Maybe you have seen it or heard about it, and you may be wondering…..

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What is The Heart Healing Revolution all about?  

What is a Revolution anyway?

  • A sudden, radical, or complete change
  • A fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change of the paradigm
  • This may take the form of the overthrow or renunciation of one’s former belief system or indoctrination

During The Heart Healing Revolution:


Thousands of people around the world have decided to choose love by committing to embark on a personal journey within themselves and their heart.

With a strong collective intention, we are working towards overthrowing and dissolving all of the negative patterns, former belief systems and habits that hold each and every one of us back from experiencing unconditional love and complete inner peace.

The Heart Healing Revolutions Consists Of:

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  • 5 Heart Healing Sessions. Set aside only 20 min per day at any time of the day that works best for you.
  • These sessions consist of a brilliant meditation and so much more. We will be working with the Brain-Heart-Gut, which is also known as our “three brains”.
  • We will be combining a unique set of brain training tools to exponentially increase your ability to achieve your desired outcome and increase the flow of joy, love, peace, abundance, kindness, and positive energy in your life–no matter what your dreams are!

So you might be wondering…

“How does this work exactly?”

Each day, through the online Heart Healing Headquarters, we will guide you through a remarkable and very relaxing Heart Healing Session where you will experience what it’s like to feel deeply connected to the knowledge and vibrations of your heart.

**We will email you in the morning as each Session is released to you, and you can tune in when it suits you best. We do recommend tuning in first thing in the morning to set a very positive tone for your day.**

The Heart Healing Revolution has been divided into 5 Important Aspects that will, quite literally, Heal Your Heart and the hearts of millions (and hopefully billions of others!)

Did you know that… hhrb

This new knowledge is actually what really

spurred us into ACTION!

Day 1: Connect to The Power of Your Heart

We will begin by connecting to, and appreciating, the supreme power of your heart, not just as a physical necessity, but as an energetic powerhouse as well. Harmful heart walls will start to dissolve to boost our emotional and physical health.

Day 2: Recognize the Pattern & Break the Chains

Next, we will continue to break down these heart walls and recognize what habits make up the chains that bind us to our pasts. We will learn a beloved technique to close these painful past chapters.

Day 3: Forgive & Let It Go

 At the halfway point of our journey, we will invite in the extraordinarily important forces of forgiveness and compassion. Letting go of toxic energies is the first step in making space in your heart for compassion, which then opens you to the colossal potential of LOVE.

Day 4: Rewrite Your Story & Train Your Brain 

As we move towards our last day together. We will work to rewrite our stories and train our brains to create more positive experiences for the present and future.

Day 5: Celebrate Your Freedom!

The final day of the Heart Healing Revolution will focus on the innate power of grace and gratitude. Celebrate your freedom! The more grateful you are, the more life will give you to be grateful for.


Heart Healing for Inner Peace & Planetary Shift has taken hold.

I’m Ready! What’s Next?

Read Our Three-Part “Heart Healing Blog Series.”

Modern science has helped us gain more understanding into the heart and our consciousness than we ever previously thought possible, and because of this more people are turning to personal development as a way to not only help themselves but to make a difference in the bigger picture and entire human consciousness.

In our three-part “Heart Healing Blog Series” we have delved into topics of the heart and why, at this specific time, the Heart Healing Revolution is so important for the collective human consciousness. Through the knowledge we now have of the heart, we know that we possess the tools to create a better life, not only for ourselves but for everybody.

In Part 1: The Power of the Heart

The Heart is the most powerful energetic force in our body, radiating 5-8 feet around us in every direction and processing information through sensory neurons just like the brain does.

The emotions we experience are reflected in the vibrations of our heart field and in turn affect us and those around us. This is because our heart fields are always overlapping with those near us. The heart is also the center of our intuition and is always looking out for and helping us to make decisions. Science has even begun to prove that the nature of the heart fields of the Global Collective effects the entire world. Read the full blog here:…..

Part 1: Why Science Is Calling The Heart Your Second Brain


In Part 2: The Intelligence Of The Heart

Everything is made up of energy and just like a seismograph can measure an earthquake, we now have the ability to measure a person’s Personal Energetic Frequency. We now know that humans have the ability to change their vibrational and energetic state simply by consciously choosing their thoughts and feelings.

Recent scientific studies state that each person’s energetic frequency field can dictate what circumstances and life events they attract. But, you have the ability to raise your vibration. By raising your energetic frequency to that of love and abundance you will have an effect on everyone around you and in turn the entire world.

Find out what level you are vibrating at and how you can move up the scale to attract more abundance and positivity into your life. Read the full blog here:…..

Part 2: What Level Is Your Heart Vibrating At?

Body Vibrations

In Part 3: Global Heart Potential

Stress is a natural part of our lives, but we are experiencing increasing levels of stress-related disease and mental illness like never before in recorded history. New studies show that it is possible to bring about peace through peace, rather than peace through war. We know that if the number of people who consistently dwell in the higher vibrations of love, kindness, and peace is large enough, this can neutralize the masses, even those people who are not doing this at present. Multiple studies have shown that through this theory, in some areas, we have the potential to lower crime rates and even war.  

A group of individuals can work together, through intention and purpose, to have a calming effect on all of society and this can all be done from the comfort of your own home. Read the full blog here:…..

Part 3: Do Your Part And Together We Can Change The World20.the_real_matrix_01

During The Heart Healing Revolution journey it may be useful to remember that for many (or most) people, the Revolution occurs again, and again, and again.

There is not one Revolution, but many!

Although this is a global movement it is also a Personal Revolution.

It is about you waking up, growing up, and becoming the person you always wanted to be. It is about overthrowing the outdated conditioning or beliefs that stand in your way. It is about completing cycles of events, and also being able to suddenly and radically shift the direction of your life towards more LOVE and PEACE for all!

The Heart Healing Revolution Is About You Becoming Free.

Join hearts with thousands of others and create a powerful vortex of energy for more Peace on Earth. Bring your love, bring your tears, bring your busy life, bring the pain you have carried for years… 

heart healing revolution 5 day journey

You Are Welcome Here. Freedom Is Not So Far Away.

Make sure to read each part of our 3-Part blog series before you join us. Learn more about the power of your heart!


Part 1: Why Science Is Calling The Heart Your Second BrainHeart_Healing_Revolution_Logo_6


Part 2: What Level Is Your Heart Vibrating At?

Part 3: Do Your Part And Together We Can Change The World


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