8 Easy Ways to Spread More Love and Kindness

Do you feel called to contribute to the world in a big way?
Maybe you have thought about starting up a charity or volunteering for a local cause.

Even with the best intentions, we can still see excuses like time, money and fear holding us back. It’s true that life can get pretty busy and often we just end up walking around with all these grand ideas in our heads that never actually eventuate into action.

Maybe you think to yourself, “I will help the world after I finish my master’s degree, raise my kids, retire, or save more money.”

Well, today I want you to know that these are all just LIMITING BELIEFS! You can actually manifest positivity and make a difference in the world and everyone around you starting TODAY by bringing more focus into the present moment.

We quickly realize the blinding fact that the only real moment in time that we have is TODAY. Right here, right now. We can not grasp tomorrow or yesterday and it’s in this mindset of awareness that we can start making the most of our lives.

Now for the big secret!

The absolute BEST and most PROFOUND thing you can personally do for yourself and the world is to SPREAD MORE LOVING KINDNESS!

Every emotion emits a frequency and what we put out into the world creates a ripple effect. Believe it or not, the vibrations you share with the world can span great distances, crossing seas, and continents.

Just think of a time when you had an argument or disagreement with someone over the phone or through email. This person may be on the other side of the world from you but that doesn’t mean that you are not both deeply affected by the situation.

The great thing is that as soon as you start consciously sending more love out into your world you will be initiating the creation of a thought pattern and a habit that will serve your highest purpose.

From then on, every time you think a loving thought a seed is planted for a new thought to appear! Like seedlings growing and flowers blooming, imagine how you will be creating a beautiful bouquet of positivity wherever you go!

So why not start using these 7 easy tips today to begin a ripple effect throughout your world. Just see what happens. You might be surprised!

“Your greatest path of influence is love.” ― Mollie Marti

1. Be Kind To Yourself

We can’t help others if we don’t help ourselves first. This motto holds true! How can we share happiness with others if we don’t set some aside for ourselves? Take time to nurture and honor your needs and see how your inner flame is kindled and ready to spark more love wherever you go. “You must love yourself first before you can become a beacon of light that spreads love to others.”

2. Smile And Breathe Deeply

Smiling is contagious to those around you. And not only that, there are many scientific studies that prove that forcing yourself to smile, even if you are faking it, reduces stress and has a positive effect on your mood. You can also practice imagining you are deeply breathing in calm, love and happiness and breathing out stress, whenever you feel you need a boost!

3. Listen Without Interrupting/ Wait Your Turn

When you give your full attention to another person talking, you get so much more out of the interaction. So silence the voice in your head that wants to jump in, interrupt and make it all about you. When you let someone steer their story as they see fit you may be surprised at what they share.

4. Accept People For Who They Are

Not everyone has the same beliefs as you, is as insightful as you, have the same education, or life experience as you. Every single person is unique. Embracing this instead of trying to shield yourself or change people can be a truly liberating experience!

5. Practice Patience

Have you ever seen a person with road rage? Someone who seems to think that it is only them who needs to get somewhere? When there is tension within us or around us everything can seem urgent and as if it has to happen immediately or the world might end.

We must face each day as part of a global team while remembering it actually does not just revolve around you. Have the patience to go with the flow and you will find that you actually attract it.

6. Do (At The Very Least) One Kind Deed A Day

When in doubt give a sincere compliment, keep your eyes open to how you can help make someone’s day a little bit better, without expecting anything in return. The act of selfless service doesn’t mean you have to volunteer once a week, you can bring this into your everyday way of living. No act of kindness is too small! Love & kindness are infinite.

7. We Are Not What We Think So Watch Your Thoughts

Just because you think something is a certain way, does not make it true. Be careful of assuming what someone else is thinking, or of negative thought patterns or phrases you notice repeating themselves time and time again in your mind. These thoughts do not serve you. Negative thoughts can quickly become words, and with them, actions and vibrations. The best way to tackle this obstacle is with regular awareness and brain-training. You will be surprised by how setting aside just 10-30 minutes a day can change your world.

8. Train Your Brain/ Self-Study

What is the use of spreading all this love and kindness if we don’t continue to grow, nurture and love ourselves? Through brain-training and self-study, we can dissolve blockages that hold us back from our grandest selves. Insights rise to the surface that may otherwise have not, and we know what the next best step forward should be. Love is also “silence” of the mind and over time, we can also experience this. It’s a wondrous thing!

There are many more ways you can spread more loving kindness throughout your world but this list is sure to get you started this upcoming week and beyond!

Open your heart and share more love and kindness with the world! During this next week try to use as many of these tips throughout your day as possible. Keep track of any changes you begin to see throughout your life. Dissolving the limiting beliefs that hold you back from love can be greatly sped up with the help of Brain Training & Meditation.

The key is to work with the subconscious and unconscious mind to clear out past trauma and outdated beliefs. It all starts with an open mind and a willingness to begin! No matter how busy you may be, our tools are easy to incorporate into your daily schedule and will get the ball rolling towards the life you have always dreamed of living.

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