66 Days to Create a New Habit? … The Latest Science in Rapid Habit Forming


Are you ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime?1-26:01:16 Roy Branded

A journey that could see you reaching your FULL POTENTIAL & GRANDEST SELF?

We all have unique patterns, habits and thoughts that hold us back in life and…..

The truth is, if you want to experience BIG, LASTING, LIFE ENHANCING CHANGE, then relying on Willpower and Motivation alone is not enough.

Scientific Research On Habit Forming:

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon in the 1950s, when Dr. Maltz would perform an operation — like a nose correction, for example — he found that it would take the patient a minimum of 21 days to get used to seeing their new face. Similarly, when a patient had an arm or a leg amputated, Maltz noticed that the patient would sense a phantom limb for about 21 days before adjusting to the new situation.

And that’s how society started spreading the common myth that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. It’s remarkable how often these timelines are quoted as statistical facts. On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact. And how long it takes a new habit to form can vary widely depending on the behavior, the person, and the circumstances. In other scientific studies, it took anywhere from 18 days to 254 days for people to form a new habit.

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Knowing that it takes much longer than 21 days to create positive habits that stick… we decided to embark on a journey that would lead us to determining…

a) Okay… what are the most crucial Habits to Master for long-lasting success in ALL areas of life?

b) How could we take our experience in Brain Training Science and speed up Habit Forming in each of these areas?

In this blog, we will dive into the answers to these questions & into what we have determined as the 12 Ultimate Habits:

#1: Master Your Inner Dialogue

Mastering your Inner Dialogue is about learning to focus your mind on what you have, what you are capable of, and what possible paths there are that take you to your goal. By mastering your inner dialogue you also master the ability to replace and create habits, which is a foundational skill for the entire course. It goes way deeper than dialogue, it teaches you how to quickly transform negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and also the repeated negative dialogue that most people have. This habit alone will change your life. We also already start with activating the success gene and the connection with the greatest grandest version of your potential futures.

#2: Master Your Connections

Mastering the system by which you create, maintain, and manage your connections you will be able to create the foundation for any dream you wish to create. Any large dream you have will require more people than you to create it. Working together with people who support and inspire you is key to your success. It is about building a strong supportive inner circle around you and also to have the mental capacity to create a support system in your mind through brain training. The success gene is activated on a deeper level. We continue with the activation of the success gene and deepening the connection with the greatest grandest version of your potential futures.

#3: Master Your Resources

Mastering Your Resources is about mastering the three resources you have in life: Your time, money, and energy. Putting in place a system for tracking and make clear decisions about how you wish to spend each. Part of this is to stay No to people and situations that do not bring you towards to your goals. By having what we call a strong inner stance you can manage your time better and make better choices to get your priorities listed on a mental level where they receive more energy and attention! We continue with the activation of other aspects of the success gene and also re-enforcing the connection with the greatest grandest version of your potential futures

 #4: Master Your Territory

Mastering Your Territory is about mastering your environment and surroundings. This habit is about deciding where you want to live and how you want to live every day of your life. When you are clear on your mental territory (the vision in your mind of how your life will be and you can hold that space active and energetic) the law of attraction works much stronger to bring you exactly where you need to be, the level of synchronicity increases to speed up the time of manifesting your desired outcomes. We continue with the activation of the success gene in new areas and making you more congruent with the greatest grandest version of your future. By now that is becoming a strong habit. 

 #5: Master Your Intentions

Mastering Your Intentions is all about having a system set into place to evaluate your progress, in reference to your goals and dreams. If you don’t know how far you’ve gone, how will you know how much farther you have to go? Now is the right time to start using a new resource by creating the optimal blueprint for the resources you most need to be unstoppable and stay motivated! Now you are benefitting more and more from the active success gene and we delve deeper into the resources of the greatest grandest version of your future.

#6: Master Your Drive

Understand the triggers behind what motivates you and put into place simple practices that you can do to keep your mind focused on the outcome of your efforts. Motivation is the fire that will help you overcome even the biggest challenges, failures, and bad experiences. When this fire is burning you are now starting the power to be unstoppable. We start with the activation of the motivation gene and aligning with the greatest grandest version of you.

#7: Master Of Simplicity

Being a Master of Simplicity is about knowing when you have found a system that works and finding a way to automate that system or at least take out as much effort on your part as possible. This is when you clarify even more deeply what you truly wish to be doing, what needs to be delegated, and what ideas you should simply delete. Brain training part: in order to master a habit you have to learn to say No and to stop doing what keeps you from achieving your goals in the fastest way possible, this is the resource that will be activated in your subconscious mind!

 #8: Master Your Pace

If you were to give 100% of your effort 100% of the time that will undoubtedly lead you to a burnout.  But what if you could create a system where you have periods of extremely focused and intense work and other periods where you could just go on cruise control. By mastering your pace you learn how to make sure you always have enough energy to do everything you desire. In the brain training, we focus now on finding the optimum rhythm that will keep you on the path of being unstoppable. This habit will give you the power to run the marathon of success and reach the finish line of your desired outcome looking good and feeling great!

 #9: Master Your Force

By Mastering Your Force you clear any subconscious blocks that could hold you back out of the way. We dive deep into your psyche and pull out any limiting beliefs linked to your goals and desires. You also learn how to reevaluate your goals and get rid of the ones that no longer serve you. The brain training here is interesting as you now have achieved 100% alignment with the Future You and have access to all the resources of the Future You. Now it is about implementing this in your nervous system so it becomes 100% autopilot. You are now 270 days into the program and the results are showing up everywhere in your life. 

#10: Master Your No

Mastering Your No is about mastering the power to create your own boundaries. Boundaries are limitations that you create for yourself so that you know what is important to you. There are many different kinds of no’s to master, yet this art of rejection is what will help propel you towards your goals at an even faster rate. In the brain-training, this was already initiated in Habit 7 and now is taken to a new level where not only saying no is easy but also mastering rejections by others is effortless, because being unstoppable means that you are not de-motivated by no’s, rejections, criticism or negativity. You are now crossing the boundaries of 300 days where your autopilot is so strong that success cannot escape you anymore. You are feeling strong, super confident and can deal with objections easily.

 # 11: Master Your Why

Your ‘Why’ is the purpose behind every action you take, every thought you think, and every breath you breathe. Having a deep connection to your reason why you are doing what you are doing will be far more valuable than any motivation or inspiration you can find. In the brain-training, you will connect with your future why as well, the purpose you feel when you reach the success you so desire. When your ‘Why” is strong and powerful you are truly unstoppable. Your default future is now the greatest grandest version of yourself!

#12: Master Your Gift

Mastering Your Gift is the ability to know that you can be valuable to any person at any time, any place around the world as long as you are willing to be open and aware enough to notice the opportunity. Could be something as simple as giving compliments or even a smile, but we all have so much to give if we don’t practice we may forget how. All success is based on giving as many people what you have and when you combine that with feeling gratitude for all the blessings you receive when giving than you are 100% unstoppable because you are no longer serving your ego but serving a greater purpose that will benefit many. 

#13: Being Unstoppable

This is our gift to you so you can continue re-enforcing what you have learned in the past year. You are now not only unstoppable but have access to all the resources that you will ever need to become the Star you are. It is now about experiencing the success you have already achieved and going for bigger dreams than you ever dreamed were possible. Now you are unstoppable what is it that you really want? So find new goals to chase and the journey continues as long as you live!

Do You Like Speed?

If you are like us, we like the speed of manifestation and reaching our goals as fast as possible. If there’s one thing for sure, we are not about slow, gradual changes… we are about rapid, lasting, profound shifts & transformations. 

So, how do we SPEED UP the science of Habit-Forming?


Through Brain Training.

FACT: The processing power of the Subconscious Mind is 1 million times more powerful at influencing our behaviors than the Conscious Mind.

FACT: Trying to create change through relying on the Conscious Mind’s use of willpower and ego is like drinking only an ounce of water when you are dehydrated.

Brain Training Audios speak directly to parts of the brain that are doing 97% of the work to create your life. This is what makes them so effective.


Brain Training Audios also include Sound Frequencies which induce a “Theta State”… you were constantly in “Theta State” before the age of 10 which is why you could learn new things so effortlessly!

Only through Repetitive Instillment at Deep Sub Conscious Levels can your desired habits become ingrained and start to manifest in your Conscious Life.

Start working at a Subconscious Level and your life will be changed forever.

Quite literally. 

Permanent Changes. 


Read on if you would like to discover the details of how we speed up

the science of habit-forming.

Putting The Puzzle Togetherpuzzle-654957_1280

It took us years to create a system for each foundational area of your life to make sure you are unstoppable on the path towards your goals.  These goals can be as diverse as people, the concept is to have habits in place that will make you unstoppable to walk the straightest line possible from where you are now towards the biggest, grandest version of yourself!

We set out to create a program that would allow people in just 1 year to create the habits required to experience their desired results and experiences in all areas of life.

We create the 12 Ultimate Habits Program based on years of coaching successful business men & women, athletes, and others. They had many specific traits and habits in common. By working with so many diverse people who are successful in all areas and many facets of life, we could discover and develop a system that was required by all of our clients to be successful not only in business but also in life, relationships, networking, and in emotional and mental health.

What Does It Consist Of?Bose-Headphones-1940x1091

In the 12 Ultimate Habits program, you receive Brain Training Audios that you listen to while relaxing (or sleeping), that work on one of the Ultimate Habits. You also receive “Weekly Conscious Lessons” that give you the conscious understanding that your brain requires to truly accept and form the new habits. 

Each month the previous habits are re-enforced to a deeper level. This way we can guarantee 100% results.

The “Weekly Conscious Lessons” audios teach you exactly what you need to know about the habit you’re installing. This will awaken the conscious mind and give you the knowledge needed. You can listen to the audios any time.

You will also receive the Brain Training Audios that you can listen to during the day or night that will help train your brain to use the Ultimate Habits in your everyday life.  The audios are training the subconscious mind and the brain at the same time and ensuring that the habit takes hold faster on autopilot.

In the Brain Training Audios, we have also incorporated our latest discoveries to activate the Success Gene, which has been recently discovered in the science of epigenetics.


“Since startinScreen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.07.25 PMg the Ultimate Habits Program with Drs. Joy & Roy, I have more energy, can live more from my heart (also the Heart Healing Revolution Sessions help!).I got many more clients.
… More ideas
… My goals are more clear.
I take a lot of actions, and have done things I have wanted to for years.
I love the program, it is very good.” ~ Jeanette (Sweden)

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.06.46 PM“I am luckier than before. The gifts in my life become, more, more and more. Before I started the Ultimate Habits, my life was in a flow, but sometimes some things didn’t work.Especially the money flow was stuck sometimes.This part works better. I am more successful in my job.The other thing is, that the people in my surrounding tell me that I touch their hearts, and they don´t know how. There are so many things that I cannot count all.~ Katharina (Ultimate Habits Member)


Attached is a document of dozens of letters from people who’ve had their lives shifted by our programs and by The Ultimate Habits Program:

Read them all here >>

We hope that you’ve found this Article informative. Thank you for allowing us the space to tell you about the Ultimate Habits and what we’ve created to speed up the science of hhabit-forming

If you have any questions, please never hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

We want you to have an amazing and productive year! A year where your dreams for growth and change are realized.

We want to do whatever is in our power to help you powerfully and positively step into YOUR full power and tap into experiencing your Grandest Self in 2016.

It is now time to start living your true potential and realize how much you’re supported in this life. 

… The Future Is Bright!


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