Very soon, Roy and I are headed off to Italy to teach a 4-day workshop, the very same workshop where he and I first met almost 5 years ago to the day!

And yes… we met in a place called, Oy! Crazy, right?!

It was a truly magical, once-in-a-lifetime love story you hear about where two magnets are pulled together. But I can tell you, at that time in my life, I had anything but meeting a man on my mind.

It’s been an amazing journey full of synchronicities & magic! I can truly say that Roy is definitely the love of my life, my soulmate, and that man that is supposed to be at my side on this journey fulfilling our mission together on this planet.

It was like thunder struck.

 So, here’s how Joy and Roy met in Oy…

5 years ago, I attended my very first Omega Healing workshop (actually it was the first module of the same training series that we now teach together!) and little did I know just how much my life was going to change!

Not only did I finally find THE system that helped me put all my previous trainings to use in a really efficient way (and get amazing results as a coach) but I also found my Soul Mate!

And that in a tiny village in the middle of beautiful Bavaria, and at a time, where neither Roy nor I were looking for a relationship, because that is exactly how the Universe works.

When you make plans and think you’ve got it all sorted out, in comes God and changes EVERYTHING!

So I, Joy, was in the midst of what I now see as owner of the most stressful and emotionally challenging periods of my life. I was in the aftermath of a messy divorce, running my own business with employees and clients to support, was a single Mum to my 3 kids. Grace was only a baby.

As you can imagine, taking time out to go to a 4-day training was quite a struggle and OH My Goodness am I glad I went outside my comfort zone and leaned very heavily into my discomfort. cause look what happened!

Anything you desire is possible! We cannot guarantee you will find your Soul Mate, but hey, you never know what can happen when you invest in & work on yourself. Miracles ABOUND! 

We actually have had Soul Mates find each other at our Retreats & Workshops among having countless other remarkable stories of love & healing occur!

Hear from some of our members below, like Anna who lost 7 kilos once she let go of her Past Heavy Baggage. Or Susan who finally released worrying about other people’s judgments, was able to accept the core of who she is, and is becoming the woman she is meant to be in the world.

“I can truly say that Roy is definitely the love of my life… I found him at Omega Healing!”

From our heart to yours:

We’d love to extend an invitation to our upcoming Intentional Healing Workshop.

Our love story is proof of the magical energy that surrounds these Intentional Healing workshops! And now, for the FIRST TIME EVER, we are able to live stream the entire workshop so you can learn these practical healing tools right from your home.

Here’s more magical proof:

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