Strengthening Your Intuition and Learning to Trust it is Simpler than You Might Think

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Joy Martina’s 2018 Amazon bestseller: How to Use Your Intuition to Change your Life. You can purchase the book here.

For the first time in 10 years, Americans are less happy than ever before. According to the Harris Poll Happiness Index of 2017, only 23% of Americans describe themselves as happy. That means 67% of the population is unhappy. Think about that for a moment. This is a devastating state of affairs. And it’s costing U.S. companies up to 500 billion dollars a year.

The root cause of this unhappiness is the incredible information-overload our brains have to deal with every day. We have gone from receiving around 2 million bits of information per second just 25 years ago to receiving around 11 million bits per second today. That’s five times the input we received in 1993, and it’s speeding up even more. Experts predict that in the next three years, we will see another quantum leap in technology equivalent in magnitude to what occurred these past ten years.

This is especially alarming given that the human brain can only focus on an estimated 126 bits of information per second. Not millions of bits, a mere 126. No wonder we feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and disconnected. Never before in the history of humanity have we been bombarded with so much information. It would put us on overwhelm even if all the input was positive. Sadly, much of it is terrifying—natural disasters, mass shootings, terror attacks, economic downturns, environmental threats, political scandal. Is it any wonder depression is epidemic?

So how do we turn the trend around? How can you begin to create happiness in your life given the avalanche of input every day? How can you avoid getting buried by technology and crushed by the fear of catastrophe?

You can learn to tune into yourself and your intuition.

Strengthening your intuition and learning to trust it is simpler than you might think. Intuition is a skill and, just like any other skill, it can be learned. This becomes obvious to most people as soon as they embrace their intuition and intentionally set out to hone it. The truth is, most people are far more intuitive than they know so their learning curve is full of exhilarating moments when they realize just how brilliant their intuition is. Take charge of your mind or someone else will.  

Tap into your highest wisdom and rediscover your INTUITION by grabbing your copy of How to Use Your Intuition to Change Your Life here.

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