Listen to a sample of the "Crystal Charging Ceremony" audio:

You will never again have to search for answers outside of yourself because you will KNOW the immense power that resides within you to shape your reality...
... By Harnessing the Power of the Full Moon Each & Every Month for only €27 excl. vat.
T he full moon is a time to... 
Rekindle the light within & shift your energy into a higher vibration than before.
Envision yourself stronger than ever, more vibrant and attracting the life you want and deserve!
Step into full belief in yourself and the power you hold to shape your own destiny!
Get a very restful night's sleep, find your center & live a more fulfilling and joyful life each & every cycle!
Did you know that it’s the 2 days before & up to the 2 days after the Full Moon that its enriching energy is at its highest?

Did you know that you can take the status quo and flip it so completely EVERY Full Moon Period? 

Are you engaging with the supreme energetic power of when our moon is at its fullest? Or are you letting it slip by? 
Let us help to remind you of this meaningful time each month & provide you with tools to activate it completely.
Engage in a Full Moon Ritual. If you don't yet have one or you want to try something new, we've put together a Full Moon Spell Book & Ritual Package below for you. 

This is the most magical & powerful ritual we've ever seen or created ourselves. 

Oceans of Love,

Dr. Joy Martina
“We can be seen as a network of white witches and magical light beings but we prefer to call ourselves: The Sisters of Light. We have had many incarnations as elders, wise women, medicine women, and healers. We have reconnected to reinforce the channel of feminine energy within the planet."
Your Full Moon Ritual Has Arrived!
It has been a life-changing event for me. I am able to harness my negativity and tune into my inner power. I want to express my gratitude for receiving all the wonderful techniques from both of you!"
Alice , Baltimore, MD
What You Will Receive in the Full Moon Ritual Package for only €29 excl. vat:

> Full Moon Spell Book:

18-page Full Moon Ritual Spell Book:
Discover what a Full Moon Spell & Ritual actually is and how to perform one from A to Z.

On the night of the Full Moon, simply follow this manual step by step to perform your Full Moon Spell & Ritual; this is by far the most powerful & thorough Full Moon Manual we've ever seen or created!
> Crystal Charging Ceremony Audio:
Be guided through a ceremonial meditation and learn how to charge your crystal to manifest what it is you desire. On the night of the full moon, simply follow this manual step by step to perform your Full Moon Spell & Ritual. This is by far the most powerful & thorough Full Moon Manual we've ever seen or created!
> Full Moon Ritual Brain Training Audio
Listen to this brain training audio on the night of the full moon (like a guided meditation but supercharged with the science of hypnosis & neuro-linguistic programming). It will sink deep into your subconscious mind as you listen, ensuring you’re activated to the highest degree to channel your purest intentions through your heart in an effortless way.
> Moon Water Recipe
Learn how to make moon water that you can drink, cook with, and even make potions with so that you can bring some of the moon's powerful energy into your everyday routine. 
> Bonus: Live The Secret
 "Live The Secret" guided meditation: Listen at least once 2 days before the Full Moon to begin to ACTIVATE the energy of calling in your dreams & desires. 

You can use this audio anytime your Intuition guides you to. 

This audio gets you in touch with your inner power a.k.a your direct hotline to the genie of the Universe!
Dr. Joy Martina
Lovingly referred to as "The Witch," Joy is a Holistic & Highly Intuitive Psychologist, Transformational Coach, Best Selling Author, Trainer, Thought Leader, and Oracle. She has taken motherly love to a whole new level with her ability to channel the exact right energy to rapidly heal any situation. She has been coaching clients on lifestyle changes for over 10 years combining the Neuro-Programming, Life Coaching Principles, Hypnosis and accessing the Universal Wisdom through channeling.
Dr. Roy Martina, M.D.
Renowned Medical Doctor specializing in Holistic Therapies, Executive Coach, Best Selling Author of over 70 books, and Founder of Omega Healing. His ability to create and deliver powerful brain reprogramming techniques has made him one of the most sought after people in the fields of brain training, meditation, and life rebalancing. He has trained over 250,000 people including doctors, professors, therapists, coaches and managers worldwide.