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AM/PM Brain Training for Stress Management and Self-Esteem

This is one of our most popular programs and consists of 14 meditations, 7 PM and 7 AM, they are subdivided by the days, so one is called Monday AM and Monday PM, the nest one is Tuesday AM & PM, so you have 2 meditations for every day.

This is for people who want to have super fast changes in their lives on the level of personal growth, stress management and awareness.

In the morning you set your intention for that day and you get a pep-talk and a theme to focus on during the day. In the evening you are taken through a short evaluation of the day, a visualization to train yourself to stay in your power and then a letting go exercise so you can sleep very well. By focusing every day on another aspect of your personal development you quickly learn to stay in your power and acquire inner peace, self-worth, assertiveness and emotional balance. You listen in the morning before getting out of bed (20 minutes) and in the evening when you go to bed (30 minutes).

*All Products are Digital Downloads and must be downloaded to a laptop or desktop first and then transferred to phones or tablets.

1 review for AM/PM Brain Training

  1. Marjan van Himbeeck

    Hello, your brain trainings are amazing and really working ! With the sleep your fat away i lost 25 kg more than 3 years ago and i am still the same because it really changes your mind about Eating. With the reinforcement braintraining i lost my unsucure feeling about myself and my family. Now i am following the insomnia braintraining and find a good night sleep again these days. Please make some more braintrainings to improve my live. .

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