How “Me Time” means more “Good News”

We are all aware of the importance of “connecting”.

We connect throughout our entire lives with friends, family, places, memories, thoughts & emotions… But have you thought lately about the importance of owning your ability to “disconnect”?

Think about it….

We have to connect with so much stuff every single day…people-1031169_1920

Throughout our lives, we are bombarded with sights, sounds, people, your problems, other people’s problems….. Then there is the responsibility of seeing to our jobs, kids, bills, and so on…. 

Did you know that taking some time to “disconnect” from other people is healthy for both you and your heart?

Without disconnecting you will find that you never truly get that chance to connect with your SELF. And if you don’t connect with yourself, how can you connect and share, your best self, with others and with the world?

We are so proud of the thousands of Heart Healers that recently joined us for the Heart Healing Revolution. Moving forward we ask you all to remember, and to remind those you love, to take some time for yourself this Holiday Season. Some “ME Time”.

But what about when we are called upon to lift others up and help them?

Often we have no choice but to connect with people and give them a boost of energy! Since we are all made up of energy, we are constantly giving and taking in this way.

But if you find yourself in a position where you are constantly giving….if you can’t “disconnect” you’ll end up carrying all of these problems around with you… you will end up in big trouble, physically and emotionally.

So, how do you disconnect from the world’s problems and simply accept everything you have to deal with in life?

This is a great analogy to remember and use often!

***Think of yourself as a trash can…and know that throughout your life, the world will put all sorts of rubbish inside of you. But this is okay because you are a trash can with a hole in the bottom!  You can receive everything but since you have a hole in the bottom, you don’t have to hold on to and be affected by it all… As soon as one person tells you their problem, you don’t have to take it on as your own.

woman-768702_1920VERY IMPORTANT: This does not mean to say that you disconnect right from the beginning, or that you do not “care“, You must approach the world with kindness and compassion but also learn how to disconnect from those thoughts, patterns, and impressions that will not serve you in a positive way.

Have you noticed how funny the brain can be?

A single thought of one experience we interpret as “bad” can often get amplified and repeated in our minds 1000x more than ALL of the good things that happen to us throughout the day.

We can easily fall into the habit of dwelling on that ONE bad thing!

This is of no use to us!

By realizing that you have the choice, you can begin to choose what you focus on!…This is exactly what we have been doing in The Heart Healing Revolution! Choosing our intentions, looking at the stories we tell ourselves from the past, and practicing forgiveness, compassion and the art of LETTING GO.

A lot of the problems in our modern world are caused by the fact that we form habits of keeping the rubbish in our mind and we neglect to keep the good stuff!

If you want to connect with anything, connect with all the beautiful things that happened throughout the week, and every week from here forward and you will have a much happier life! This all comes with practice, and there are actually many wonderful tried and tested tools to help you at any given moment.

Don’t forget to smell the flowers along your life’s path!



So often we try to catch up on the news and negative stories constantly seem to dominate the headlines. There’s a reason why we say some things “restore our faith in humanity” – it’s because we rarely get exposed to the wealth of good things happening around us every day.


Do you realize that SO many good things happen around the world every single day?  

This doesn’t mean to say that we should turn our head at everything else, but we must celebrate the GOOOOOD!




If you want to add news stories of positivity and hope to your daily routine, We recommend heading to: You can read more about all of the above headlines here.

Remember that focusing on negativity only creates that which we are most afraid of.

We become afraid of our future instead of enjoying the very moment we are experiencing.

The moment of NOW!

NOW is where our future is being made! When you take time for yourself and disconnect, you can come back and connect with your life and the world around you in the best possible way. The more people that disconnect to reconnect, the more peace there will be because people are taking care of themselves first.

The great thing is that all the tools you need to disconnect from negativity and connect to your true SELF and the positivity that is ever present in this world are available to you.Heart World Brand

Through programs like the Heart Healing Revolution and other brain training and meditation techniques, you can take a break from this overstimulating world and devote some time to yourself.

You will find that it doesn’t take time away from you. It actually gives you more time!

You will find you become more productive, need less sleep, are more inspired and aligned with your purpose every single day!

The benefits of letting go of negativity, disconnecting from what does not serve you and healing your heart, allow you to take your power back and flow through life with ease.

This has a positive effect on everyone around you!

We have had some lovely Heart Healers from this past week kindly offer to share their stories with us and we are blown away by some of their revelations:

“This program has already made a significant impact in my life and the issues I am working on. What I find most amazing is that the meditations have truly helped to increase my own power over negative thought patterns that have kept me stuck for some time. I have noticed this during the course of the day since starting the program. Thank you, thank you for your good work in the world. “Nicole Krier Smoley

“Today I felt the deeper feeling of compassion and love, acceptation that my past is history..I always can choose for joy and happiness however. I know that everything happens for a reason, to bring me closer by myself , staying connected with the divine source in me. I felt peaceful and grateful, I felt a very great change today, my heart felt cured and released. Thank you so much Joy and Roy for this loving gift and the sharing with each other, it doesn’t matter we do not know each other personally, we are surely all deep soul connected. Aloha xxx”                                                                                                         Mieke Coigné

“Thanks for reminding me that I have the possibility to finally get rid of my limiting beliefs.I do want to drive my life making the choices I prefer!!!!”-Gianna Rosa Beatrice

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The Heart Healing Revolution is a proven process where you can efficiently heal the pains of your past by focusing on forgiveness, compassion and the art of letting go. So don’t wait!

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