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It has been a month since I’ve switched from living off food and liquid to living on light. Also referred to as prana, chi, energy, or universal energy. Those that choose to live on air like this are called “Breatharians.” The process to switch from normal food to living on light takes an average of 21 days and after that, you could no longer eat or drink for the rest of your life if you choose to do so.

Now, there are some who say I am a charlatan. For those individuals, I challenge you to test my ability. I am willing to spend 10 days under surveillance in a room without sustenance in order to prove that I am living on light. Now that I have experienced this for myself, and know it to be true, I am starting to ask myself what this means for humans. Am I, and others who take this path, a new kind of human? I believe the next evolution is a Quantum jump beyond homo sapiens.

Baby Homo Quantum

I am a newborn and investigating what this means. This is my first attempt to find answers. It is the start of a long search for what it means to live from a pure form of energy, to break through the paradigm that we as humans need food and liquid to survive. I am not the only one who can do this. There are thousands worldwide who already do it, each in their own way. It is the dawn of a new (r)evolution of human beings and I know that if I can do it, you can too. I am developing a protocol to make this transition easy. This blog provides some insights about what I am experiencing now. I call people like me, who are living on an invisible energy source (that you can also call Love, Divine or just Quantum), ‘Homo Quantum’.

Homo Sapiens

The word homo, comes from Latin (humanus) and means ‘human’. According to Carl Linnaeus, we distinguish ourselves from our closest species because we have different morphological, physiological and anatomical properties, including a larger brain content. Due to these anatomical differences, we can use our hands to do fine motor skills. Research shows that we can also run and hunt for longer distances than our ancestors could.

Our Brains

Our brains are remarkable, and have enabled us to develop into who we are today. However, the changes in the structure of the human brain are more important than their size. The temporal lobes have increased enormously through time, which has increased our capacity to learn languages. With the right stimulation, a child can easily learn up to twelve languages. We have also developed a strong prefrontal cortex that allows us to make complex decisions and influence our behavior so that we do not have to act instinctively or reactively. This also explains why we can be self-aware (an important attribute for self-actualization), and we can solve increasingly complex social problems (which is enormously important nowadays). Also larger is our cerebellum, which allows us to be more balanced and possess increased fine motor skills, which aid us in activities such as playing instruments, painting, etc.

Programming Our Box

From birth, we are born into a reality that may only be an illusion. There are women who live on light and become pregnant, have a child and breastfeed. After a while, the child no longer needs food and is a ‘Breatharian’! That is a completely different box in which this child grows up. I am also a doctor and have realized that Western doctors are also trapped in a box of what is true and what is not. Until I started acupuncture, I myself knew nothing about energy. I then got to know another energetic medicine, homeopathy, and later the so-called placebo effect or healing by believing that something works even though the medicine is inert. Now the placebo effect is so strong that many drugs cannot exceed the benchmark of placebo. The suggestion or belief is stronger than many chemical drugs. Millions of people are cured of cancer with visualizations. In China, is a hospital without medicines, only with Qigong under Dr. Pang Ming. Within 4 weeks of doing Qigong (a type of visualization with movements such as Tai-Chi), 52% were cured, 25% improved considerably. How do you explain that? There is so much possible. If you feel it is now time to open your eyes to a world of knowledge past what you’ve been taught exists, then read on.

Stagnation or Awakening?

One could say that we have stagnated in our evolution. We have undergone tremendous technological growth and are becoming increasingly dependent on advancements like computers, automation, 3D, and AI but yet it seems that we ourselves aren’t developing much further. There is however an increasing interest in spiritual matters and personal development. There seems to be a kind of built-in mechanism in us that initiates a search or quest for many to discover if there is more than we can experience with our senses. There are 4 stages of awakening which stem from Maslov’s research, who was one of the first to identify human needs.

These needs are survival, shelter, food, and water. If those are fulfilled, we will explore and investigate past that. We will start searching outside of ourselves which explains the origin of ideas such as religion, politics, relationships. We then will want to discover what we can contribute ourselves and we look for our individuality and successes. Many are stuck in the programming of having a house, career, holiday once or twice a year or move on to acquire an even larger house, a more successful career, and longer holiday. A small group escapes this which I call sheep or sleep programming and go in search of their potential, or how they can make a difference. They go in search of the truest, highest, deepest meaning of self in different areas of life: work, relationships, and happiness. Then the real awakening begins.

Awakening is Awareness

The process of awakening and rising from the old dream involves meta-processes such as clearing your past, developing yourself again by following workshops, reading books, and joining discussions, and stepping into a new vision with new insight. This means that we have to open our hearts and minds to new possibilities and beliefs and then have to notice the opportunities and dare to seize them. This requires a dedication to your own growth and development and requires the discipline to develop new skills to further open your potential to new levels of awareness and consciousness.

Then Quantum Came

There are perceptible realities that we cannot perceive with our senses and instruments. These unobservable realities are partly perceptible in the field of current Quantum physics and also in the psychology of the unconscious (parapsychology). There will be a fusion of psyche (consciousness) and physis (matter).

The Two Spheres of Knowledge

There are two spheres of knowledge that are very different from each other:

  1. One is the Newtonian-based natural sciences that focus on the objectively perceptible material world and its laws. The scientific laws are essentially simple and are fairly basic. These laws are expressed in fairly complex mathematical calculations and are analytical.
  2. The second one studies the sphere of the subjective experience of an individual or his/her consciousness This sphere is about the rich inner world of a person. The content of this sphere is mainly expressed in images and ideas in verbal and 3-D form. The conclusions made here are based on synthesis instead of analysis.

It seems that these two have nothing to do with each other, but the opposite is true! There is a very strong connection between these two worlds, each alone is incomplete.


The deep analysis of the spiritual side of life always leads to awareness. This is a mystical experience because beyond our reality there are endless possibilities where each individual can have a unique experience or a similar experience. When this is separated from natural medicine, it becomes a woolly story, often naive and isolated from ordinary life. On the other hand, when these experiences are viewed through the lens of natural sciences, people often get stuck. As the research of people with near-death experiences shows, our consciousness is not tied to the body.

Science cannot explain how I can produce essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals without eating or drinking. The only conclusion that doctors can draw is that I am healthy and stress-free and do not suffer from scurvy (lack of Vitamin C) or other diseases. Even crazier is that I pee (albeit not much) without drinking, I can sleep much less without falling short of sleep, and my fitness and endurance is much better than one would expect. One could say that I’m a medical anomaly.

The Observer Effect

Natural sciences seem very logical and reliable. This appears to be true until one looks deeper and discovers that there are paradoxes in the core of Quantum physics that cannot be solved until one abides by the observer effect. One must at least take the observer’s consciousness into account to resolve the paradoxes.

What if You Are the Creator of Your Life?

Being the creator of our own lives would explain a great deal. For example, it would explain that we and the observed are one and that our consciousness cannot be separated from what we perceive. We create our own version of reality, whether we know it or not. Our thoughts, our beliefs, the story we tell ourselves about who we are, and where we come from colors everything and makes us respond to our own illusion with emotions like pain, sorrow, joy, or anger. If you had the choice, wouldn’t you rather be happy, healthy, abundant and live the life of your dreams? That is what I am doing. I have chosen to start learning again and to leave everything I believe and know behind and to discover what I can experience in the infinite variations of the Multiverse with its infinite dimensions and parallel timelines where doubles of me experience other variations of my life.

Quantum Voyage™ From Lion to Eagle

When I traveled in a meditation to a possible future where I was the happiest and most successful (making the biggest contribution to the world), I discovered that I was living on light and shaved my hair to start again in a new identity. I have now made that Quantum Jump and I am experiencing something completely new that is so powerful and satisfying that I never want to go back to my former life that I once thought was wonderful. Instead of a lion, I have become an eagle, I fly high and look over my life and see the future where I am going to. I am now a Homo Quantum and my mission is to help as many people as possible to become an eagle.

If you are interested in flying high and creating a life in which you want to fully unlock your potential, join us for the Quantum Experience June 15th & 16th, 2019, in Italy. Tickets are still available to join us in person or via livestream.

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In the future, we are also going to train 10 people to become Quantum Trainers and will teach a new form of Hypnosis called Quantum Connection Hypnosis! Keep an eye out for more information!

Love is who we are and in love, we connect with each other and make this earth a better place. I cannot do it alone. I greet you from my heart and wish you all the best.

Roy Martina Quantum Mystic®

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