How to Prepare and Prevent Panic

We understand the struggle to not be overwhelmed by all of the news coverage on the Coronavirus. 

We’re doing our best to spread as much trusted advice as we can. On March 28th & 29th, we’re offering a special event in which we’ll be teaching techniques we have been sharing for decades worldwide and that have helped over 60,000 Chinese clients and students deal with this crisis. 

If you have experienced heightened levels of anxiety, here are just a few tips to support your mental and emotional health. To create a more in-depth action plan and separate the facts from the myths, register today for your spot in our upcoming live streamed event. We will be live streaming this workshop in English, Italian and German.

The Unknown Always Causes Stress and Sometimes Panic

It’s impossible to escape the Coronavirus hyping media. This can be very intense for your mind, and it’s important to not only stay healthy physically, but also emotionally & mentally—and not go into panic mode.

Our brains are conditioned to respond to changes in everyday circumstances and find the best solutions. The unknown becomes scary, and panic or paralysis can be the result. When those changes take place without your control, you may become anxious. This is a completely normal reaction unless you know how to take back the control. In these circumstances, it is good to have a protocol to stay physically and mentally healthy so that you can deal with emotions and use precautions.

Deep Breathing Practice

Joy and I start every day with pranayama (a yoga breathing practice). Did you know that your breath and your emotions are connected? When you feel anxious and stressed out, your breathing becomes shallow, rapid, and comes from your upper chest. Mindfully directing the breath can trigger the brain to reduce the number of anxious thoughts and restore wellness in minutes. It is the easiest thing to do to step out of the buzz and take control or your day. 

Begin by taking an extended deep breath from the belly (breathe in as much as you can take in), hold for at least 12 seconds and then release it through your mouth as slow as you can. Do this for 4-6 rounds. This simple breathing exercise can bring attention to your body and trigger a rapid relaxation response.

Listen to a Guided Meditation

We have a guided meditation for these times of stress with the Coronavirus. Listen to it if possible 3 times a day, start your day with it as soon as you wake up and have done some breathing, find a moment midday to listen again, and listen before you go to sleep. That will calm you down.

We have a ton of resources you can watch and get training for health and emotional balance. Click here to check out our YouTube channel where you can find a number of free meditations and brain trainings. ->

Reduce Focus on Coronavirus

Yes, everyone is talking about it. So, it’s time to focus on something else. Become selective about the information you are consuming. Instead, perhaps focus on what you are grateful for. Start journaling every day about what is good in your life. What kind of future would you like? What would you like to have as your legacy? How do you want to make a difference? What can you do to help? What kind of lifestyle do you want to create? What is your best possible future? The more you focus on what you love, the stronger your immune-system will be. 

When you are pulled into a conversation that can increase your anxiety about this disease, ask yourself what purpose does continually talking about it serve? If it works to educate, inform, or take protective action, it is helpful. If it does not, what are other proactive ways to help support yourself and the other person?

Use Lavender to Calm Down

The 24/7 news broadcasts are overstimulating. To calm your senses, get some lavender and put it in a diffuser. This is good when you want to meditate or sleep. Other oils that are helpful are a combination of tea tree oil, peppermint and eucalyptus to protect your lungs.

Register for Our Workshop

Join us for our upcoming workshop, Quantum Healing Voyage: Coronavirus Panic or Prevention? on March 28th & 29th where we’ll be debunking myths about the virus and will give you valuable preventive protocols to stay safe and help to speed up this crisis so life will return to normal.

Registration is now available and we will be live streaming this workshop in English, Italian and German.

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