Part 3: Do Your Part and Together We Can Change the World

Stress is a natural part of our lives, but now more than ever we are experiencing increasing levels of stress-related disease and mental illness like never before in recorded history.

It’s upsetting that in the USA today over 77% of people are regularly experiencing negative physical symptoms due to stress.

The HEART HEALING REVOLUTION is a global movement towards more love in this world and we want you to know that meditation is just the beginning of our focus and you will soon find out that there are many other elements incorporated into our unique Heart Healing Sessions. 

We will be using these sessions to work with the :2ad98b30431d9e0163c0068ed20ec220

Brain – Heart – Gut –

Which are also known as our “three brains.”  We will take an in-depth look at ourselves and dissolve the thoughts, habits, and patterns that no longer serve us.

The only commitment it takes from you is 20 minutes per day, at any time of the day that you want, and an open mind.

We will bravely move forward by creating an example for the world to follow, by doing exactly what it is we’ve created for you in this 5-day Heart Healing experience.

We WILL bring more authenticity, truth, love, kindness, and gratitude into the entire human consciousness.

Some of the top universities in the world have been releasing an ever-growing body of scientific evidence which demonstrates a huge range of positive outcome that regular meditation produces …..

A few are:

13Joy18-Increased mental strength and focus and memory retention,normalized blood pressure and heart rate.

-Increased energy levels and creativity, chronic pain relief, better decision making and problem-solving.

-Decreased worry, anxiety, stress, fear, and loneliness.

-Increased immunity and overall health.

-Increased optimism, emotional stability, mindfulness, self-awareness and overall peace within the self.

People from western culture are now taking a more holistic view of their health, realizing that their own choices have more of an impact than was ever previously understood.

When you work on yourself in this way, you clear away the mental overload that builds daily and creates our stress and worry.

It is now widely accepted that meditation is not only good for the individual who practices, but also for the entire world consciousness.

Do you ever wish that there was more you could do for the world?

nasa-blue-marble-2007-west-by-nasa-goddard-photo-and-video-flickr-creative-commonsHave you wanted to help make a change but aren’t sure where to start?

Although this is a new concept for many people, there have been many studies done on this theory.

These studies have shown that a large group of people focusing together or at the same time, can have a measurable effect on the greater population.  By coming together we have the ability to literally transform the world into a more peaceful and loving place to live.

We can bring about peace through peace rather than peace through war.

We have witnessed how a handful of people who are strongly unified in a clear collective intention can bring about change on a global scale and also begin to affect and bring about change in those around them. Like a ripple effect, it spreads outwards.

United, we can work towards helping ourselves thrive while also working for the greater good.

If the number of people who consistently dwell in the higher vibrations of love, kindness, and peace are large enough, this can neutralize the masses. We can lower crime rates and even war.

So, in this way, a group of individuals can work together to have a calming effect on all of society and this can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

Modern science is now learning so much about the power of the human heart and human consciousness, and this means… that we are living in an extremely interesting and inspiring time.

We all possess a remarkable gift and a way that we can truly contribute and give to our world.


We are aiming to get as many people on board as possible to join us and work together to heal our hearts and create more peace on earth.

By doing exactly what it is we’ve created in this 5-day Heart Healing experience…

We WILL get the ball rolling towards a better life for ourselves, our children, all of the animals, plants, water, air, and everything else that makes up the beautiful Mother Earth that is our HOME!



Just imagine the impact we could have on this planet if we all practiced heart-based living!


Get ready to spend a transformative five days developing your personal inner peace to support and create a planetary shift in vibration and consciousness like never before!

So please, do your part, feel inspired, and get connected…..

This world depends on us. We each hold a key and have an important role to play in changing the world.

Choose Love & Help Us Change The World!

5 Days To Inner Peace & Planetary Shift

heart healing revolution 5 day journey

This is the last installment of our 3-Part Heart Healing blog series.

Make sure to read each part of our 3-Part blog series before you join us. Learn more about the power of your heart! Find part 1 & 2 below:

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