Brain Training – The SECRET to Shedding The Weight

brain training

Our bodies have innate wisdom about what is good for us, we’ve simply lost touch with this wisdom!

Through brain training, you can reconnect with this innate wisdom, begin to LISTEN to our body, and finally understand its needs.

What Is Brain Training?

Brain Training works by speaking to your Subconscious Mind. The subconscious mind represents 97% of our total brain function and is responsible for our decision making, moods, cravings, and more.

Your Subconscious Mind is ALWAYS awake and ALWAYS LISTENING – even if you aren’t!

Your Subconscious Mind will believe what it’s told AS LONG AS you use the proper words and language to trigger the positive response necessary to support our goals.

There’s a science to it, which is where I come in.

If we haven’t officially met, I’m Joy. I’m a Psychic Psychologist on a mission to spread joy while helping myself and others thrive.

Part of this mission to thrive includes unlocking my (and YOUR) full potential and tapping into the Universal wisdom that resides deep within us.

Brain training is a powerful and effective way to tap into this wisdom to transform your life from the inside out.

But, not all brain training is created equal. My brain training audios are scientifically engineered by carefully choosing the exact right words, phrases, and expressions to trigger the correct responses from your Subconscious Mind.

The Trouble With Affirmations

Most people do not know how to properly work with their Subconscious.

For example, if you affirm everyday: “I’m 20 pounds lighter!” or “I’m a millionaire!” Your subconscious will chuckle at you a bit and say, “No, you’re not!”

This is why people have such trouble with affirmations really working.

Affirmations are a great tool to help when you need to focus on a different thought pattern. Connecting with your Future Self is entirely different.

When you connect to the Vision of your Greatest, Grandest Self on a daily basis and program into your mind that, “I’m becoming that naturally slim person who already lives inside of me!”

Can’t you feel the difference already?

You may have just felt in your body, “That’s it!”

This shift, this “ah-ha” moment, is exactly what my Sleep Your Fat Away 3.0 Program helps you create.

My program turns the time you spend relaxing & sleeping into a productive brain training session by rewiring your subconscious mind in the ways that WORK, to not only achieve your ideal weight but improve all areas of your life as well.

All you need to do play the Brain Training Audios on your speakers at a barely audible level or plug in your favorite pair of earbuds and then relax, fall beautifully asleep, and allow the supreme power of your subconscious to start creating your desires!

Because your subconscious is always listening you are receiving the positive messages that are working towards what you really want in life while you sleep.

This is why this program WORKS, even when you don’t!

The processing power of the Subconscious Mind is 1 MILLION times more powerful at influencing our behaviours than the Conscious Mind. Which means that training the subconscious mind to start working towards your goal of losing weight is much more effective than trying to lose weight with your conscious mind.

FACT: Trying to create change through relying on the Conscious Mind’s use of willpower and ego is like drinking only an ounce of water when you are dehydrated.

Our Brain Training Audios speak directly to parts of the brain that are doing 97% of the work to create your life. This is what makes them so effective.

We give you a system & a structure to easily unlock the power of your neuroplasticity, how cool is that?

Only through repetitive instillment at deep subconscious levels can your desired habits become ingrained and start to manifest in your conscious life.

Training your subconscious is much EASIER than using willpower with your conscious mind! And THAT is why brain training is the secret to weight loss!!

I would love for you to experience the effortless transformations that are waiting for you in the Sleep Your Fat Away Virtual Bootcamp! The Brain Training Audios provided in the program are specifically designed to instill healthy habits into your lifestyle, effortlessly!

To learn more about how to LISTEN to your body, WHY you are holding onto fat, and HOW the Sleep Your Fat Away program works, click HERE.

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