The Power of the Spring Equinox

The Power of the Spring Equinox

Each spring is marked with the strike of the equinox and the powerful energy of the full moon surrounding it. You might not be aware of the calendar date but can feel it in the days leading up to it as spring teases us with sneak peeks of what to come and with the warm touch of lingering sunsets. What is the Spring Equinox though, and why is the nearby accompanying full moon felt so strongly?

What is the Spring Equinox?

Also called the Vernal Equinox, the Spring Equinox marks the first official day of spring in the northern hemisphere. This usually happens near the end of March when the sun moves north across the celestial equator. This quarter of the year brings a special kind of energy that lasts until the next quarter, the Summer Solstice.

Cultural Significance of the Spring Equinox

Cultures around the world have celebrated the time around the equinox for thousands of years. From the Wicca celebration of Ostara, the Christian celebration of Easter, to the Jewish celebration of Passover. It is clear that its energy is something felt no matter what your beliefs.

New Beginnings 

As we start to see the flowers start to grow, and melted snow washes away the remnants of winter, it should be no surprise that we are in store for a season of new beginnings and cleansing energy. On many ancient calendars, the Spring Equinox actually kicks off the new year. It is the perfect time to plant your seeds, both physical and metaphorical. With new beginnings, we must also accept that the only constant is that there will always be change. Spring is the perfect time to embrace any new changes with open arms.

As your spring cleaning instincts kick in, don’t forget about our most important possession, ourselves! Cleanse the winter energy from your body to allow room for the new energy coming our way. Take time to tune in to your needs, and make time for healthy movement, nourishment, and mindful meditations.


According to folklore, an egg is said to balance easier on its end during the time of the equinox. While this has been proven myth, it’s interesting to know that even as unexplainable as it would have been, a sense of balance can inexplicably be felt during the equinox. Equinox actually derives from the word for equal and is actually the date that night and day are equal lengths. It is also a time of alignment as the ecliptic and the celestial equator intersect on this day. Take time to appreciate the leveling of emotions from hectic past months and a coming sense that things, for the time being, are no longer on a tilt-shift.  

The Full Moon

The energy surrounding the Equinox is a slowly building shift that when paired with March’s full moon erupts into an incredible kick of rocket fuel. Also called the Worm Moon, the full moon during this time is said to be named for the time of year when worms start luring birds out once again, signifying that warmer and easier times are upon us. The full moon, like the tides, draws forward our inner strength and paired with the incredible energy of the equinox can be a powerful force when we know how to harness it. For help harnessing some of this power we can use into the coming months, we have created a Full Moon Ritual Package to not let this incredibly magical opportunity slip by. Grab yours here.

The days surrounding the Spring Equinox is a reminder of the magic in each day, of the power we hold within ourselves, and the joy that is still coming. Take time to tune in to its energy and revel in the constant forward motion of our world.

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