5 Quantum Laws to Create a Happier Life

There are five Quantum laws we must follow to create a happier life. Everything that exists outside of us also exists within us. It’s important that we check the place from which we’re manifesting and take back the power to create in ways that are congruent to our goals. 

#1 The Law of Manifestation

This law means that whatever we’re thinking of will manifest in reality. It is possible to create unconsciously, and that’s why it’s important to bring that idea of intention into play. To take control, we have to bring our thoughts into our conscious. Are you creating negative patterns with your unconscious thoughts? Repeat after me: “I choose to create consciously. I choose to be aware of my thoughts. I choose to be awake.”

We all need a switch sometimes to turn on those conscious thoughts. For help, try out our quick exercise, The Switch ->  http://bit.ly/2RdL3KM

#2 The Law of Magnetism

This law means that you attract who you are, and what’s happening inside you will be what’s happening around you. This law makes self-love so crucial. We are born with unlimited potential. As we move through our journey, we have to raise our vibrations to stay congruent, or we will fall back down. Step into your power. 

#3 Law of Purity of Desire

This law asks the questions, “Where are your desires coming from? Do they come from a place of fear? Of love? Are they your desires or someone else’s?”

This law is a good reminder to re-examine your desires and why they’re your goals. 

#4 The Law of Conflicted Intent

This law comes into play when you are holding on to a belief system that conflicts with your goal. Remember that mantra, so it is, so it will be, or something even better? We cannot force Quantum resulting in a peaceful pursuit. We must release control and have Unshakable Faith that things will happen as they’re meant to happen. 

#5 The Law of Harmony

This law means we must harmonize from a place of love within ourselves in order to align with the universe. To do this, we must step out of the buzz and tune in. I talk a lot about this in my book, “How to Use Your Intuition to Change Your Life”. 

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