Are you feeling unhappy, unhealthy or uncomfortable in your body?

Could you use a boost in confidence, clarity, and self-love?

Do you feel an overall sense of heaviness weighing you down?

Do you carry extra weight that you cannot seem to shake no matter what you do?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you are not alone and….


I am here to tell you today that it isn’t your fault! You have been manipulated, lied to and pre-conditioned to struggle with your body image and weight, without even realizing it.

You see, there’s so much more to weight loss and feeling good than just eating right & exercising.

We’ve been told that maintaining a healthy weight should be entirely up to us and our own individual willpower but the conventional wisdom that wants us to believe that it has our best interests at heart is actually WRONG for a few major reasons:

  1. It doesn’t take into consideration a holistic view of the entire person. The past conditions, impressions, emotions and habits that hold us back need to be addressed at a deeper level than just the surface “problem”.
  1. We are taught the calories in vs. calories out method, but the truth is that all calories are NOT created equal. Food products these days are laden with extra sugar, salt, and chemicals to keep us coming back for more.
    • This means we are actually starving ourselves from the vital nutrients and minerals our body needs to function optimally and therefore keeps us in a continuous state of hunger and deprivation.
  1. We are taught to stick to our diet regime whether it feels right or not! That following orders and a rigid routine is more important than actually tuning in and listening to what our body is saying to us in that moment.
    • This is the main reason we don’t see long lasting results when we actually do reach our desired weight-loss goals.

Our willpower to exercise daily, to stick to a diet, to count each calorie in and each calorie out… to worry about all the different fads we are supposed to keep to… These micro-managing tactics can make us feel ashamed about ourselves and insecure about what is really good for our body!

There is a reason why, as a nation……..

  • We currently have over 80 million people suffering from obesity in the US and every 5th child is obese.
  • Over  ⅔’s of US adults are overweight, … which means that 7 out of 10 adults are struggling with the excess fat.
  • For the first time in history, there are more overfed people than underfed people!

And….We are more unhealthy than ever before…….

I mean these are SHOCKING statistics aren’t they? And believe it or not, there are companies wanting to keep the odds of experiencing a healthy life stacked against us.

  • Multi Billion $ industries are openly researching our “bliss point” so they can find out exactly how much sugar they need to add to a product to make it irresistible and highly addictive to the human brain.
  • We’re literally killing ourselves with the food that we are putting in our bodies and using food as a drug (without even really realizing it).
  • For the first time in history, we are seeing old age diabetes in young children.
  • Most of us feel chronically stressed and many of us have trouble falling asleep at night. 
  • And at the same time, we have more diets and weight loss regimes on the market than ever before…

“Low Fat”/ “No Fat”

Atkins, Weight Watchers

Eat For Your Blood Type

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Vegan, Vegetarian

The Paleo diet, Mediterranean Diet

Confused Yet?

It’s hardly surprising that we are feeling confused by all these contradicting messages of what to eat and what not to eat… I mean, who do you trust? And how do you know what’s right for YOU?

The Truth Is… The Solutions We Have Been FED Are NOT Working…

  • Yo-yo dieting is a real problem! Only ⅓ of people who start a diet, lose the weight they set out to, and many of those determined people gain the weight back in just a few months.
  • We lose confidence and think there is something wrong with us when we cheat within the first 5 days of our new diet, when really…… ⅔’s of us do it.
  • We live in a time where a hamburger costs 1$ and a salad $5. Where water is even more expensive than a soft drink.
  • 30% of all women who seek help in losing weight suffer from binge eating which is currently the largest eating disorder group.
  • We are fed images of  “unrealistic perfection” by the mainstream media that leave us feeling even more inadequate.
  • Today it’s not uncommon for little girls of only 8 years old to be embarking on their first diet.

You don’t need to be Einstein to see that something’s seriously off here, right?

When I see how naturally confident and happy our 6-year-old daughter Grace is, I ask myself:

“How did we go from being perfectly content children who feel good about themselves, to becoming self-conscious men and women who no longer believe in our incredible potential?”

Far too many people are currently detached from the natural wisdom of their body and are not treating themselves the way they deserve to be treated.

I am here to tell you…..  You are a miracle! You deserve to achieve your goals! You are not alone! And it’s actually….. Not Your Fault.

Don’t forget what I mentioned earlier.

There are big corporations that profit from us staying unhappy, unfulfilled and disconnected. They are fueled by greed and have been manipulating and lying to us for decades.

There is no need to beat yourself up about not being entirely happy with where you are at in terms of your body, self-image, confidence and weight. There is a better way…..

“Our body is always talking to us – if only we would take the time to listen to it!”- Louise Hay

You can regain your power, reconnect with your body’s intuition and re-discover how naturally easy it really is to take care of yourself on a daily basis and in the most loving way!

You can let go of all this heaviness for good…

The body is not the enemy.

It’s time we stop being angry with our own body!

The key to an Effortlessly and Naturally Slim Body is so Simple and I can’t wait to share it with you.  

Get on the Waitlist for my upcoming Free Online Training to discover the effortless way to re-discover a lighter you:

Awaken your true potential to be Healthy, Confident, and Joyful!

In Boundless Love,





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