7 Steps of Self-Actualization

We’re all here trying to find and become our authentic selves. Once we accept that there’s more out there, anything is possible. There are seven steps of self-actualization before we can reach our full potential. 

#1 Wake Up

The first step is realizing that there must be more out there. It’s shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and eventually to a Quantum mindset. Waking up means we’re now open to the possibility of exploring further. 

#2 Clean Up

Everything is energy which is why it’s so important to take control of your energy, and clean it up. Take a look at the stories we hold to be true about yourself. Are they stories that hold the energy that you want? Take a look as well at the patterns that no longer serve you, and release. For help letting go, grab our Letting Go Guided Meditation here

#3 Opening Up

Opening up your mind to new ways of learning and letting go of what we’ve believed in the past to be realistic. Ask yourself, “If everything is possible (and easy), what would I want?” 

#4 Grow Up 

Growing up in this sense means growing out of our past selves, and leaving them there in the past. It’s realizing you can do good, and you have the power to spread good. Ask yourself in every situation how your Quantum Self would react and then start acting like that person.

 #5 Show Up

Showing up is about trusting your intuition with Unshakable Faith and showing up where it guides you. It’s also about paying attention to signs and surroundings and asking yourself what message you’re being shown. Have a song that won’t stop playing on the radio or a color that seems to pop up everywhere? Pay attention to what those signs could mean for you. 

#6 Powering Up

Like an updating computer, when we self-actualize, we are awakening qualities within us that were sleeping before. It’s possible in this state to realize you have abilities you never even thought were possible. 

#7 Be Up

Here you own who you really are, and don’t let anyone change that. Your frequencies are at the highest and you are self-actualized. ​​​​​​​

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