Mastering the First Phase: Warrior (Earth)

How Do You Stop the Way You Have Been on Your Path and Start Looking With New Eyes?

“When does it end?”¬†A workshop attendee asked the question, ‚ÄúI have done so many trainings and sessions and each time I improve but I still have so many problems and life is still not what I want it to be.‚ÄĚ

That was my same experience¬†for a long time.¬†I had¬†done 100‚Äôs of workshops and my life did improve in many areas and keeps on improving but there was not the peace of mind I expected to come out of all these investments that I wasn’t getting.

The Change

This continued for over 30 years until I reached the point that I did not care anymore. I did not care if ever I was going to be in a relationship, I did not care if my business would make more profit and get out of debt or not, I did not care anymore if my pain would go away. I just stopped caring and started to focus on what was good in my life and fill my body with gratitude and start to enjoy more the moments that were better than normal.

That is when everything began to change.

Then, I met Joy in a workshop and knew instantly that she was the one I would spend the rest of my life with. I closed my very successful company and my life of traveling from country to country teaching workshops and trying to save everybody on my path. Only then I discovered that I was not taking care of my growth, body, my mind and myself.

After searching for more than 30 years, a new path started by surrendering to a higher consciousness and giving up the need to want to control everything, to plan everything, to want more than I have.

Mastering the First Element: Earth (Warrior)!

In the first post of this blog series, I introduced the 5 Elements of the Power of Love

The 5 Phases are:

Warrior –> Healer –>Visionary –> Teacher –> Leader.

This corresponds with the Chinese concept of the elements:

Earth –> Metal –> Water –> Wood –> Fire.

Each element has a shadow side and a light side. The shadow-side is where you get stuck in that specific element. The light side is when you are no longer controlled by the ego part of you, but you surrender to the higher self or guidance by the wiser you.

By breaking it down into 5 elements, everything becomes easier to manage because each element has a different way of being balanced. There are many ways to strengthen each element until it is fully light, and what we are offering is what we found to work the best and the fastest.

The retreat is the first time we will present this fast system!

The first element we need to master is the Earth – or Warrior.

Earth Is the Testing Planet: The Warrior Zone

5 Phases

The earth is the place of war Рcountries fighting against each other, people against each other. It is the place where power is abused by the stronger warriors, it is the place where people want to control each other, it is the place of slavery and the place where the more powerful dictate to others. The big corporations abuse their power by cheating, distortion, and lies to gain more profit. It is the place where western medicine suppresses any other form of healing. It is where the oil-industries destroy this planet by stifling new developments. And the list goes on… Greed, ignorance, arrogance, dishonesty, and deceit are the norm.

Earth makes up the 3-Dimensional illusion we call life. As a result, we need to master our bodies; we need to stand up to our ego and animalistic instincts. We need to guard our sanity, our place and our family or way of life. We need to stand for what we believe in and fight for our values.

You have to learn how to stand up for who you are, how to take your place and have a presence in an ever-increasing noisier world.

“Without the evolution of the earth (warrior) all other elements will be weak.”

The Invincible Shadow Warrior

5 phasesThe shadow side of the warrior is to believe that feelings are bad and should be suppressed, ignored and overruled at all costs. That is the main problem faced by over 50% of the population.

Men step in most cultures in the shadow-warrior mode, because they are taught that feelings are for women and vulnerability is a weakness. Many women who try to compete against men do the same.

The consequences are disastrous for our health. Suppressed feelings and emotions wreak havoc in the energy balance of the body and are the cause of 80% of chronic disease.

The Shadow Warrior numbs him or herself with alcohol, smoking, sugar, coffee, cannabis, sports, TV, sex, anti-depressants, sleeping pills and much more. The biggest percentage of addictions is caused by the need to numb our emotions.

Distraction is another method to not feel: social media, TV, sports, reading, games are a great way to run away from what is going on inside. Many of these patterns are inherited or cultivated by parents and peers who all play the same game. 5 Phases

The Wounded Warrior

Another shadow side of the Warrior is the Wounded Warrior. This includes abuse of power, lack of discipline, weak boundaries (problems saying no), wanting to be liked by all, victim state, not wanting to be visible, shame and low self-worth. This causes blocks in our growth. We become ambivalent, have problems choosing, we stay stuck in denial, we doubt ourselves and we worry about our future. We are afraid to fail.

Authentic Warrior

5 phases

Authenticity is making peace with who you are. It is to accept that we are born imperfect and that we struggle through life. Once we accept that life is about overcoming obstacles and imperfections (and that most often, we cannot do it by ourselves. We need help!) so we can go through the initiation process of accepting that we are not perfect and being OK to be vulnerable than we can open up to healing. When we become authentic and are open to accepting help to move beyond the stage of wounded shadow warrior. It all becomes easier. The first step is to accept
yourself and love yourself just the way you are without rejecting yourselfVulnerability

The Vulnerable Wounded Warrior

The first step is to acknowledge that you are wounded and that you are traumatized emotionally and mentally. That you have problems and struggle with the challenges of life, that your relationships lack the depth that you know is possible. Also, we need to find what we are ashamed of. Shame comes from our subconscious belief that we are not good enough, not beautiful enough, not worthy enough, etc.

One area that is very difficult to be vulnerable is sexuality, to be able to express what you want, need and like is also part of the whole picture. To become a mature Light Warrior we need to learn how to communicate our vulnerability. Just being vulnerable is not going to cut it; we need to learn non-defensive, non-aggressive passionate communication. That is one of the tools you will learn in our retreat in November, without learning how to communicate our feelings, wants and don’ts properly we only will become more wounded. Not only we need to learn to speak our truth, but we also need to learn to accept the consequences. Rejection is needed to make us stronger and is a filtering process so we can attract the right people that will stimulate our personal and spiritual growth. The goal is to become a Light Warrior!

The Fearful Warrior

WoundedDo not be mistaken the path to enlightenment is not a spiritual path; it is coded in our DNA. In our DNA we have two opposite instincts: survival and enlightenment. Survival is the oldest instinct that was created in order to survive in a hostile environment with animals that would love to have us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then we face imminent peril from nature and last but not least perils from other human beings that see other tribes as a threat or a cheap labor pool. This instinct is reflected in a part of the brain that is the oldest in evolutionary development; it is called the reptilian brain. Our ego is formed based on this natural instinct and how we are thought to overcome challenges. If we stay stuck in survival there can be neither personal growth nor spirituality. What will come out of false programming and the lack of developing the second inborn instinct is more struggles, fanaticism, ego-centered behavior and the need for protection because we feel unsafe? All the wars on this planet come from the fact that we mainly cultivate the survival instincts of the DNA and brains.


The Authentic Grounded Light WarriorGrounded Warrior

So in order to get to become a light warrior, we need to activate another part of our genes and that is where we use more of the newer parts of the brain: the frontal cortex. The frontal cortex is where we can step out of survival and see the bigger picture we can observe better and have a better judgment or even no judgment. Where the reptilian brain is always in the fight or flight mode, the frontal cortex is where we communicate with our hearts and filter life based on the question: Does this bring me more peace and harmony or takes me away from that? Does this make my heart sings or does it constrict my capacity to be whole and loving? It is where we can overcome the impulses of the ego and become aware of our higher purpose.

The next step is to connect the frontal cortex with our hearts and allow the heart to be the leader; this is the 5th element, which we will discuss, in another session.

One way to cultivate the frontal part of the brain is by learning effective breathing techniques that will help us release fear and access love. In our retreat, of course, we will teach several breathing techniques that will fortify each element. The Light Warrior is the normal evolutionary path of human beings when we have the tools to heal our emotions and traumas. This has nothing to do with spirituality, as most people believe, it’s a natural process.

“The Light Warrior is the normal evolutionary path of human beings when we have the tools to heal our emotions and traumas.”

5 Phases

We Only Have Two Paths We Can Take in Our Lives

Path one is to stay stuck in the survival brain and struggle with many issues in life and in the end we become grumpy old people who are nostalgic and believe all good things are in the past. When you spend time with an (older) person who is not evolved to a lighter mature warrior, you will notice how they drain your energy – they complain a lot, they are focused on their problems, they feel victimized, they blame and gossip, etc. After a few minutes, you start feeling depressed and low in energy.

On the contrary, when you are with a person who is using more of their frontal cortex you will notice they are positive, problem-solving oriented, forgiving, they are caring and do not put themselves first unless they have to make a choice for maintaining their harmony. That is not spirituality but normal human evolution.

Spirituality is one step higher; it’s when we become the servants and channelers of a higher wisdom. That is where we use the ego for finding the strength to go against the current of false beliefs and humanity stuck in survival mode. We follow a path that leads to a bigger goal than ourselves and a path of service with grace, ease, and joy.

“The foundation of all elements of our human existence is the Earth element; without the evolution of the earth (warrior) all other elements will be weak.”

Now, my questions to you are: What do you recognize for yourself? Are you a wounded warrior, do you fight your shadow side, do you recognize your survival patterns?

If there is a strong yes in there, you may want to consider the following options:

1. Evolve from survival to growth and peace of mind

2. Become more authentic and learn to communicate from the heart and not from survival

3. Invest in your wellbeing

Of course, there are many paths leading to the greatest grandest version of you, but if you’re feeling called to go deeper down this path with us,¬†Come join us in our sanctuary!

We call our home the Sanctuary and have created a perfect healing place and a sanctuary for accelerated growth and consciousness.

5 PhasesThe most exclusive and fastest way to make the next couple of quantum jumps is attending our upcoming retreat this November in Asheville, NC – details here. We will take you through the natural progression discovered over 6000 years ago by the Chinese empaths who created the whole science of acupuncture by interpreting the subtle signs of our energy systems influenced by our emotions, mind, and lifestyle. We will introduce to you our research and discoveries that catapulted us in our new lifestyle that is way beyond what we believed was possible.

When you leave you will leave with a toolbox that has proven itself over and over again and that is why we get over 100 positive emails every month from people worldwide who have benefited from our work.

If you are a newbie, this may be over your head… BUT, if you are a die-hard and know that it is time to take the next jump, apply¬†for a conversation with us to see if this would be a good fit for you. We guarantee that it will be the best investment you have ever done in yourself

Take care and until the next post in the series.

Yours Truly,


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