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7 Steps to Emotional Freedom

Think back to a time when you felt a really strong, negative emotion. You know, those emotions that wash over you like a tsunami? They seem to suffocate you and without awareness, you can quickly become a victim of the emotional state you are in. We have ALL been there.

roy meditatingDid you know that whenever you feel emotions like guilt and shame, you are actually redirecting pain against yourself? Many emotions see us depleting our own energy, and over a long period of time, we can end up in depression and with no more energy to sum up positive feelings. Remember, emotions are just a form of energy.

It is only ourselves who give emotions a story with so much flesh and meaning. These strong emotional vibrations can definitely throw us off balance and cause havoc. However, we can choose to deal with them in creative ways which will help us acknowledge them and work through them, without suppressing them. This is the key to the emotional freedom we all wish to experience!

You see, in order to break free of our negative feelings and get out of the victim state we can often find ourselves in, we NEED to take action! So here it is. We have for you 7 very specific and important steps that you can use throughout your entire life to shift your emotions toward love. You can even take every step in your very own and unique way.

The first step is to…..

1. Take Responsibility For What You Are Feeling Right Now

Immediately step out of the idea that what you are feeling is anybody else’s fault. Remember that this emotion is an experience that ONLY you are having. Nobody else can feel exactly as you are right now, just as nobody else can precisely understand what that feeling is like. It is unique to you right now. So TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and step into your POWER before anything else!

2. Witness The Emotion In Your Body And Where You Are Feeling It

Become the observer. It’s very powerful when working on healing ourselves to actually focus on WHERE we are feeling an emotion in our body. We often believe that emotions are something that only happens in our mind, but actually, our body is also reacting. So ask yourself, “Where am I feeling this?”.

It could feel like a tightening in the chest or tension or constriction somewhere else. It can even be experienced as a racing heartbeat. We are shifting and holding tension in different places every day. Often we can get stuck in our heads, then we no longer really feel what we are feeling.

Sometimes we are so busy running away from our emotions that it can be helpful to let whatever emotion we are experiencing completely fill us up so that once you are done you can truly move on.

3. Give The Emotion A Label

Give it a word and become creative in your labels. The spectrum of emotions we experience is HUGE but often we become very narrow in our labels for them.  Some people can get stuck in “I’m Feeling…good, bad, happy, angry, or sad.”, and that’s pretty much all. However, when you really delve into your emotions and start researching them, you will find that there are so many nuances.

So, this is the step where you will give the emotion you are feeling a label. This is also important because you are now distancing it from yourself. You are no longer making this emotion who YOU are, so go ahead and give it a word!

4. Express The Emotion To Yourself

When you are on your own, the best thing to do can be to write it down. Writing things out can be a very liberating action. Think of all magic spells and how they were done throughout history. They were all written. So we encourage you to spell it out and write it down. Bring the metaphysical into the physical. Make it visible to yourself. You might just journal down what the story is that you are telling yourself.

5. Share The Emotion With Someone Else That You Trust

You have already labeled the emotion, written it down, and felt a new sense of clarity. Now it is time to share, and to really be considerate and aware of whom you share with.

Often we share our sensitivities with someone who has a similar situation or drama to us which could actually end up with this person fueling it. So instead of calming you down or giving you helpful advice, the emotion we are in the process of becoming free from can actually become stoked up and even more intense.

Our advice is to always share with someone you know is neutral and a good listener. You can also ask them just to be your “sounding board.” You will notice how hard it can be to just listen. Even put a timer out and for the next 5 minutes share with another person and let them know that all they are required to do is listen. They don’t need to give you any advice or comfort. Again, all they need to do is to listen. You can even talk to your pet dog or phone a friend.

6. Express And Release The Emotion Through A Ritual

This is a VERY Very important step. Rituals are one of the most powerful ways to bring closure to something or to empower something. They have been used throughout history for as long as we can remember.

Think of when somebody dies. The ritual of a funeral is the end of the journey of a person’s life but the funeral is not just for that person, a funeral takes place for the ones who are left behind because it’s a ritual of closure.

We find that people who have not been able to close a situation with a ritual often feel like they have loose ends. So in this step, you will have a ceremony for yourself where you are putting a line underneath this situation and closing it with an action. So it’s not just in your head or just a piece of paper anymore.

Now you are actually taking a physical action to close this part of your story.

Often it just takes a very simple ritual. For example, burning something, tearing it up, giving it to the water, or to the gods in whatever way you want. This ritual is where you, for yourself, for your body and your mind say, “I am done now.”

7. Celebrate Your Freedom

In this very important and final step, you do something for yourself to celebrate!! It’s like opening a new door where you do something to say, “I am done now.” You could do something nice for yourself like a trying a three-day detox, or treating yourself to a massage, or even just taking a hot bubble bath with lovely oils. Just be completely sure and committed to doing something special that signifies a celebration of freedom for YOU!

But What About The AMAZINGLY GOOD Times We ALL Experience? Get into a habit of really taking the time to anchor into those moments of bliss!

A great thing to do is to create your own library of blissful moments that you can refer back to and plug into. It’s all about vibration, so keep them stored inside for you to refer back to and call upon.  You will feel them transfer through your body when you do!

It’s important to realize that emotions are within you and act upon you but, they are not who you ARE! They are actually something helpful that we all experience! The moment we move out of being a frozen, victim during times of intense emotion, we can see what needs to be done. We can use our emotions like a seismograph to understand what our body is saying. Maybe it’s saying, “Oooh, you need to take care of something right now!”

When we become active and take action, we take our control and our power back. We gain our emotional freedom back. So realize that you ALWAYS have the power to change SOMETHING, and say with a deeply resonating conviction whenever a strong emotion overwhelms you.

“ I am no longer the victim of my emotions but I am also not suppressing them. I am dealing with them and I am managing them.”

As simple as these 7 steps sound, we promise that doing them is immensely powerful and will set you free! Also, dissolving the limiting beliefs and emotional patterns that hold you back from love can be greatly sped up with the help of…Brain Training & Meditation The key is to work with the subconscious and unconscious mind to clear out past trauma and outdated beliefs.

No matter how busy you may be, our tools are easy to incorporate into your daily schedule and will get the ball rolling towards the life you have always dreamed of living!


Enjoy this fascinating journey into your mind and become the grandest version of you!

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