If it’s Not a “Hell Yes!” it’s a “Hell No!”

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Joy Martina’s 2018 Amazon bestseller: How to Use Your Intuition to Change your Life. You can purchase the book here.

I have a playful mantra that comes in quite handy at moments of choice. I invite you to try it out for yourself. Use it as an internal gauge when you have to make a yes-or-no decision. This mantra will eliminate a lot of those messy maybes. I suggest you give it a whirl next time you’re out shopping just to see how it feels.

Here’s the mantra: If it’s not a “Hell Yes!” it’s a “Hell no.” (Imagine what your closet would look like if you ask that question every time you go shopping!)

What would your life look like if you made every important decision by breaking it down to this simple rule? How often would you say “No” sooner and thus save yourself the time and energy that goes into waffling over a decision? How often do you have to go back and retract a “Yes” that would have been a “No” if you’d applied this rule? Can you see how this it would give your “Yes” more impact?

We often over-complicate our decision making processes by getting stuck in our heads and over-analyzing all the pros and cons. Meanwhile, our intuition generally knows right from the start if it’s a “Hell Yes!” or a “Hell no!”

I’m not suggesting you go around saying “Hell, yes” all the time. I am suggesting you train yourself to become a decisive, high-impact “Yes!” person, who makes wise choices coming from your highest intelligence. When you can say “Yes” with the energy and emotion of a “Hell Yes!” you put yourself in a powerful position. You also give yourself a huge boost when it comes to understanding and applying the laws of manifestation. Think about it. The more energy you put out with the level of clarity, energy, and  intention contained in a “Hell Yes!”, the bigger the ripple effect in the Universe and the greater the reward. You can read more on this topic of The Universal Laws of Manifestation in our book “The Little Book of Karma”.

Tap into your highest wisdom and rediscover your INTUITION by grabbing your copy of How to Use Your Intuition to Change Your Life here.


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