How You Create Ripples of Peace [Scientifically Proven]

Did you know that by collectively and intentionally raising our vibrations, we can literally create more peace in the world?

It’s true! And here’s proof…

According to the World Peace Organization and extensive studies over the last several decades, collective meditation has proven to reduce crime rates and terrorism and even increase economic prosperity.

We are all just made up of energy and vibrational frequencies after all. Even the cup from which you’re sipping your morning tea is made up of constantly spinning vortices of energy.

It’s wondrous, really.

And, what’s even more mind blowing than the fact that we can alter our own vibrational state is that we can raise the vibrational state of our planet.

And, considering the state of affairs in many places around the globe, improving our collective vibrational levels is a much needed effort, wouldn’t you say?

To break it down even further, the WPO states that the number of people connecting and collectively sending out their light is the square root of 1% of the population that the group hopes to affect.

By this formula, the collective positive energy of 8.485 lightworkers can positively impact the entire world’s population of 7.2 billion people.

The more people who can collectively come together to send out high vibrations to the world = bigger impact.

Who says world peace isn’t possible??

It truly is evidence that the ripples we create have the potential to reach far and wide.

So, in honor of International Peace Day, we are hosting a global meditation, and our goal is to connect the hearts of 10,000 human beamings around the world in order to collectively raise the vibrations of all of humanity.

Who’s with us?

When we know the power we hold within us, how can we turn a blind eye? We CAN change the world. We MUST change the world. We ARE changing the world.

Say it with me.

We ARE changing the world.

If you read this before September 21, 2018, be sure to save the date and join us here at 8am PST / 11am EST / 16:00 CET for the International Peace Day Global Meditation hosted by me (Dr. Joy Martina) and my husband (Dr. Roy Martina).

We have maximum impact when we meditate together simultaneously, BUT… if you catch this after September 21, 2018, you can still enjoy the global meditation here and beam your light into the world as often as you can find the time.

And, be sure to carry forth the intention of bringing peace by living from a place of love and continuing to be a beacon of light to all those around you. It matters. You matter.

Humanity will be saved by those who remember that it matters. [<< CLICK TO TWEET]


Set aside just 30 minutes for our International Peace Day Meditation below. Together we can change the world.

It's International Peace Day! Join us for a Global Meditation and let's all contribute to more harmony and compassion on this planet

Posted by Drs. Joy and Roy on Friday, September 21, 2018


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