Why Opening Your Heart Is The Gateway To The Best Version Of You!

heart healing retreat meditationFind a comfortable spot and take a moment to imagine…

Being able to hear your heart speak in a clear voice to you!

Being able to be guided on the path to become the greatest grandest version of you!

Being able to break through your sabotage and becoming more and more inspired every day to live your life the best you can.

Being able to heal your traumas and let go of the past easily.

Being able to heal your physical body faster and better.

Being able to know quickly what the real intentions of people are, to know who you can trust and who you should not trust?

Being able to connect with your higher guidance to experience unconditional love on a daily basis?

joy channeling live at kickstartThe ability to channel is a skill set that we were born with but most of us have lost. This inner voice of wisdom will be your guide on your path to become the greatest grandest version of yourself.

Life inevitably affects the space of our hearts, as we get rejected, turned down and feel not good enough to be loved, we start on a deep level to close off our hearts, we build protective layers around it not to get hurt!

Nobody escapes that in the real world, which is the true Divine plan! Because of the fact that we deep inside know there is more than what we are currently experiencing, we start to search for liberation of our hearts or we get stuck and accept our reality!

The latter happens on many levels, we accept that we are not born for greatness; we accept that maybe happiness is just a fairytale and life is not fair. That true relationships based on love are just for a few people! We accept the limiting belief that we do not deserve to be abundant or believe we do not have the talents and skill sets to make it happen. We accept that we are not going to get more out of life.

What really keeps us stuck are fear and a low self-esteem. That is what is in the shadows of our hearts! Our hearts are closed to ourselves, others and to the infinite possible futures that we can create!

Heart Is Closed For Reparations

What does it mean to close your heart? It refers to shutting others out of the love in our hearts and not allowing the love we have in our heart to be felt when we think about these people. The same thing happens to ourselves, we close ourselves out of the abundance of love that is in our hearts.

All Answers Are Inside

grace arms outstretched at beachOften we replace the love (that is always there!) with anger, fear and the feelings of frustration and rejection. We have high expectations of others and these are seldom met, because we raise the bar too high. The neediness of love is one of the biggest problems we face, because this means that we don’t realize that all we are searching for outside of us, already exists inside of our hearts.

By learning how to let go of anything that is blocking us from living with an open heart, we are healing ourselves. Forgiveness is giving yourself healing and letting go of energy links that keep you in the past.

Status Quo – Working On The Now And Resolving The Past

We need to become powerful beings, which have cleared their past and are at peace with the present and themselves. We need to be as free of ego as possible in order to become crystal clear channels to connect to divine energy. This means that we have to put all cards on the table and be brutally honest with ourselves.

Your Inconvenient Truth

What are your ego issues, where are you stuck?

What areas do you want to/need to work on?

What triggers you?

Where and with whom do you have strong (negative) emotions?

What lets you lose your balance, your sense of equanimity?

This is your list of karmic links you need to solve. You will have a whole new sense of feeling powerful and able to deal with all challenges with grace, ease and love afterwards.

Channel To New You

All strong negative emotions are unresolved issues and conflicts. All patterns you find yourself falling into are connections to the past that you need to free yourself from. This is the time to become aware of all limiting beliefs, i.e. that you are less or more than others. Make a habit of cutting karmic links & burning karma.
This will contribute to becoming a clean channel of your heart!

Our Most Important Goal

… is to create a strong network of heart healing ambassadors, who can help with the transition of our planet into the next dimension. We need people who are not only ready themselves – by having tackled their own issues and made quantum leaps in their development – but also are ready, willing and able to help others with the process.

We believe that by empowering people and connecting them to love we can create a beautiful, peaceful, happy and healthy planet for all of us. A place where we can all blossom and be the best we can be. Where our children are safe and sound, feeling happy and loved, being able to connect to their higher purpose and live the life that is meant for them. Where they get the kind of schooling and education that entices them to become confident creators of their lives, let them discover and develop their very own talents and specialties. To create a safe place for them to unfold their true heart potential right from the start. A schooling that shows them how to stay in their power and heal themselves but also gives them the insight into how our planet works, how we are all connected.

If This Resonates, Begin Your Heart Healing Journey!

heart healing revolution 5 day journey

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