How I Learned to be Confident and Trust That Intuition Has My Back

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Joy Martina’s 2018 Amazon bestseller: How to Use Your Intuition to Change your Life. You can purchase the book here.

The last thing we wanted to do was replace the roof on our house but my intuition thought otherwise…

Our existing roof was perfectly fine. No reason to make that kind of investment just because of some silly recurring dream. So I went through the process I always use to check if I’m coming from fear. I worked with my emotions and detached. But the fear was still there. Odd.

Then, one day, I pick my daughter Grace up from school and when we pull into the driveway she says, “Mom, you know you’re going to die in this house.”

I say, “Yeah, one day when I’m really old. I can see that.”

And she says, “Yeah but there’s something with a fire.”

I say, “Interesting. Thank you honey. Let me ponder on that.”

I was careful not to let this feed my fear, but I did make a direct request to my unconscious: give me guidance here. There was no room for ambiguity. I asked for a clear message. Then I let go of my fear, confident that intuition always has my back.

When I was packing for our next trip, I got the clear message I’d requested. A loud voice spoke in my ear: “Put everything you really value in the basement.”

We would be traveling for a whole month, so that made sense. I acknowledged the voice I know so well (even though it usually whispers) and said, “Okay you know what, I’ll just put all the jewelry and stuff in the basement. That seems wise.”

That evening, my husband and I took some extra time to connect to our guidance in a neutral and detached way, and I asked the question: “What’s important for us to know?”

Without skipping a beat, my guidance said, “You need a new roof on your house.”

We said, “Okay. Why?”

The reply came, “You need to replace it with a hurricane proof roof made of metal.” And then, with emphasis, “This is the very next step you need to take.”

Honestly, a new roof was the last thing we wanted to throw money at right then. Our home is a considerable size and there was nothing wrong with the roof we had. We were looking at a 6-figure investment that would easily have paid for a deluxe vacation for the entire family or many other fun things. We looked at each other and shrugged. We knew, there was nothing else to do but follow this guidance.

I said, “Well, we signed up for this path. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that the guidance we get has always been right.

Roy said, “Okay, then. Nothing to do but trust.” He hired a roofing company that very week. They put a steel roof on the house while we were in Europe.

Two months later, Roy and I were away from home again, leading our Heart Manifestation Experience Weekend in Germany. As usual, my mom had come to be with Grace while we were away. The two of them had just rushed back to the house. Mom knew there was a thunderstorm on the way so she’d postponed her errands to get back before the storm hit.

The thunderstorm was fierce. The worst in well over a decade. Our two big guard dogs, Maya and Boris, were so scared they were trembling. Mom and Grace snuggled up with them on the couch to wait out the storm.

That’s when it happened. Lighting struck our house.

Actually, lightning not only struck our house, it ENTERED our house. A bolt of lighting came in through the chimney and formed a fireball. The fireball stood there, blazing, filling up our living room just three feet away from my mom, our daughter, and our dogs.

The builder told us afterwards, “If we hadn’t put that steel roof on the house, the place would have burned to the ground with everyone in it.”

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