We are Rising as Women! Hear us Roar!

For the past two years, millions of women across the USA – and beyond – united and made their voices heard at annual Women’s Marches.

The message is clear: that women’s rights are human rights. That we will fight for freedom & equality in every sense. We won’t back down from protecting our families, our communities, and Mother Earth.

Powerful women (and allies!) truly walked the walk.

I have no interest in political discussions, but, Women’s Rights are HUMAN rights and not up for discussion in my world.

Being part of a peaceful rally of over 10,000 in our town of Asheville, North Carolina, USA while knowing that worldwide millions of women are standing up for their rights filled me with immense joy and hope.

Women and men of all ages, from all kinds of backgrounds standing together in unity for LOVE and that’s plain AWESOME!

We here at Christallin take these issues to heart. We guide our organization and programs with the philosophy that in our every intention & action, we consider the influence & impact of our decisions on future generations.

It’s our mission to empower millions of women worldwide with tools to become their most fulfilled, healthy, confident and joyous Greatest, Grandest Selves.

We really believe that it is true what the Dalai Lama proclaimed not too long ago that “the world will be saved by the western woman.”

Imagine millions of women across the US and beyond fully embracing their feminine spirits, letting go of what does not serve them, and stepping into creating their unique experience of passionate service for the Greater Good.

My goal every day is to help women (and men) open their hearts a little bit more, nourish their bodies… nurture their souls… and discover just how easy & enjoyable it can be to navigate the sea of emotions, release limiting thoughts & patterns lodged in the Subconscious Mind, and claim their right to freedom & prosperity through applying tools such as Brain Training (we realized the other day Roy and I have recorded over 200 Brain Training Audios!).

Supporting my kids & the next generation in their growth has always been one of my top priorities.

Witnessing my 7-year-old daughter Grace shatter the limiting beliefs I once embraced without a shred of doubt gives me enormous pleasure.

Grace & I had great fun this past month lighting up our Feminine Spirits with the intention of lighting up yours too!

Here are our highlights from January & a couple delicious & healthy recipes to empower you from the inside-out.

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We have all been noticing huge shifts lately, especially in the empowerment of women. This is great news! I believe cooking for ourselves is empowering too. It’s an act of LOVE. I also believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home so when I go to make loving meals, I make sure I’m relaxed and loving.

I really like to listen to some nice music & put my heart into whatever I am making, whether just for myself or to share with the people I love dearly. The more love we put into our bodies the healthier we are and feel!


Grace & I show you exactly how to make the most healthy & DELICIOUS pancakes for yourself and your family. Enjoy and let us know how it goes!

I confess to being a “go with the feel” cook, I hardly ever keep to recipes and weigh stuff out, but here’s a rough idea from this batch of pancakes:


–  2 eggs
– 2 cups of almond flour
– 2 scoops of vegetarian-based protein powder
– 1 cup of mixed flax seeds and chia seeds
– Almond milk
– and chocolate chips, or bananas, or raisins, or whatever you feel!

NOTE: Cook with Coconut Oil. Olive Oil is not that good or healthy on high heat. It also doesn’t really taste nice on pancakes. The main benefit of Coconut Oil is that it doesn’t denature in high temps plus it has lots of middle chain triglyceride fats that are great for your circulatory system.


I’m all about having soup on the go! It’s one of the easiest meals I find to make a big pot of that can feed my family for at least a couple of days for lunch or dinner!


– Grab a large/medium-sized pot (depending on how much you want to make)
– Heat approx. 1 tsp of Coconut Oil in pot (I use liquid coconut oil)
– Add chopped up onions(saute for 1-2 min on medium)
– Add a bowl of chopped veggies (I used broccoli, zucchini, squash, carrots, potatoes)
– Add organic vegetable bouillon cubes (seasoning)
– Add chopped up fresh ginger (Great for Winter warmth, losing weight, boosting the immune system)
– Add a dash of chili powder (We love spice!)
– Add a bit of Curry Spice if you have it (which includes the medicinal compound Curcumin from the yellow in Turmeric, curcumin is great for reducing the body’s inflammation, and therefore, the likeliness of inflammation-related disease. Signs of inflammation in our brain are tiredness, brain fog, and depression!)
– Add water to fill your pot, cook for 15-20 min, add some more water and you’ve got nourishing soup!

I also premade a side dish of cooked lentils with just onion and curry. (Great source of protein)

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