5 Reasons to Brain Train While You Sleep

We spend nearly one third of our lives sleeping and most of our waking hours trying to avoid sleep by drinking coffee and energy drinks. Why are we so determined to stay awake? We are operating under the misconception that we can only be productive when we are awake. We view sleep as the enemy of our productivity.

What if you could use all of this seemingly idle sleep time to change your life with grace, ease, and joy?

With brain training audios, the most productive time in your day can be the most passive thing you do… SLEEP! 

By playing brain training audios – short audios with words, phrases and expressions recorded over relaxing music – while you sleep, you’re able to speak directly to your subconscious mind to transform your thoughts, choose positive beliefs, and create daily habits that will serve you in creating your greatest life.

(How it works: simply get cozy & relaxed, lay down in bed, turn the volume down on your phone to barely audible (think whisper), press ‘Play,’ close your eyes & SLEEP.)

5 incredible reasons to train your brain while you sleep:

1. Positive mood.

As you bring your emotions into balance – effortlessly while you sleep – you’ll find that impatience, frustration, anger, sadness, anxiety and moodiness are replaced with positivity, joy, peace, happiness, patience, understanding and LOVE.

“I am more patient with my 16 year old son and my husband. More and more, I love them just the way they are…. I am getting more balanced.” ~Monika

“I just finished the second brain training, and I feel good!!! I went through all the day with an incredible beautiful feeling inside, feeling stronger, and in my total power during all the day no matter what!” ~LauraJoy Martina

2. Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Our Brain Training Audios are scientifically engineered to trigger the correct response from your subconscious mind -and- put you in a relaxed and regenerative state FAST. By tuning in to the calming music and positive phrases, you’re quieting all the other noise that might have kept you up before.No more to-do list rattling off in your brain, no more anxiety or worry about tomorrow, just calm, soothing and positive thoughts.

3. Clarity – knowing who you are & what you really want.

Our sleep audios include sound frequencies which induce a Theta State – this is the state you were constantly in before the age of 10, which is why you could learn new things so effortlessly in early childhood. It also creates a balance & synchronicity in your brain. This allows your whole brain to communicate effectively so it can go to work on defining and focusing in on exactly what you want and how to get it.

“They [the brain trainings] are absolutely amazing… My goals are much clearer. It feels as if I really do know now, what I really want to achieve and want to become.” ~Susanne

Theta Waves Brain Training

4. Manifest what you want effortlessly.

Brain training while you sleep is a simple way to keep your greatest desires top-of-mind so that you can manifest them into your life. Through repetitive instillment at the subconscious level, you are training your brain to produce the actions & habits in your conscious life that will allow you to manifest your true desires, to spot opportunities that are in line with what you’re asking for, and to align to the energetic vibration of the things you want to manifest in your life.

5. Have breakthroughs in areas that have seemed impossible to achieve.

Weight loss, business, wealth, mood and relationships – whatever area of your life that you’ve struggled with making progress in can be easily achieved when you have your subconscious mind on board.

The processing power of the Subconscious Mind is 1 MILLION times more powerful at influencing our behaviours than the Conscious Mind.

Through brain training, you’re able to speaking directly to the 97% of your brain that is going to work to create your life. That’s far more powerful than relying on willpower.

With brain training audios you play in your sleep, you can approach bedtime happily, knowing that you’re taking a powerful step towards becoming your greatest, grandest self… effortlessly!

True Tales of Brain Training Success:

Brain Training Success StoriesAre you ready to transform your sleep into the most productive time of your day?! Our Ultimate Habits program is a comprehensive brain training program that will transform your life from the inside out. Check it out below and take the first step in your brain training journey. We promise that the results will truly amaze you!

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