Angelic Guidance

Angels have been present in one form or another going back to ancient times. Each religion has its own ideas about what angels are and what they look like. In Buddhism, there are Devas described as bodies or emanations of light or energy. In Judaism, there are Malachim who don’t take a physical form. Most commonly when we think about what an angel looks like, we’re thinking about the Christian idea of an angel who are capable of taking a human-like form, often with the addition of wings upon their backs.

What is an Angel’s Purpose?

Even though the ideas about what an angel looks like changes from religion to religion, one thing remains the same. Angelic light beings like angels have one sole purpose and that is to help and support us. The very word “Angel” derives from words meaning messenger. Angels exist to help guide us and make our lives a little easier, comfort us, and protect us.

If we’re being honest though, angels work at a very high frequency, making wings or light orbs unnecessary. They instead are able to come to us using different forms to manifest in our physical world and our minds in whatever way they feel is necessary to guide us in ways that relate to us.

How Do We Receive an Angels Guidance?

While angels have the power to connect with us in these ways, they operate under the Universal Law of Non-Interference. Meaning, they are not allowed to help us unless we ask for their aid. We can do this in many different ways. The most effective way we can reach out to these higher beings is by tuning in to them by channeling through ourselves with tools like angel cards and Angel Meditations. Once you start tuning in to their frequency, you’ll be surprised at the number of ways different angels will bring you guidance.

Through Our Senses

Angels connect with us in ways that mean the most to us. One way they can lend us guidance is through our senses. Angels love to guide each day with small reminders of their presence. Once you start tuning in, you’ll find that they’re all around us. Keep an eye out for flashes of light or dreams you wouldn’t normally have, those are usually signs an angel is trying to tell you something. Being the divine beings they are, they will also often come to us in the form of a heavenly smell as well. Have you ever caught a hint of flowers or the faint smell of a loved one’s perfume who is no longer with you? Take a moment to tune in to see what message an angel has for you. One other way they can reach out to us through our own physical selves is through music. Pay attention when you get a certain song stuck in your mind or if it feels like the same song is playing over and over again on every radio station.

Through Our Physical World

Angels can also come to us through our physical world. For me, every time I see a feather lying on the ground I know that there is an angel trying to reach out to me and I take a moment to tune in. For others, it can also be the presence of a rainbow or noticing the same time on a clock over and over again. An example I like to use is to stop and notice the driftwood. Pay attention to those objects and events that keep happening to us over and over again like driftwood repeatedly hitting the shore. Angels will continue to guide us whether we are listening or not. Make time to listen.

Through Others

While it is very rare for an angel to manifest as a physical being, they are guiding others just as they are guiding us. We are all connected on these paths that cross and that crossing point in itself is a divine happening. Do you ever meet those people and it’s the perfect timing? Whether the meeting of a soulmate (like my meeting of my sweetheart, Roy, perhaps?), the introduction to someone who could and will further your career, or simply a stranger on the bus after a long day that reminds you what a compassionate and joyful world we live in at the heart of it all. Angels being the guiding lights of our world often have a hand in these meetings.

How Can You Start Tuning In?

Once you start noticing these signs, you might be wondering what some of them mean for you. This is where channeling to these magnificent beings comes in. Channeling means you start strengthening a connection so that you are open to receive messages more clearly. We’ve put together a special Angel Meditation Package to help you do just this. With this package, we’ve included 12 Angel Meditations so that not only can you start channeling the angels, but you can channel specific angels in times when you need them the most.

Channel Archangel Michael in times when you need the strength and sense of security to move forward, channel Archangel Chamuel when you need a helping hand to steer your relationship out of rocky waters. We’ve also included a special guidebook so that you can determine which angel is best to channel during which times and we’ve also included a little history about each angel and imagery about each angel so that you can strengthen your connection with these angelic light beings. Find yours here ->

Angels are all around us, patiently waiting to guide us. Have you ever felt the presence of angels? Let them know their help is welcome and watch as signs of their light start manifesting around you.

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