The Magic Sword: How to Set Yourself Free from the Chains of Your Past (Phase Two: Healer)

Can I ask you a funny question?…

What if you had access to a magic sword?Healer Metal

Imagine wielding a sword that had the power to cut all the cords linking you to your past:
your hurts, your unresolved feelings, traumas, fears, and negative experiences.

Think of who you could be without the chains of these things holding you back.

You’d be able to fully step into your power.

This Magic Sword Exists!

And it’s the second Phase in our 5-part system: The Healer (Metal).

The 5 phases are:

Warrior –> Healer –>Visionary –> Teacher –> Leader.

This corresponds with the Chinese concept of the elements:

Earth –> Metal –> Water –> Wood –> Fire.

By breaking your life down into 5 elements (phases), personal growth becomes easier to manage.

The retreat is the first time we will present this fast system!

A Sharp Sword

Think of the metal element as a sharp sword. This sword has the power to cut links we are attached to from the past. These links are memories in our minds that are not resolved; you can see them as wireless connections or cords with traumas or persons in the past.

Many of us live our lives stuck in the past, in one form or another. We have problems accepting changes and we lose connection with the now because of sadness, grief, anger, and pain from another time in our lives. We often lack the structure and the know-how to be able to move forward and let go. That is why, in this phase of growth, we must become the Healer.

To step into your full power and reach ultimate success in every area of your life, you have to heal your past.

At the retreat, we will do several ceremonies and exercises to cut these links that suck energy from you and deplete you. And we will support you in stepping into your Healer element to be able to heal, not only yourself but others as well.

Right now, I want to share with you some of the shadow sides of the Healer Metal. Read on and see if any of these examples sound familiar.

The Needy Healer

The shadow side of the healer is to believe that we need to help others perfectly otherwise we are not good enough. We take responsibility for the problems of others.

For example, if your partner is unhappy you want to cheer him/her up and if your partner stays stuck you feel bad for not being able to help them. Healers who fail to heal someone will often feel like a failure or are emotionally affected by their inability to help the other person. The more you want to help someone the more stress is in your body and the more you block your creative capacity to heal.

You have to become a neutral channel of a power greater than you to create miraculous healings. A true healer cannot take credit because they are not doing anything; they are used by higher powers. Doctors and therapists often follow strategies to heal people. Jesus was an instrument of God in his healings; he said also that everyone could do it.

“The more you want to help someone, the more stress is in your body and the more you block your creative capacity to heal.”

The Wounded Healer

This person is unable to overcome the loss of a loved one, often stuck in the past, keeping grievances forever, feeling not powerful enough to create a new life of joy, grace, and happiness. They accept a stuck state and often recycle negative thoughts. They experience self-guilt, accusing, need for tons of appreciation and attention, very attached to structure, protocol, tidiness and very uncomfortable when things are not going according to plan.

The Power of an Authentic Healer

Authenticity is total honesty with oneself and with another about oneself. It is beyond vulnerability. And it is a way of healing by allowing what is to be present.

In this phase, one does not take anything personally but sees the interaction that goes on at a deeper level, being aware and using appropriately the power of intention to move the creative powers of the universe.

For example, I have had many healings happen just by holding the space for healing and guiding the process by sending the precise intention for the healing and then just allow it to happen without expectation of what will happen. Then often I noticed that some people had an immediate effect. And on the other end, when healing wasn’t immediate, things were set in motion and the effect was built up over time and sometimes the connection was not seen anymore between intention and the healing.

How to Become Authentic

When we become authentic and are open to accepting help to learn how to become a master in letting go and an open channel for healing all becomes easier. The first step is to accept yourself and love yourself just the way you are without rejecting yourself and know that you are an awesome channel for the Universe.

Let’s go inside for a moment.

We’ve discussed briefly the second phase (healer), which is the foundation for joy, fun, and healing in one’s life.

What do you recognize for yourself? Are you a wounded healer, can you give unconditionally, do you recognize how you hold on subconsciously to the past?

If there is a strong yes in there, you may want to consider the following options:

  1. Learn some rituals of letting go of the past (A Free Gift to help you with this: The Heart Healing Revolution 5-part audio series)
  1. Become more authentic and learn the art of unconditional giving, smile more, make more compliments, show your joy and gratitude and also dream of a much nicer future where you are having fun and feel vital and happy.
  1. Invest in your well-being.

Stepping into the Greatest, Grandest version of Yourself requires you to be grounded and sure (Earth – Warrior) and to have the power to release and let go of the past to live in the present moment.

We are ALL healers.

We are ALL warriors.

And we are ALL already the successful person we want to be.

All we have to do to realize that truth is to step boldly onto the path of growth and exploration.

Of course, there are many paths leading to the greatest grandest version of you, but if you’re feeling called to go deeper down this path with us, Come join us in our sanctuary!

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