There is a revolution happening. A renaissance, a MASS awakening in the medical & spiritual worlds. It’s been happening quietly for some time now, but it’s really starting to catch on in the mainstream.

What are we referring to?


Epigenetics is all about how genes can be switched on and off based on environmental factors.

Before epigenetics, it was believed that our genes were the ones controlling our cells.

This meant that we were basically at the mercy of heredity, and things like alcoholism, obesity, diabetes, cancer and mental disorders were simply passed down from parents and relatives with no say on our part.

What science has now proven is that it’s actually environmental factors that determine which genes get expressed or turned off.

So, what does that mean for You?

It means that instead of your life, body, and health being played out by a predetermined blueprint, you get to step into the role of the builder.

“You get to co-create with your environment to determine who you are and what you get to become.”

Environmental factors

These are some examples of environmental factors that can influence our genetic expression:

  • Stress
  • Nutrition
  • Supplements & Herbs
  • Trauma
  • Exercise
  • Fear
  • Sunlight
  • Meditation
  • Pains, stress, and adversity from our ancestors
  • Stress, violence, and trauma while in the womb
  • And more!

The key job we have as humans is to start taking care of ourselves, which is why this science is the foundation of everything we do!

“Health is so much more than diet and exercising. Our health is encoded in our DNA and we can actually DO something about it!”

Tools like Brain Training, meditation and other methods of speaking to the Subconscious Mind are ways in which we create a positive environment so that we can thrive in mind, body, heart and soul. These tools help us manage negative environmental factors, such as stress, in a healthy way -AND- help us to add in positive environmental factors in the form of healthy daily habits & good nutrition (not dieting!) on a consistent basis.

How to Create a Positive Environment to Thrive

Our body is literally listening in on our self-talk and tuning into our day-to-day environment.

What kind of environment are your thoughts creating? How are your emotions impacting your health? Are your relationships creating a toxic, stressful environment? Or are they supporting you in creating an environment to thrive? How about work… does your work environment & business relationships align with the life you’re trying to create?

If your health, wealth, and relationships aren’t what you want them to be, remember this. You have the ability to become empowered beyond your wildest dreams and overcome any difficult situation or stress that arises in life. Be intentional with creating positivity in your life on a daily basis.

“You have the ability to become empowered beyond your wildest 

YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE. And you have available to you all the tools you need to become the greatest, grandest version of YOU!

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