Quantum Manifestation Through the Power of Your Heart

You are a great, infinite and eternal being and you are on Earth to discover who you really are. You are here to enjoy the ride and not work yourself to the bone while sacrificing your happiness.

If you’re like me, you didn’t grow up knowing all that. You might have sometimes wondered what love really is.

It took me a while to really own my name JOY.

I was given the name because my parents were told they couldn’t conceive, and yet here I am. I remember being a very happy child but when puberty hit I lost connection with my true self and started struggling.

I spent years battling depression, insomnia and all the other side effects of people pleasing. I was working so hard to be perfect and meet the needs of the people around me that I forgot about myself, my dreams and my passion.

It took driving from my beautiful home in my fancy car, in my expensive dress to my glamorous job one morning, and noticing the thought: “I wish I could just drive this car against a wall and be done,” to awaken. I knew I would never do that to my kids. But still… I knew I needed to rise and find my innate joy for life again.

So I went on a deep inner quest, consulted therapists, studied countless programs and books to find ways to rekindle my joy for life; and discover my reason for being.

I defined my mission “to spread JOY while I help myself an others thrive” and learnt the power of Quantum Manifestation.

Meanwhile, I think I have the best job in the world, and I feel congruent with my name.

Your hearts desires are the rocket fuel for your success

To amplify our results in manifestation and to do so in a graceful and joyful way (instead of forcing your way with willpower), we must connect to our hearts. To the love that is the essence of who we are. But many of us are empaths, who have spent often decades struggling in a harsh, competitive environment and are doubting the power of our hearts. The prison of painful emotions prevents us from achieving our dream of an easeful and joyful life, and lowers our success in manifestation.

Waking up from your coma

You are here for a reason. You will wake you up sooner or later to become who you really are. The moment of awakening will allow you to encounter all your limitations (limiting beliefs, past trauma, emotional attachment), and you get to break through those upper limits.

You might now be strongly attached to who you believe you are and all the different roles you play, that you might have forgotten about your true potential.

By getting a sense of your Quantum Self, as I call it, (that most evolved version of you), and letting go of all learned conditioning, you can open your heart more and more; and increase your power of manifestation.

When you give the leadership to your heart (instead of your brain), you will automatically attract more of what you desire, because your heart is 60x stronger electrically and 6000x stronger magnetically than your brain.

New Times, New Rules

Earth is evolving. Humanity has the opportunity to do the same. We have access to more knowledge than ever before and yet we will only rise if we realize our responsibility as creatrix of life; connect to the power of our hearts, and work with the Quantum Field.

Quantum Science

The fastest way of manifestation happens when we send out our intentions and heart desires via high frequencies (from our heart) without a shadow of doubt. By tuning into the future where you have mastered those higher frequencies, and you are the person you desire to be, you manifest at an accelerated rate. Timelines collapse, and you are practicing Quantum Manifestation.

Here my 5 best tips to manifesting with the Power of the Heart:

  1. Take more time for yourself. Make yourself a priority to love first. Start your day in silence and away from your screens to set your intention for the day.
  2. Learn to say NO gracefully. Tune into your heart and ask: Is this a hell yes or a hell no? And if it’s a no: Say so!
  3. Forgive and release joyfully. Ask yourself: What else could my challenges and painful experiences mean? How did they serve me and help me become stronger? Don’t allow the past to influence your future by giving away your power to the people who caused you pain. Cut the links and move on. Check out this free 5 day process to help you.
  4. Own your desires. Stop judging your big, juicy dreams as impossible or inappropriate, and instead tune into them! Ask yourself: Why is it so easy for me to tune into my heart and manifest with grace, ease and joy? What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?
  5. Connect to your Quantum Self. How would you feel if all your struggles were behind you, and you knew “I did it!”. Create a snapshot in your mind of that moment. Where are you? What are you wearing? How big is that smile on your face? What are the thoughts you are thinking? The more you focus on this moment in time, the stronger your elevated emotions are… the more energy you are sending out to make just that happen for you.

Let’s start the process Quantum Manifestation by placing our hands on our hearts as affirming:

“I am love. I am eternal. I am infinite. I flow the energy through me that serves my highest good and connects me to my Quantum Self now. Thank you. So it is. So it shall be. Or something even better.”

May you create a life where you feel safe, healthy and happy; and are manifesting your heart’s desires with ease. And if you’d like to join us to dive deep into the Power of the Heart… Rebirth Training, find out more and sign up here.

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