The 5 Golden Rules For Effortless Weight Loss By Holistic Weight Loss Expert And Bestselling Author Dr. Joy Martina!

 Dr. Joy Martina’s Effortless Weight Loss Tips:

“The 5 Golden Rules”

1. Eat When You Are Hungry, but only when you are hungry.

Sometimes we are so busy rushing around that we don’t take the time to stop and recognize the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger.

For now all you need to do is remember that real hunger grows on you… You will feel a grumble in your stomach and it develops slowly.  Whereas emotional hunger suddenly “attacks” you and you feel you just “have” to eat that special something. Taking a minute to assess where you are at can be the key to your success. Assess your hunger using the chart below:

Hunger Vs.

We all want to experience the finer things in life but those times you eat purely for comfort, indulge in happy hour, a homemade dessert or an “extra treat” really add up…

You might think you eat healthily but when you really tune into what you eat on a daily basis, you would realize that it’s all those times you are Emotional Eating (and not simply satisfying Real Hunger) that are keeping you stuck.

I am NOT saying that it’s not ok to enjoy a treat every once in awhile… but keep it to every once in awhile instead of a daily habit.

Sugary or fatty foods after dinner every night should be the first thing you trim out. If there’s one thing that many slim people have in common is not snacking on treats after dinner.

Dr. Recommended Healthy & Light Evening Snacks:Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 6.38.52 PM

  • Warm Liquids- like herbal tea or soup
  • A Banana
  • Yogurt
  • A few Walnuts or Cherries

2. Eat slowly and consciously.

Yes, our days are full but there should be little reason why we can’t take the time to truly relax and enjoy ourselves when it comes time to eat.

This means that when you eat, you only eat.

Put aside your mobile phone, shut down your laptop, turn off the TV. No reading emails or newspapers–absolutely nothing. You want to have your full focus to be on enjoying the delicious food you are eating. Please sit down to eat whenever possible and chew your food really well – chewing at least 15 times!

Please sit down to eat whenever possible and chew your food really well – chewing at least 15 times!

Eating slowly is very relaxing to the mind and the nervous system and has been shown to improve digestion and help you to generally consume less food during mealtimes.

The latest studies illustrate the importance of slowing down your eating appeared in the January 2014 issue of the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Researchers found that you may consume fewer calories over the course of a meal when you eat slowly.


3. Stop Eating When Your Are Full.

This may sound more obvious than it is but often we eat past our FULL point because our body hasn’t had the chance to register that it is full.

keepcalmHormones that tell you when you’ve had adequate food are produced while you’re eating, but it takes a bit of time for this to occur. If you eat too quickly, you can easily overeat before your body has a chance to signal that you’ve had enough. It can take about 20 minutes.

So take your time! and again chew each and every bite 15 times!

One of the most loving gifts we can give our bodies is to respect its’ limitations. So don’t push yourself past the point of feeling happy and comforted after eating, because hey, this is why we eat, right?

“Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things will be yours.” ~Swedish Proverb

4. Drink Lots Of Water.

I encourage you to go out and buy yourself a snazzy drink bottle. One you will love to drink out of because every single day I want you to drink 2 liters of water at the very minimum.

You will be surprised how easy this new healthy habit is to install and just how much good it does for you!  Think better digestion, radiant skin, more energy – just to name a few.

5. Train Your Brain.

This might be the most effortless and pleasant weight loss tip I have for you!

All we really need to do to be happy, healthy, and confident in our bodies is to start listening to our natural, inner wisdom and engage the power of our brain.

Listening To A Specialized Guided Meditation or Brain Training Audio will help you:

  • enter the brain wave states required for a great rest
  • entering into the space of being able to feel really good in your body and happy with life
  • infuse your mind with powerful, positive, and uplifting thoughts that you require in order to make healthy decisions
  • and upon completing a Brain Training Audio, you will feel so refreshed and that you have the energy and the confidence to do what you need to do in a way more gracious way

Here’s The Harsh Reality…..

Is there a woman who hasn’t tried a fad diet or weight loss scheme at some time or another in her life? I don’t think so. Nowadays girls start dieting at the tender age of 9!

I myself had a severe sugar addiction but with the help of brain-training, I was finally able to curb my cravings and be in control. It was absolutely amazing what I was able to achieve when I began to listen to the signals my body was giving me every moment of every day.

I Started Listening To My Body!

Why I Chose To Train My Brain And You Should Too:

The regular practice of meditation and brain-training have been medically linked to reducing stress, igniting natural weight loss, and increasing happiness and satisfaction in all areas of life.

And your part is simple and effortless! All you have to do is find a quiet place to listen to an audio; the right and left hemispheres of the brain are balanced and this helps quieten the mind and relax every system in the body. When your brain is in a calm and relaxed state, we can infuse it with positive thoughts and train it to support your goals. Within a short amount of time, you will notice that using willpower to control food cravings is no longer an issue  – because you naturally want to make healthy choices.

This is because brain-training taps into the subconscious level of the mind that you can’t normally access at will.  Over time, the neurons in your brain begin to rewire themselves. From this space, positive new habits are instilled gently and effectively and you no longer struggle with the old habits that have been holding you back.

You will soon notice that using willpower to control food cravings will no longer be an issue because you will naturally want to make healthy choices.

All you have to do is schedule a bit of special me-time (and don’t we all need to make that more of a priority?), listen to your Brain-Training audio and let your body and mind do the rest!

Download your free brain-training audio; connect to effortless Self-Love & Weight-Loss 

If This Sounds Too Good To Be True, It’s Not. It’s Science.

The whole idea that we need to suffer to reach our goals is a myth. When women truly tune into their bodies and the power of self-love, they can effortlessly shed weight and become naturally slim.

This is what I really believe in! I have seen it true in not only myself but in many women I know, including my very own mother.

I saw such a big change in my Mum.

She struggled with her weight and self-esteem for decades. Yet once she learned how to get that powerful tool, her brain, on board and started listening to her body she lost over 20 pounds absolutely effortlessly.

She got a grip on her crazy cravings! She even started running at 67!

But what I like best about my Mum’s story is that not only did she lose the excess fat but she also became so much happier and had tons of energy.

Brain-training is not just for Boomers like my mother.

“Relaxation is the new revolution in weight loss.”

As weight loss companies are constantly coming out with new fads and diets, women all around the world are stepping into their power and tuning into the inner wisdom and intuition that has always naturally been there!

We’ve only needed to Start Listening To Our Bodies! I will say this again because it really is so important.

The key lies in reconnecting to our body’s natural wisdom.

You can heal your life by listening to your body and training your brain.

Simply listen to a Brain Training Audio upon waking, upon going sleeping, or during the day on what we call a “Power Break” at a barely audible level and you’ll be truly amazed at the day-to-day changes you start to make, experience, and feel.

BONUS: The Brain Training Audios also make anything else you’re doing in regards to health and fitness even more effective.

An Effortless, Enjoyable Journey To Feel Good Self-Love & Lightness Awaits You:

Download Your Free Brain-Training Audio Today

I encourage you to follow the above tips for 3 weeks and look forward to hearing about the changes you notice and the balance you feel!

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We are Joy and Roy Martina MD, authors and creators of Sleep Your Fat Away. We have trained thousands of people in lifestyle changes and personal development over many years. We have spent a lot of time and resources researching effective ways to help our clients improve their lives and process stress in a self-loving and effective way.

In Boundless Love,

Joy Martina


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