From a Lizard’s Heart to the Heart Chakra

It was on a Saturday around 11 a.m. on the island of Aruba. I was 13 years old and had done something very special. I ran into the kitchen and asked my mother for a needle.

My mother looked at me with a puzzled look and said, “Why do you need a needle, Roy?

My answer flew out in one word: “I cut open a lizard, took the heart out and put it back in, and I have to sew it up again!”

My mother made a very ghastly (yet proud) face, and I could barely hear her: “Here’s a needle, do your thing, but never bring that needle back!!

The lizard lived another hour after that. It was my first heart surgery.

A bit later, we sat down at the table for lunch, and as I was telling the whole story, my father’s smile grew bigger and bigger.

He turned to my mother and said, “Remember when Roy was about 3 years old and ran around with the doorknob to listen to everyone’s hearts?”

“That’s true,” my mother replied. “We had this old-fashioned white door knob back then, and he ran around with it. He wanted to be a doctor then. Good job, Roy, you’re still on the same road!”

“Yaaaa!!!!” I replied. “But I will go further. I want to be a surgeon!”

Years later, after medical school, I still wanted to fulfill my dream, but the Universe had other plans for me. (Or rather, my Higher Self knew I had another mission to fulfill).

And so I had an accident, where my hands lost their stability. I came into contact with acupuncture and stepped on the path of Holistic Healing.

What a special road that was! At first, of course, I was deeply disappointed and thought that my dream had failed. In the meantime, I have learned that it should have happened so that I can now show people how to feel and use the Power of their Heart in a different way.

It has often been said that I was fluffy with, among other things, my talk and workshops about chakras, meditations and frequencies of the heart.

I was even told I was not a real doctor but a quack. Fortunately, that didn’t break me, and I started to listen more and more to my heart (and to that of others).

And now, do you know what’s so fantastic ? Science has proven time and again that it IS our heart that is the great regulator.

The heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body and produces the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any organ of the body. The electrical field of the heart is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain.

Look it up on the Internet and scientific magazines: The heart rules!!!

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