5 Tips To An Emotionally Healthy Heart By Holistic M.D Dr. Roy Martina & Intuitive Psychologist Dr. Joy Martina.

Cleanse your heart from emotional turbulence to transform the struggles of life.

Drs. Joy And Roy Martina Italy 21) Connect To The Power Of Your Heart:

Did you know that your heart has its very own intelligence, core competencies and even contains actual brain cells? In fact…

 the heart has been measured to have an electric field that radiates up to 8 feet and is 100 x electrically stronger than that of the brain. 

What this means to you:

When there is someone nearby, your energetic bodies overlap and exchange vibrational information. If you focus on loving thoughts your heart literally vibrates to match the sensations of your thoughts, and so does the electromagnetic field which supports it. So next time you are near a loved one, imagine they can feel your love. Because they can!

Simply by connecting to the facts around the supreme power of your heart, you can immediately begin to feel a positive shift. … Feel gratitude for your amazing & powerful heart. 

2) Recognize Destructive Patterns And Finally Break Your Connection To Them: 

Negative patterns or habits can keep you a prisoner of your past by sabotaging your best efforts to enjoy even the simplest things in life.

How does your past affect your present? 

The root cause of inner struggle boils down to some habit you once subconsciously created while trying to overcome a challenge. These past experiences contribute to your future experiences and how you react to them. By breaking your connection to negative experiences you will be able to move forward through life in a more positive and lighter way.

Heart_Healing_Revolution_Logo_6“Our research shows the heart possesses a unique intelligence that can help you adjust to accelerating positive change. When you access this intelligence, you will have more clarity and power to quickly clear away unwanted thoughts and feelings and adjust to rapid change with confidence.” -Heart Math Institute

Forgive & Let Go:


When we feel injustice is done to us not only are we are hurt but we are allowing someone else to influence our state of being. We react to that incident or person by feeling a whole array of “negative” emotions inside of us: pain, sadness, frustration, anger and resentment. These emotions signal us to make changes. Unfortunately, if these emotions are not properly dealt with they can stick with us for years or even lifetimes.

The good news is that the core competence of the heart is compassion! When compassion flows freely through us, we are able to sense our connection to the immense healing force of love. Love and compassion is truly what heals us. 

In fact… LOVE is one of the highest naturally occurring frequencies of our universe, measured to have a vibrational resonance of approx, 500 hz.

So, when you welcome compassion and forgiveness into your life you become connected to the highest vibrational energies of the universe. Your entire life becomes happier and more successful… abundant and healthy…

4) Train Your Brain To Rewrite Your Story:


Trauma comes to us in many forms and can sometimes be extremely intense. If our bodies do not have the coping power to process this trauma then our association with the event remains in our system until we do the work to revisit and release it.

The Subconscious Mind (the greater part of your brain) stores all data from the past. Tensions and emotions link us to the past and determine the quality of how we experience the present and the future. 

By working with the Subconscious Mind through highly refined Brain Training Techniques we are able to visit past experiences and re-write our stories.

5) Celebrate Your Accomplishments & Surround Yourself With Positive Reinforcement:

Just like how past experiences influence the future, the actions you consciously decide to take NOW will ultimately influence your future. So, we suggest that right now you start celebrating who you are, who you have been, and who you are becoming. If you do not know where to begin, start by honoring yourself for reading this article and begin engaging in healthy concepts. Celebrate every time something makes you smile, and if you do not smile often then please, give yourself permission to smile. Seek out positive affirmations and acts of kindness then celebrate yourself for engaging in them.

Put All 5 Tips Into Action And Completely Heal Your Heart Now.

Brain Training Audios and Guided Meditations are the most effective and effortless way to create emotional balance in your life.

tuned, highly refined audios speak to you at a subconscious level…

… Integrating the 500 Hz frequencies of health, healing, and love into you the very core of your being.

During our combined experience of over 40 years of teaching, coaching, studying, and healing in the areas of personal development and holistic health, we have refined the art of Brain Training to successfully support our clients in all areas of life. From overcoming a lack of body confidence, all the way to supporting the recovery of cancer patients.

When it comes to emotional rebalancing, we created a 5 Part Brain Training Program called the Heart Healing Revolution. Right now this online program is available for free. For we believe that if we can heal the hearts of the world at an individual level then the overall result will impact us positively on a global scale.

Experience The Heart Healing Revolution For Free At www.HeartHealingRevolution.org


Our mission with the Heart Healing Revolution is 5 days of inner peace so that we can create a lasting planetary shift.

This is positive reinforcement at it’s finest. Each of the 5 Heart Healing Session contains a Training Video, a highly focused Guided Brain Training Meditation, additional learning materials AND a Deep Dive Exercise to support the integration of love into every cell of your body.

Again, this is a free and effortless online program to help rid you of emotional baggage from the past and support you to live your life as the greatest, grandest version of yourself.

Watch The Video To Learn More About The Heart Healing Revolution

Thousands of Heart Healers all around the world have already started their journey and are part of a growing community committed to making the world a better place.

See what they have to say….

The Heart Healing Revolution is amazing! I listen to the audios again and again and again in the night while sleeping. I sleep deep and wake up with more energy and more LOVE!”

~Emre Dedekoey (Germany)

“I now understand how amazing brain-trainings are and how much they work. It’s incredible how much of what I choose to say, speak about or feel throughout the day, and the month is linked to my brain-training. I now understand what it means to be in autopilot mode!”

~AnnaRita Francesconi (USA)


We look forward to you joining us.

Oceans of love,

Drs. Joy & Roy Martina


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