Loving & Accepting Others Just as They Are

Potluck suppers, cocktail hours, family gatherings, park playdates, brunch with friends… Phew. All of this togetherness is a wonderful, joyous thing. But, it can also lead to a little friction. Did your partner plan something without asking you again? Did your child arrange 3 playdates in one day?

When you start to feel frazzled or find yourself making judgements or nit picking others… Pause and remember this important affirmation: I love others just as they are.

Yes, even when they add to the chaos or disrupt my carefully planned schedule, I love them just as they are. Let’s focus on that for a minute. “Just as they are” means that you love them wholly, without change, and without judgement. Let’s dive into this a little deeper…

Steps for Loving Others Just as They Are

Today, we are going to focus on energizing ourselves and transforming our spirits by sharing our love with others.

Our mantra for today is: “I love and accept others just as they are.”

This is a day where you will compliment others. You are going to see their power, their greatness, their beauty – even if they do their best not to show it. Today is a day where you don’t care about any negativity because you will see through negative behavior; you will look deep into the hearts of others and meet them with love and kindness.

Remember: Nothing is ever personal.

Negativity, even if directed against you, is simply a projection. It has nothing to do with you.
Today is a day for forgiveness, too. In loving others as they are, you forgive them for how they act, and for their words, especially if this behavior causes you suffering.

Our mantra may as well read, “I love and accept others just as they are, even if they are disrespectful and treat me badly.”

You see, love is not dependent on anything. Love is not something you have a limited amount of and disperse only to those you find favorable. Love is the most natural thing to us. Within each and every one of us is a beautiful child, searching for Love.

With love, you allow for others to be themselves.

loving othersRemember that everyone has education and a past that has shaped the way they react to the world. Everyone has fears from this education and past. But please, look beyond that and remember that within each and every one of us is a little child that only wants love.

Stay focused on the greatness of each person.

When someone is not nice to you, stay focused on your new education- on your transformation of love. Remind yourself that you love this person- that you see and can recognize their greatness. Remember that their negativity is a cry for love– they are searching for love. See that this beautiful child may be angry or fearful and may be so wounded that it doesn’t believe in anything else but its fears.

By giving love you can remind them how precious they are.
By giving them love, you can remind them to believe in themselves.
By loving them you can help them to find the strength to overcome their fears.
By giving love you can help them transform and forget their education of fear and help them to make peace with their past.

Today is indeed a beautiful day for love.

Today and onward, keep this in mind, to look for the greatness in others.

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