coaching Community.

Say YES, and join an exclusive group of heart-centered people to receive regular coaching from Drs. Joy and Roy Martina.

This Exclusive Community will:

Help you tap into your greatest inner strengths and teach you how to use them to walk your soul path.
Provide you with loving support and guidance as you step out of your comfort zone and discover your powerful divine nature.
Give you the answers to your most pressing questions so that you feel you are taking the best steps for yourself.
Hold you accountable so that you stay committed to your path no matter what!

Together with their guidance and the support of a caring community filled with people just like you, you’ll stay committed to reclaiming your destiny & FINALLY take all necessary steps to make it happen.
"It was like discovering who I truly was inside."
- Anna, Germany
Drs. Joy & Roy do not waste time helping you get back on the right track to achieving what you desire most in life.

Known worldwide as a Transformational Success Couple, Dr. Roy, MD, and Dr. Joy, Psy.D., are leaders in the field of transformational change and brain training. Together they have over 40 years experience in their fields & have taught more than 250,000 people to reach their full potential in all areas of life using extremely effective techniques and tools that create Rapid Positive, Lasting Change.
Our Passion

We adore assisting people all over the world to get back on track, overcome obstacles & challenges in their lives and live their full potential.

We love working together & fusing our gifts so beautifully for the good of our clients.

As husband and wife we know about all the ups and downs in a relationship and are enjoying growing stronger together.
Our Beliefs
We believe in training the mind, opening hearts and nurturing the soul to eliminate inner sabotage and make sure you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. We believe in working on ourselves– continuously, relentlessly, & enthusiastically so we can be of best service to you.
As Seen On:
“The sessions with Joy are so powerful, inspiring and constructive... so much has changed and shifted since we started. My belief and trust in myself, my talents and my abilities are growing. I am feeling more and more worthy, and loving. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 
~ M. Brög, Germany, CEO Brög Obst
Is Christallin Coaching for YOU?

We wanted to create something that you can actually use every month to be able to realize your dreams. So we stepped into our universal kitchen of magic and love and cooked up something that we just know you’ll love and enjoy!
If you’ve been searching for a way to feel committed to your goals without the ups and downs that usually distract you…
If you want to receive monthly coaching by Joy Martina but can’t invest in the personal 1 on 1 mentorship…
If you want access to every single meditation, coaching call or Q&A webinar (live and recorded) and (digitally) step into the Martina Library to discover a new world of spiritual knowledge and guidance, including a new LIVE, channeled meditation every month…
If you want the support of like-minded heart-centered people just like you and want to combine your energy to manifest a better world…
If you are finally willing to commit to your greatness and are willing to do what it takes to realize your grandest desire…

Then we happily invite you to join the Christallin Coaching Community for Heart-Centered people who want to Claim their Destiny.
"Everyone needs a coach. Joy and Roy are mine."
- Emre, Germany
Why This, Why Now

We are on a mission to share our knowledge and gifts with everyone who wants to step into their power. Just as others have helped us on our journey, we want to help you with yours!

And we want you to be a part of a sprawling community of healers, teachers, and givers that create lasting positive change in the world.

People like you and us never want to stop growing and we need a place where we can focus our mind and reaffirm our vision. The Christallin Coaching Community for Heart-Centered people who want to Claim their Destiny is that place.

Not only will you have access to our entire library of meditations, books, and coaching calls, you will receive a new live meditation channeled personally by Joy every month.

And every month Joy or I will do a live Q&A coaching call to answer your questions. In fact, you might even get tired of spending so much time with us, because you will also get to participate in a monthly call where Joy will do a 90-minute group coaching session.

The Christallin Coaching Community is for people who are TRULY committed to their development—not just people who want to dip their toes into personal and spiritual growth. That’s why it’s priced at $147USD/month — because we wanted to make it accessible (we understand that most people cannot afford our $4000/month private coaching), and something that members take seriously and actually USE.

The truth is that our personal mentorship clients who have the largest success are the ones who are the most committed. We can give you every tool in the world but if you aren’t committed to fulfilling your greatness, then those tools are worthless.

So if you’re ready to make a step that will change your life forever and you are willing to commit to it… then we honor your commitment by dedicating our time to you every month to help you manifest your dreams into reality.
30 Day, No Questions Asked
Money-Back Guarantee
You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Should you not be satisfied after 30 days of being in the program, send us an email explaining what didn’t work for you and we will refund your investment. So go ahead! Investing in your self is guaranteed to deliver the highest return.
How to Ensure You Stay Committed!
(and save money)

We have spent thousands of dollars on our own growth and development and in our experience, one of the best ways to make a lasting commitment to your goals is by directly investing in your future in a way that pushes you to keep going.
​What do we mean by this?

By paying upfront for a whole year, you win in two important ways.

First, you gain a 3 month discount. By selecting the annual option you only pay for 9 months of access but you receive 12 months! This is our gift to those who are willing to take the leap.

Second, by paying for the entire upfront you create financial commitment to your growth. You will feel more dedicated to getting the most out of it and doing your best.

This is exactly how we do it and this is one of the driving forces behind our ability to create lasting momentum in our growth and progress.

Our personal coaching clients and members who show the biggest commitments are always the ones who reap the biggest results. As the angels and ascended masters like to say: 'Once you have made the leap, the net will appear'.

This is a universal truth that we also had to learn, and for these reasons, we recommend that you choose to invest in yourself by using the annual option.

Invest in your growth and the Universe will provide!

Join monthly or save when you sign up for 3 months or an annual subscription.
$147 /  month
billed monthly
3 Months
$140.25 / month
$360 billed quarterly
$110.25 / month
$1323 billed annually