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Module 1: Quantum Leap
Module 2: Masterclass

Get the digitally mastered recordings of the first half of our Oracle Training in Lake Garda, Italy.

I received so much from this workshop. I recommend this to everyone! Roy and Joy are amazing people.

Christel van Loon, Belgium
These Trainings Will Empower You To:
Make big decisions that serve your life's Higher Purpose with courage, clarity, and confidence
Cut karmic links, clear self sabotage & experience true freedom from negative past experiences
Balance your chakras to access the quantum field of magical manifestation
Unlock your innate ability to channel messages from the Universe for yourself and others
Feel grounded, centered and aligned with your Higher Self using new tools and strategies
Find Your soul purpose and help others find theirs

Take you from intuition to knowing and give you access to actionable information

only €490 ($605)
normally €580 ($715)
Save €110 today!
I'm Ready to Claim My Power

You were born with innate psychic abilities. Yes, YOU.

As a child, you trusted your gut and you were able to make snap decisions about what was best for you. Somewhere along the way, however, most of us lose this ability.

We are worn down by our past experiences, fear of judgement, desire to please others, and this results in a disconnection from our Higher Self.

Have you ever looked back on an experience that “went badly” and thought, “wow, I had a weird feeling about that from the start?” You knew something wasn’t right, but you didn’t act on your intuition.

When we lose that crystal clear connection with our Higher Self, we become unsure of our true purpose, we battle with self doubt, and we feel overwhelmed by all that life throws at us.

Our Oracle Trainings will give you the tools and the confidence to know what’s right for you and to act on it.

You will tap into your instincts and become wholly aligned with your heart and mind. This will bring peace, clarity, and joy BACK into your life.

When you take the time to strengthen your Higher Self connection, you gain a lot of power… Like the awesome power to channel and interpret the Universe’s infinite wisdom.

Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not! And I’m ready to teach you how.

Today is the PERFECT day to make a commitment to yourself.

Gratitude!! My life is lighter, I can make decisions, I have so much love to give, I am worth it, I paid my dues, I cannot change the past, I let go of what I cannot change, I have the courage to change over and and over again, my channels of love are open, I am aware of my force and 'power'.
Astrid, Holland
only €490 ($605)
normally €580 ($715)
Save €110 today!
I'm Ready to Claim My Power
"I had problems with speaking my truth. When I went to the workshop, I would've never dreamt of fixing that problem. I had the opportunity to work with Joy on it and am now able to speak my truth. If you're thinking about doing the workshop, I'm sure you'll change your life. Are you ready to find out what your experience will be?"
only €490 ($605)
normally €580 ($715)
Save €110 today!
I'm Ready to Claim My Power