Are You a Secret Addict?

You get home from a long stressful day at work. You reach for something you know will make you feel better. Within minutes after consuming, your dopamine levels rise, triggering an illusion of feeling better. You continue consuming until you feel ill. Hours later the urge to indulge reappears and you give in to satisfy your craving.

What if I told you that I wasn’t talking about a hard drug? What if I was talking about your seemingly “harmless” sugary drinks like soda or fruit smoothies and those little snacks like frozen yogurt or gluten-free cookies?

Cocaine VS. Sugar

According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, sugar actually exceeds the negative effects of some other addictive substances. They list frightening side effects of sugar consumption such as bingeing, craving, tolerance, withdrawal, cross-sensitization, cross-tolerance, cross-dependence, and reward and opioid effects. These symptoms not only affect our behavior but can affect the very makeup of our brains. Your snacks are starting to look a lot less harmless now, aren’t they?

Break Free!

Sugar addiction is actually included in the resources section of addiction help pages and within the list of substances one might need support recovering from in rehabilitation centers. It’s no joke. Now that you’re aware you might have an addiction, what are the next steps? We’ve talked before about the power of brain training and how it can help you change your life. Did you know it is a powerful resource to beat your addiction as well?

Aversion Audio

Our Aversion Audio is a brain training exercise is specially designed to help you say no. It alters the problem at its root: your subconscious. By subtly associating harmful foods such as sugar with sensations of discomfort, the audio will start to change your conscious mind’s desires. Breaking your addiction could be as easy as a few week’s of brain training while you sleep. Find your audio here! 👉

Sleep Your Fat Away

Yes, you read that right. Not only can you use brain training to break your addiction to sugar, but it can also help you release excess fat effortlessly. Our Sleep Your Fat Away program is based on the revolutionary modern-day science of changing lifestyle habits, eating preferences, and addictions by training your subconscious mind to help you lose weight & achieve your ideal body. Plus (one of my favorite parts!) is that it will help you feel more self-confident and safe in your body! Omega Health Coach Rainer Wemhöner has this to say about this program, “The program works very well, not “only” for weight management… it changes people’s lives on many levels. I have seen the magical change in several of my students; they went from being frustrated to happy and smiling – within only a few weeks.” Click here to sign up today! 👉

Billions of dollars are spent worldwide trying to sell you sugary substances, hiding just how bad they are for you and then pushing you to buy pills to fix the problem.

More people are finding themselves addicted each day ultimately adding to the number of unhappy people on the planet. Knowledge is power, take yours back! Do not allow anyone (not even yourself ;)) to make you a victim. You CAN break your addiction and start living your best and happiest life. Start with your most valuable asset, your body.

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